Here we go again! The last thing I want to do is start this off on a sour note but I don't have a choice. It is regrettably with a heavy heart I present this profile because it is bound to be my last for a long while. I will be moving to Japan in July 2006 (two months from the time of writing this) and there I'll begin my first full-time job. Since it is expensive to send 41 tanks to Japan, my OP collection will be staying right where it is on my shelf until I get back which could be anywhere from a year to three years. I will make an attempt to repurchase the series when I'm over there but with starting a new life over there, it's not high on my list of priorities. Additionally, the fact that the next crew/group in order would be the Baroque Works makes me ill...and excited. But the kind of time or resources needed for that massive project simply won't be available to me any time soon.

However, you can expect updates of other kinds such as complete revisions/updates of crews I have covered in the past, especially our poor Strawhats who have been sorely neglected. As soon as the Enies Lobby (or subsequent branching arcs) come to a close, I'll be attacking that section with a vengeance. If by chance you happen to peruse other sections of my site you can also expect some expansion there as well.

You know by now that without stephen's translations most of this would not be possible. I say that every time and I mean it every time. His organization was especially important in an arc such as this where information regarding the villains was spaced at strange intervals through flashbacks, flashbacks within flashbacks, etc. Rock on stephen. Kenny Wong has been helpful (as always) being on the spot to provide screencaps of the seemingly mundane. Some quality checking/input from The Dude and EGX is always helpful and posters from Arlong Park, blueblip and ybmc were also very helpful in providing theories about Dalton's sword. And just as sure as first dibs go to stephen, Haruka always gets the final words of thanks. She's always there to help out or to be a cheerleader for me, even when I'm bored to tears writing out 'Kuromarimo' for the umpteenth time. Thank you all.

Please have fun reading and as always please make sure this exact information stays where you found it. I'm always happy to inspire but copying and pasting aren't anything near that. I take full responsibility for any mistakes. If you would like to point something out I may have missed I would welcome such comments. Enjoy!

Ship Profile

Ship Name: The Bliking

Ship Type: Giant Diving Sneak Attack Vessel

Using an air bladder (seen below) attached to the bottom of the vessel, The Bliking can rise up and out of the water for a 'sneak attack'. Note the protective shell created around the vessel by folding wooden sections. These sections may then be wrapped up on themselves to reveal the actual ship.

While the protective shell from the ship begins to unfurl, the bow of the ship, a giant crowned hippo head, cranks out from underneath the ship and locks into place. A ladder may then extend from the mouth of the hippo for disembarking. Please note the air bladder below the hull which the ship uses to rise quickly from the depths.

Here is the method by which the ship's protective shell may be wrapped and stored.

Basic Crew Data

Crew Members/Compatriots with Known Bounties: 0
Total Bounty of Crew Members: ??? Belly
Number of Destinations Visited on Grand Line Route as a Crew: ?
Most Active Region: Vicinity of Drum Kingdom

Captain/Former Drum Kingdom King: Tin-Plate Wapol*

Bounty as Captain: ?

Age: ?
Birthday: ?
Height: ?
Sign: ?

*Baku Baku no Mi: Gives Wapol the ability to eat almost anything and either make what he consumes a part of his body or combine it into something new that he may use.

History of Wapol

What does it take to be a leader? According to the Fourth Edition of The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, a leader is, "One that leads or guides." That's a terrible definition. It includes part of the word so let's take a look at the second definition of the term which more accurately describes a leader as, "One who is in charge or command of others." There you have it. No bells or whistles attached; if you are in charge of other people or command them, you may be considered a leader. When you think about it, almost anyone can be a leader in some respect and probably has been at some point in their lives be it working in a group or playing sports on an organized team. Then there are the individuals who simply find themselves in a position of leadership through birth be it royalty or becoming an heir to a company. Hopefully it is quite clear to see that almost anyone can be a leader.

So how about this? What does it take to be a great leader? Surely greatness is defined by people and by the times, but leaders whom we historically look back on as 'great' did not reach their positions by chance. These individuals worked for their people, with their people and in the best interest of their people. A great leader will be loved by his or her country, feared by the enemy of his people and most importantly, put the good of the whole before the self.

King Wapol of the Drum Kingdom was most definitely a 'leader'.

Although Wapol's father was a great King under whom the Drum Kingdom flourished, Wapol would disgrace his father's name and bring a dark cloud over the island, slowly poisoning and draining the life from its heart. Much like Tokugawa Iemitsu, the third Shogun of Japan, Wapol believed he was working in the best interest of his own people by enforcing an insanely strict set of rules to keep an unspoken iron-fist reign over all in the name of preventing chaos. On the cold Winter Island of Drum, a country known throughout the Grand Line for its magnificent medical practices, the people relied on their great doctors to aid their ills. Although Drum's medical practices are indeed worthy of being praised as 'legendary', going so far as to revive people that should by all means be considered dead, the truth is disturbing and twisted. More than six years before the start of the main story in One Piece, King Wapol began a great Doctor Hunt. The plan was to chase every single medical doctor out of Drum and if they did not leave peacefully, they were to be thrown into the ocean.

But what was his ultimate plan? Wapol assembled a group of medical geniuses known as the ISSHII 20 (see more on this name at the bottom of the page). The origin of these medical geniuses remains wrapped in mystery, but they worked and researched tirelessly in Wapol's castle at the peak of the tallest mountain in the Drum Rockies. The catch to such a medical gift? People were forced to live strictly under Wapol's rule and if he so decided at any time, he could deny them treatment from the ISSHII 20. Although an exorbitant renumeration was never mentioned, it seemed that in his capricious and saddistic whims, Wapol required his country's people to grovel at his feet just for a chance to see the doctors...but every 'perfect' plan has its weak link.

Two doctors had managed to evade Wapol's Doctor Hunt by living in seclusion. While they both called themselves 'Doctor' only one was truly a medical doctor; the other was not only a quack, but also a former thief from a country far to the West. His name was Hiruluk and having come to Drum Island some 30 years ago and seeing the island slowly die before his eyes, he vowed to cure not just the people, but the heart of the country itself with his own unique form of medicine. Hiruluk managed to evade capture by Wapol's guards, but was never actually intended to be captured as a part of the Doctor Hunt, Wapol had put a death sentence on the man's head as a criminal and was eager to hunt him down. Try as he might, Wapol and his forces were never able to locate Hiruluk's hidden cave abode and eliminate him.

Six years before our tale of One Piece began, just after a great meeting of World leaders known as the 'Reverie' in the Holy Land Mariejoa, those close to the highly disturbed King began to doubt that their actions had any meaning left. Dalton, Commander of the Drum Kingdom Armed Guard, was doubting that Wapol's desire for control would ever result in more good than suffering and that the country would never return to how it used to be. Chalking it up to politics, Wapol's Magistrate and Head-of-Staff, Kuromarimo and Chess, assured Dalton that he need not worry about such things but it couldn't help but gnaw at Dalton's conscience.

A year later Wapol conceived of a plan to bring the criminal Hiruluk out of hiding and to kill him off at long last. The demented king cut off the people from his ISSHII 20 under the pretext that they had all become violently ill. He reduced the number of guards on watch in the towns throughout Drum and spread the rumor that they were searching for a certain mushroom that would cure the ISSHII 20's illness. As he had hoped, this plan drew out Hiruluk who had just recently completed his 30-year research on how to cure the heart of the suffering country. Hiruluk planned to use his new miracle cure along with his quack practical medicine to aid not only the ISSHII 20 but also the people of Drum. However, when he reached the great castle, he found Wapol, his Armed Guard and the ISSHII 20 waiting for him. Knowing that his time had come, in this mortal coil at least, without revealing his miracle cure, Hiruluk took his life right before Wapol and his men, inspiring Dalton to make a move on his sense of justice.

Dalton revolted against Wapol and although both the King and Dalton were Devil's Fruit users, Wapol managed to create for himself a body as a living weapon by devouring the artifacts of war locked within the castle's armory behind what he dubbed the 'Door of Terror' and overwhelmed Dalton. Locking him in a cell for a week and only willing to forgive Dalton if he apologized for his actions, Wapol laughed defiantly in the face of his subordinate. In doing so he only further undid the threads of his cruel reign that Dr. Hiruluk began to unravel, but it was far from over. Wapol's reign continued for almost 5 more years until a fateful day when the country found itself under seige by pirates. A fearsome and vicious unknown crew calling themselves The Blackbeard Pirate Crew descended on Drum with a fury. Seeing their massive power despite numbering only 5 crew members, Wapol fled his country taking his Armed Guard and the ISSHII 20 with him to spare his own life. In his haste he left behind a Drum Eternal Pose and didn't even have so much as a Log Pose to help him navigate the Grand Line. Riding a massive mechanical ship, Wapol gave his men a new title, The Bliking Pirate Crew, and sailed the ocean to escape certain death. The "crew" quickly became lost on the Grand Line but managed to survive the region's naturally harsh conditions by submerging their entire ship underwater. Wapol sailed for months in search of his country but simply couldn't find his own island; but that all changed when he chanced upon a certain caravel ship in the middle of the ocean one blustry day.

Notes on Wapol:

Wapol is one of those villains. You know what I mean. The villain that's technically a villain because the story calls for an antagonist but otherwise would just really be a selfish and ignorant dolt that simply doesn't know better or realize the suffering he's causing. Take his pursuit of Hiruluk for example. Hiruluk was a thief of some calibur who was able to amass enough cash for world travel and pay off some hefty medical bills. Of course let's not forget his 'helping' the people of Drum with their illnesses, a gesture that created more chaos than good. Thus Wapol attempts to hunt him down, fair enough...right? Not entirely so. Wapol sees the world as revolving around him as a King. Something either affects him directly or it doesn't. His attitude at the Reverie illustrates this beautifully: Tarassa Lucas suggests that the rebel Dragon may be a threat to the World in the near future, a warning which Wapol thumbs his nose at. Dragon isn't a threat to Wapol's crown and he certainly isn't snooping around his territory so why should it bother him? Meanwhile, in his own country, after attempting to gain absolute obedience from his people via the Doctor Hunt, a former criminal like Hiruluk is causing panic. Wapol spreads rumors, reduces guard postings and puts the lives of his people at risk all to catch one man, a man to whom if he lent an ear would find was merely trying to save the country from its downward spiral. What does Wapol attribute all of the control to? 'Politics'. Oda's theme for this chapter of One Piece is not necessarily anti-monarchy or anti-government, for the lesson learned from Wapol's selfishness and lack of faith in his people can be applied in all of our lives. Live your life to serve. A title means nothing if you only use it to your advantage. Wapol hid behind the flag of his country to justify the actions he took to improve his life where all he needed to do was hold it up proudly and work with the citizens of Drum. Wapol doesn't seem to have an evil bone in his body, he's too preoccupied trying to advance the quality of his life and protect his title. It's when a title becomes more important than those around you, that your actions, regardless of what intentions they carry, may indeed become evil and you in turn will find in the end, your title is meaningless if those you lead don't love you.

Wapol's nickname in Japanese is "Buriki no Waporu" and the name of his hastily thrown-together pirate crew was "Burikingu Kaizokudan" or 'The Bliking Pirate Crew'. Now hold on to your boots because this is a stretch, even for Oda. The word "buriki" is a loan word from Dutch, blik, which the Japanese have taken to mean 'tin' or 'tin-plated'. Sure enough, when reading or watching the Japanese version of Wizard of Oz, you'll find our Tin Woodsman is directly translated as "Buriki no Kikori", hence the name of our villain, 'Tin-Plate Wapol'. In one scene the ISSHII 20 are seen patching Wapol's wounds up with tin-plating making him something of a Tin Man himself. As for his pirate crew, this is really a sad joke but when you break down "burikingu" or 'Bliking', it can sound like two things, one of which would be 'Tin-Plate King' hence 'Tin-Plate King Pirate Crew'. Har har. The second way of interpreting it, whether created intentionaly or not, seems to make a great deal of sense when considering Wapol's special abilities. In learning the English language and its system of conjugation throughout their compulsory education in school, Japanese students tend to mess around with words in their own language or often incorrectly conjugate foreign words to give them a present progressive ending, meaning 'ing'. This comes through in Japanese as "ingu" and so we have Wapol's "burikingu kaizokudan" or 'The Tin-Plating Pirate Crew'. Considering Wapol's ability to add things to his body and combine metal objects, it's not far from accurate in description. *sigh* Oh Oda, when we have to analyze your gags until there's nothing left is it even funny anymore. Yes, yes they are.

You thought we were done with Wapol's name? Nope, not quite yet. One more juicy nugget to chew on. It seems that once again Oda has gone above and beyond with his research. I mentioned above that "buriki" or blik means tin in Japanese. While true for Japanese, in Dutch, blik commonly refers to a tin can. Take a look at Wapol's chin. Whaddya see? Nice one Oda.

Wapol mainly travels on land by riding his pet White Walky whom he named Robson. Wapol evidently killed Robson's brothers and, would seem to have ended up wearing one of them but left Robson alive to use him for transport through Drum's snowy forests. Robson has a sluggish nature which is characteristic of his species but Wapol attributes it to the beast holding a grudge against him for killing his siblings.

Wapol seems to have a thing for hippos. Robson, the White Walky mentioned above, is also known as a Hairy Hippo; sure enough, he appears quite similar to a hippo when in a relaxed state. If you look carefully at Wapol's mantle, you'll see that it is the skin of a White Walky, perhaps one of Robson's brothers. However, Wapol's hippo-fetish extends way beyond that. 'Hippo' is pronounced "kaba" in Japanese and if you write those characters in reverse, it spells "baka" which every self-respecting Japanese manga fan knows means 'idiot'. Wapol has the strangest quirk of calling people 'a hippo' instead of an idiot. A famous line of his is, "Kaba jyana-i?", which OP fan and translator stephen has commonly written as, "Ain't you a hippo!" It gets me every time. Next on our list, the bowsprit of Wapol's mechanical ship is in the form of a giant crowned hippo head. Then there's Wapol's throne which is in the shape of yet another giant hippo head with little hippo armrests. Finally, Wapol's final line of defense, the Royal Drum Crown 7-Shot Bliking Cannon, is a cannon in the form of a hippo. Take note of the safety goggles on it for a chuckle. Vol. 17 Chapter 150 page 103.

Just some notes on Wapol's Devil's Fruit. As you know by now he holds the power of the Baku Baku Fruit. What does 'baku baku' mean? Well, it's a somewhat vexing term that seems to have taken on a life of its own. If you were to look it up in a dictionary you would easily find either 'obscure' or 'vast', this means it is a part of Japanese speech known as Gitaigo, words that express actions and states. However, baku baku is also used for a beating sound, such as the thumping of one's heart. Here the term is known as Giongo, a word that expresses a sound or voice which we would call an onomatopeia in English. It does not help that a very similar term, paku paku, denotes the flapping of a mouth open and closed. SO WHAT DOES IT MEAN!? Well, as it turns out, in our friend Wapol's case, the term is most likely connected to 'vast'. There is an expression in Japanese, 'baku baku tabeteru', which could be likened to our phrase, "chowing down". It means to consume a vast amount of food and although it need not carry a negative connotation, it could also mean messily devouring something, just like Wapol. Incidentally it could also refer to the Giongo form since in his Baku Baku Factory state he literally 'pounds' out new creations inside his body.

So what happened to Wapol's father? We [probably] will never know. All we know is that his father was a beloved ruler. Was there any foul play involved? Not likely. Wapol will defend what he thinks is rightfully his title with an unrelenting mad zeal, but he doesn't seem capable of patricide.

It's interesting to note what became of the Drum flag which flew atop the castle. Dr. Kureha said she burned his flag but even after hitting Hiruluk's skull and crossbones with a cannon ball, it still flew proudly in the breeze. Naturally that could mean a number of things so feel free to draw your own conclusions. However, I'm more interested in seeing the former Drum Kingdom's flag. I'd love to see what it looks like but there's not even so much as a hint of a flag flying where Hiruluk's symbol stood when we see the castle during Chopper's flashback.

Did you happen to catch Wapol's last resort? When faced with exile from his country (not to mention the beating of his life) take note of his final line of defense, bestowing a medal or high-ranking title like Vice-King on Luffy. As noted above, those are the things that matter most to Wapol, titles we create, not the conviction with which we carry ourselves.

It is not known whether Wapol had his Devil's Fruit abilities prior to becoming King or if those abilities twisted and corrupted him after his ascent to the throne. It is highly unlikely that we will ever have an answer to this mystery.

Wapol warns that by assaulting him, Luffy is committing an International Crime. While this may be accurate, no repurcussions were ever realized for Luffy and his crew after that particular incident.

The first law of Wapol's constitution is: "Anyone who doesn't do what I want, dies."

Luffy's nickname for Wapol is "jyamaguchi" or 'Trouble Mouth' because he goes around messing up things with his mouth. Another veiled attack on corrupt politics?

Wapol's ethnicity is a puzzling beast. He doesn't use a certain language to name his attacks and if you were to ask me I'd say he was based on Nordic stereotypes but then came along the German word konzern associated with his name. It's possible to throw possibilities into the air but how much of it was intentional by Oda and how much of it originates in stereotypes and images he simply wanted to depict remains unclear.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Wapol's Devil Fruit is pretty dang useful. Wapol can devour pretty much anything be it sharp, living or poisonous without being adversely affected. Lame you say? Well it appears that in order to accomodate a wide...variety...of edible items, Wapol can expand his mouth to freakish sizes and is easily capable of swallowing a human whole. Still lame you say? Okay, how about the ability to fuse that which he eats with his own body at will? Nice. Wapol keeps a running menu of his daily feedings and may decide at any time, presumably before expelling them, to incoporate them into his actual body as weapons or defense.

Wapol is a selfish fellow but he knows his country well, well enough to set traps for unsuspecting trespassers. Wapol knows how to disguise himself in order to blend in with the wintry environment and launch snack er, sneak attacks on his enemies.

The true fighting strength of Wapol was never accurately determined. His ultimate attack involves devouring the contents of his castle's armory and becoming a living weapon. We do know that this form of his is at least powerful enough to fell Dalton. This has led to much discussion among fans as to what Wapol's true potential is. My two cents would be, what good is massive power if you can't even use it?

What Wapol lacks in physical strength he makes up for with half-wit schemes and sneakiness. More than once Wapol has been seen taking advantage of a distraction to run from a dangerous situation. He also uses lies to his advantage which I guess we really shouldn't wag our fingers at since Usopp relies on them as well but...Wapol's lies are bad lies...yeah...

By holding the power of the ISSHII 20, Wapol is next to invincible. Using advanced medical techniques they are able to accomplish nothing less than medical miracles, like stitching the head of a patient back on.

Wapol's lack of conviction shows that he leads and fights for no one but himself. With that attitude it's no surprise that he could fall before the likes a certain would-be Pirate King.

Wapol Spoilers

Click this link and highlight the text to see Wapol Spoilers. I'd say there's some good stuff in here. If you haven't read beyond the end of the Drum Arc or Volume 25 you may want to steer clear of these.

Wapol's Physical Attacks

Name of AttackTranslation Used Against Location in Manga Special Notes
Vol.16 pg33
A unique battle technique used in snowy countries like Drum, Wapol covers himself in snow and opens his mouth wide while covering himself in snow. When his prey steps near he can swallow them whole. He can also hide Chess and Kuromarimo beside him should his initial attack fail. The attack name literally translates to 'Snow Make-up'. Interesting that Wapol calls it a 'specialty' of snow countries because a candy known as "yukigeshou" really is a traditional specialty candy of Kyoto.
Roiyaru Doramu Kuraun 7 Shotto Burikingu Kanon
Royal Drum Crown 7-Shot Bliking Canon
Vol.17 pg101
We have no idea what this weapon is capable of for we have never seen it successfuly used in combat but according to Wapol it is the Drum Kingdom's most powerful weapon. If Wapol had enough faith in this weapon as to attempt to use it against Luffy then the power of the Blackbeard Pirates must have been truly horrifying. The kanji used for 'Shot' literally mean 'Continuous Shot' while the kanji used for 'Cannon' literally mean 'cannon'.

Wapol's Shock Manuevers

With the power of the Baku Baku Fruit Wapol has the ability to use objects that he eats and incorporate them into his body. Whenever Wapol does this kind of attack he announces Baku Baku Shock. The name in Japanese is "Baku Baku Shokku" where the kanji for "shokku" (written in Katakana) is actually "shoku" which means 'meal' or literally one's 'diet of food'. Yet another clever pun from Oda.
Name of AttackTranslation Used Against Location in Manga RecipeSpecial Notes
Baku Baku Shokku: Waporu Hausu
Baku Baku Shock: Wapol House
Vol.17 pg33
Butter Sauteed Cannon, Raw Cannon, Cannonball & Gunpowder Salad and One Toasted House.
Wapol becomes a house-like structure with cannon arms and a large door on his chest. He is able to fire cannonballs from his arms but otherwise the form is somewhat, dare I say, awkward and useless.
Baku Baku Shokku: Ningen Heiki
Baku Baku Shock: Human Weapon
Vol.17 pg98 & 109
The contents of Wapol's Armory.
Although never used in the actual story and only seen in flashbacks, this is Wapol's most powerful physical form. His body becomes a mass of protruding cannons, spears and swords. It may be presumed that this form would have been no match for the Blackbeard Pirate Crew when they raided Drum.
Baku Baku Shokku: Bero Kyanon
Baku Baku Shock: Tongue Cannon
Vol.17 pg114
One cannon, preparation unknown. At least one cannonball and gunpowder, preparation unknown.
Wapol opens his jowels and changes his tongue into a cannon. He must have consumed a cannon prior to the attack in order for it to work. This attack is excellent for close-range combat.

Wapol Factory Creations

Any time Wapol devours something and creates something physical out of it that isn't augmenting his body, Wapol in employing his "Wapol Factory" move. Note, although "fakutori-" is written in Katakana, the kanji is "koujou" which literally means 'factory'.
Name of AttackTranslation Used Against Location in Manga RecipeSpecial Notes
Baku Baku Fakutori-: Chesuma-rimo
Baku Baku Factory: Chessmarimo
Chess & Kuromarimo
Vol.17 pg33
Chess & Kuromarimo.
Wapol consumes his underlings Chess & Kuromarimo while in his Wapol House form. The two combine to form Chessmahrimo and exit through the door where Wapol's stomach should be. Sanji comments that it merely appears that instead of actually being phsyically combined, Kuromarimo is merely riding piggy-back on Chess.
Baku Baku Fakutori-: Surimuappu Waporu
Baku Baku Factory: Slim Up Wapol
Vol.17 pg94
Wapol consumes himself and digests...himself...making his body slender and significantly taller for some reason. He uses this for when his weight obstructs his movement.

    Officially Listed Battles Fought

  1. Wapol VS Luffy [Chapter 131]
  2. Wapol, Chess & Kuromarimo VS Luffy [Chapter 138]
  3. Wapol, Chess & Kuromarimo VS Luffy, Chopper & Sanji [Chapters 146-151]

Yet to be Listed Conflicts

The last published One Piece guide (Grand Data File Blue) covered events through volume 24. The following are my opinion of battles that occurred post Volume 24. As soon as a list is published, I will alter this data to reflect what is officially acceptable.
  • Wapol VS Villagers [Chapters 239 & 240]
  • Wapol VS Marines [Chapters 242 & 244]

Unlisted Conflicts

The requisites for some battles are questionable. It appears that if only one punch (or kick or whatever) is thrown, then it does not count as a battle (except in the very first bout listed). There are also different types of conflicts, (meaning other than throwing punches or kicks), which are not listed. These are my opinion and were not officially listed.
  • Wapol VS Villagers [Chapters 135 & 136]
  • Wapol & Chess VS Dalton [Chapter 136]
  • Wapol, Chess & Kuromarimo VS Lapahn [Chapter 138]
  • Wapol VS Luffy [Chapters 141 & 145]
  • Wapol VS Nami [Chapter 150]
  • Wapol VS Dalton [Chapter 151]

Former Drum Kingdom's Magistrate: Kuromarimo

Bounty: ?

Age: ?
Birthday: ?
Height: ?
Sign: ?

Known Data on Kuromarimo

As one of Drum's 'Three Officers', Kuromarimo was Wapol's Magistrate and as such, he was the highest-ranking law officer below Wapol. He carried out some of the Doctor Hunt but spent more of his time drinking and relaxing in Wapol's castle. Kuromarimo seemed to have little to no responsibilities other than guarding Wapol. Although he performed much of the King's dirty-work, most of his 'talent' went to waste. This is probably yet another shot at the efficacy of beaurocratic positions by Oda.

Although his name is written as 'kuroma-rimo', the character's name is mostly likely intended to be a pun on "kuromarimo" or a 'black marimo'. A marimo is a type of chlorophyta (green algae) known in English as a Cladophora Ball. They were named for their speherish growth by Japanese botanist Tatsuhiko Kawakami where "mari" is a ball and "mo" is a term for aquatic plants. Despite being quite rare in most of the world, they are quite common in Lake Akan of Hokkaido, a region known for its cold winters, perhaps the inspiration for a character sharing such a name from a Winter Island like Drum. The black marimo is of course in referrence to Kuromarimo's afro as well as the balls of hair on his beard.

Regarding my translation of Kuromarimo's name, it is written in One Piece Red Grand Characters in English as 'Kuromarimo', however, since the spelling of the name in Japanese differs from the actual term for marimo by extending the "ma", I originally opted to stick an 'h' in there resulting in Kuromahrimo. But then I did some research. Even though the Mario of Super Mario Brother's fame is spelled in Japanese without the extended "ma", I noticed that several other famous Italian historical figures as well as Cuban and South American individuals did have an extended "ma" as part of their name in Japanese. That said I decided to go with the spelling as given by Red as it may be a pun on the real name 'Mario' but certainly not the game character.

Kuromarimo has a tendency to speak in an overly polite fashion by adding the Japanese honorific "o" in odd places. For instance, when he laments that Wapol could die if he drowns in Chapter 132, instead of simply stating, "Master Wapol could die!", he goes out of his way to make sure the verb 'to die' is superfluously honorific which fan translator stephen has translated as 'deathness'.

The Afro'd-One also seems to enjoy spouting English phrases at entirely innapropriate moments. After being bested by the Straw-Hat Pirate Crew in a small skirmish, while running off to save the King, Kuromarimo shouts, "Please remember us!" Where does this come from? At times when a bully or gang runs away after being beaten, in order to save face they will run away shouting, "Oboetero!", meaning, 'Remember this!' In English we'd probably say, "I/We won't forget this!", whereas the Japanese nuance requests that the stronger party remember what wounds they inflicted so that they may expect retribution. Oda, not being a English-whiz, probably translated the phrase directly. But why the 'please'?!?

In his younger days Kuromarimo seems to have been somewhat of a fashion victim. Six years ago his robes were of a psychadelic spotty-design and he somehow managed to sport three afros linked pony-tail style. So where did they end up? Incidentally, every time we see Kuromarimo in the present storyline, he's sporting the afro-gloves on his hands. Could it be that he keeps the afros attached to his head when not in use? During a flashback from 5 years ago while beating Dalton, he's wearing the triple afro and there are no afro gloves on his hands. Also note that in his present outfit he has two afro-like ornaments attached to the bottom corners of his robe which were not attached to his outfit from the flashback.

As I mentioned above, it would seem that in addition to the algal marimo, Kuromarimo's name is also a pun on the name Mario. Although the ethnicity of the character is somewhat of a grey area, his resemblance to a boxer (check the shorts, shoes and his gloves) may be a tribute to Cuban amateur boxer, Mario Cesar Kindelan Mesa (whew!). He won the gold medal for Men's Lightweight Boxing in the 2000 and 2004 Olympic games. Since the segment of the story where Kuromarimo made his debut was right around the time of the 2000 Games and Oda has said there's no sport he doesn't like, the Olympiad remains a possible source of inspiration for the character's name.

So...does he really shoot marimo from his gloves? One Piece Blue Grand Data File states that he does shoot marimo from his gloves. However, after unleashing Elec Marimo, Sanji complains about Kuromarimo shooting afro's at ladies. Sanji is OP's soul brother extraordinaire so something tells me can can see the difference between an afro and an algae.

Strengths and Weaknesses

What is there to say about Kuromarimo? Seriously. He appears to fight like a boxer with afro-gloves that resemble marimo. That's about it. Along with a small and sad group of 'major' OP villains that includes the likes of Pearl, Chu, etc. Kuromarimo and Chess are sorely underdeveloped enemies with fighting styles that never really went anywhere beyond a deus ex machina. His boxing skills seem to be average. When he manages to get a punch in that connects it seems to carry a wallop, but only a few villagers fell to his might.

Whatever he may lack in attack capability, Kuromarimo makes up for in spades with annoyance. His static electricitrified afro attacks are very useful in confusing and distracting an opponent. Incidentally his spiked-punch attack also looks really nasty but he never actually connected with that attack even once that we saw.

From what little we know about him, Kuromarimo's greatest weakness appears to be his total lack of motivation. It's his job to enforce the law in Drum and even when he can see that the King blatantly abuses his power, Kuromarimo merely spouts flowery words of praise while following Wapol on a leash. All he does well is follow orders and even so he never seems to accomplish any task set out before him unless it involves taking down untrained villagers.

Kuromarimo Spoilers

Nothing to speak of really.

Kuromarimo's Special Attacks

Name of AttackTranslation Used Against Location in Manga Special Notes
Bikkuri Ma-rimo
Surprise Marimo
Vol.16 pgs31 & 35
Kuromarimo exposes spikes from his afro-gloves and attempts to crush his opponent. May be comboed with an attack from Chess following Snow-Covered.
Ereki Ma-rimo
Elec Marimo
Vol.17 pgs16 & 18
Kuromarimo plucks a bit of his afro which instantly grows to the size of his afro gloves. He hurls the afro at his victim and it sticks to them via static electricty. Although the afro itself is not dangerous, it may distract an opponent and hinder their movement. When using teamwork with Chess, the afro may be set on fire by a flaming arrow, consuming an opponent in a blaze. The kanji for Elec, "seidenki", means 'static electricity'. His attack may include as many as 3 Elec Marimo

    Officially Listed Battles Fought

  1. Kuromarimo, Chess & Wapol VS Luffy [Chapter 138]
  2. Kuromarimo, Chess & Wapol VS Luffy, Chopper & Sanji [Chapters 146-151]

Yet to be Listed Conflicts

The last published One Piece guide (Grand Data File Blue) covered events through volume 24. The following are my opinion of battles that occurred post Volume 24. As soon as a list is published, I will alter this data to reflect what is officially acceptable.
  • None

Unlisted Conflicts

The requisites for some battles are questionable. It appears that if only one punch (or kick or whatever) is thrown, then it does not count as a battle (except in the very first bout listed). There are also different types of conflicts, (meaning other than throwing punches or kicks), which are not listed. These are my opinion and were not officially listed.
  • Kuromarimo & Chess VS Villagers [Chapter 135]
  • Kuromarimo, Chess & Wapol VS Lapahn [Chapter 138]
  • Kuromarimo VS Dalton [Chapter 151]

Former Drum Kingdom's Head-of-Staff: Chess

Bounty: ?

Age: ?
Birthday: ?
Height: ?
Sign: ?

Known Data on Chess

Chess is sadly, much like Kuromarimo, a character with plenty of potential that really never fleshes out into anything of much interest. As one of Wapol's 'Three Officers', he's more of a puppet than anything else. However, unlike Kuromarimo, Chess does manage to get some nice attacks in. Also of interest is Chess' cocky attitude regarding his opponent's weaknesses. Not just once, but on two separate occassions he makes comments about being familiar with the weak point of his targets during battle.

Chess' main attacks consist of shooting one to three giant arrows (more like small tree trunks) at his opponent(s). However, should his enemy happen to possess a sense of justice, he will take advantage of this 'weakness' by firing on innocent bystanders to either distract or indirectly inflict damage on said opponent. It also appears that Chess is somewhat proficient in hand-to-hand combat sine he was seen holding up a Drum guard by the head in Chapter 135 with no signs of arrows having been shot.

I personally happen to enjoy Chess' character design despite its simplicity. His outfit appears to mimic a chess board and his nose also bears a close resemblance to a Bishop piece. Note that as recent as 5 years ago, Chess was wearing chess-board-like pants and his double-pointed hood was then only a single-point hood.

Please do not confuse Chess' position with 'Chief-of-Staff'. His Officer title as given in the manga is "sanbou" which technically means 'staff officer'. Were his position truly Chief-of-Staff, his position would have been 'sanbouchou'. So what is Chess' job? Every time Wapol creates a new [absurd] law, it's Chess' job to put it in writing. In Chapter 138, Wapol conceived of a law that states, "Anyone who ignores the King shall be killed.", and sure enough Chess took it right to paper. Chess also keeps a track of what Wapol eats through the day so that his King is able come up with ideas for his Baku Baku Shock techniques.

Six years ago, Chess was seen attempting to justify Wapol's cruel monarchy by claiming it saves the people from falling into chaos. He truly believes that by holding the people hostage, Wapol is saving his subjects from an awful fate.

Chess work well with Kuromarimo for team attacks. It seems that anytime they perform a combo attack, Chess or both of them in unison shout, "Checkmate!" It is difficult to classify 'Checkmate' as an actual attack for either one of them since the conditions under both times it was uttered were quite different, once in Chapter 138 and then again in Chapter 146. That said, I will leave it out as an official attack name and rather as a phrase the two seem to use as they like.

Like Kuromarimo, Chess also speaks a botched honorific form of speech when adressing Wapol. He tends to add the verb 'play' to verbs pertaining to what Wapol has befallen or actions that he takes. I have no idea what the point of this train-wreck of a syntax is but that may be the point.

Chess would appear to be the Bliking Pirates' Lookout and he is the first member of Wapol's group that the Strawhat Pirates meet. He stands upon the crow's nest, while the rest of the ship is submerged, appearing to walk on water and simply scouts land or ships while the rest of the crew is below. He can call out to raise the ship at which point The Bliking can quickly rise to the surface for a 'sneak attack'.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Chess is a superb marksman and can hit moving targets dead-on. He also has a remarkable sense of judging his opponent's weaknesses. For instance, if he knows his opponent has a strong sense of justice, he will fire a barrage of arrows on innocent people only giving his true target enough time to stand in front of the people to protect them and thereby bearing the brunt of the attack. Coincidentally this is also a weakness of his because he tends to rely too much on previous information. His cocky attitude and claiming to know 'everything' about his opponents sets him up for failure when they unleash something unexpected on him.

Chess' huge hands allow him to fire up to three arrows at once. They aren't any normal arrows either, check out the size of their shafts! Just one is big enough to take out someone's heart with a well-aimed shot.

Like Kuromarimo, Chess suffers from a severe lack of motivation to do anything besides follow orders. However, unlike Kuromarimo who remains mostly useless, Chess manages to land some devastating blows with his bow and arrows.

Chess Spoilers

Nothing really.

    Officially Listed Battles Fought

  1. Chess, Kuromarimo & Wapol VS Luffy [Chapter 138]
  2. Chess, Kuromarimo & Wapol VS Luffy, Chopper & Sanji [Chapters 146-151]

Yet to be Listed Conflicts

The last published One Piece guide (Grand Data File Blue) covered events through volume 24. The following are my opinion of battles that occurred post Volume 24. As soon as a list is published, I will alter this data to reflect what is officially acceptable.
  • None

Unlisted Conflicts

The requisites for some battles are questionable. It appears that if only one punch (or kick or whatever) is thrown, then it does not count as a battle (except in the very first bout listed). There are also different types of conflicts, (meaning other than throwing punches or kicks), which are not listed. These are my opinion and were not officially listed.
  • Chess & Kuromarimo VS Villagers [Chapter 135]
  • Chess & Wapol VS Dalton [Chapter 136]
  • Chess, Kuromarimo & Wapol VS Lapahn [Chapter 138]
  • Chess VS Dalton [Chapter 151]

Drum Kingdom's Greatest Warrior: Chessmarimo

Bounty: ?

Age: ?
Birthday: ?
Height: ?
Sign: ?

Known Data on Chessmarimo

AH yes, Chessmarimo, arguably the dorkiest creation ever concocted by Oda and one of weirdest. Chessmarimo is what results when Chess and Kuromarimo are consumed by Wapol in his Baku Baku House mode and 'combined' by Baku Baku Factory. So are they combined on a biological level? Hard to say really. Sanji notes that Kuromarimo is simply riding piggyback on Chess. That may very well be the case and Wapol merely combined their outfits. However, it is strange how, speak in unison (a la Fusion from Dragon Ball) despite having two separate heads. For what it's worth, One Piece Grand Data File Blue isn't much help by stating Chess and Kuromarimo were 'combined' by Wapol. Well we can see that, but are they really something new? Ultimately it would be best if you judge for yourself. Personally, since Oda bothered to make a joke at Chessmarimo's appearance through a main character, I like to think they are actually separate, especially considering the outcome of a certain similar character seen much later in the story.

So what's the big deal about Chessmarimo? He/They/Whatever's speciality lies with weapons, all kinds of them. Notice that Chessmarimo's body is HUGE and within that massive cloak are a host of large, heavy, pointy things used for destruction. Having two sets of hands, Chessmarimo is free to shoot dual arrows from two bows at once or wield 4 giant weapons such as hammers or axes.

Check out Chessmarimo's hands when he first appears. He's using both sets of hands to perform the famous 'You and going down!' pose from every cheesy muscle-busting martial arts flick of the 1980's.

Let's consider the two of them really did combine, can they ever be separated again? You may as well ask Oda because it is unlikely to find that answer anywhere else. I attempted to find another shot of Chessmarimo after his defeat and try as I might, besides the few scenes that take place directly following his fall, no go. But hey, if Oda ever lets you in on that secret, feel free to drop me a line!

Strengths and Weaknesses

Chessmarimo is a fast one. He's even able to keep up with a little reindeer like Chopper which is surprising given his size.

Using all four of his hands, Chessmarimo can create a formidable barrier to block heavy punches without feeling a thing.

Chessmarimo claims to know the weakness of Zoan-type Devil's Fruit users. He knows that they have three forms and once he's seen them all he is able to take advantage of their weaknesses. Ultimately this is Chessmarimo's undoing as he assumes that he already knows every detail of a Zoan's limits but is in for a big surprise when he faces Chopper.

With his four arms constantly attacking, Chessmarimo is almost invincible so long as he faces his opponent. So how do you deal with somone like him? Why not ask Chopper, I'm sure he might be able to tell you...

Chessmarimo Spoilers

Absolutely nothing.

Chessmarimo's Special Attacks

Name of AttackTranslation Used Against Location in Manga Special Notes
Yukidoke no Ya Ma-rimo
Snow-Thawing Arrow Marimo
Vol.17 pg70
Chessmarimo fires two flaming afros (or are they marimo?) at his opponent. With his four arms he can shoot two bows at once.
Dobikkuri Marimo Kuwatoro Hanma
Super Surprise Marimo: Quatro Hammer
Vol.17 pg71
Pulling out four giant hammers, Chessmarimo attempts to pulverize his opponent with a vicious four-arm attack. The kanji for Quatro Hammer literally mean '4 Great Hammers'.
Dobikkuri Ma-rimo Kuwatoro Akkusu
Super Surprise Marimo: Quatro Axe
Vol.17 pg77
Much like Quatro Hammer but far more dangerous, Chessmarimo wields 4 giant axes. If his opponent can resist a blow from his hammers and get back up, this ensures they won't be standing in one piece after taking a hit. The kanji for Quatro Axe literally mean '4 Battle Axes'.
Snow-Splitting Weed
Vol.17 pg78
Using his axes, Chessmarimo makes two slashing trails of air that travel across the ground kicking up snow in their wake. The slashes are powerful enough to destroy stone and can easily catch a fast-moving target. "Yukiwarisou" is a type of perennial flower from the Hepatica genus and a member of the buttercup family. The name of the flower literally means 'Snow-Breaking Wort' where wort is a synonym for plant or weed. I used 'weed' since it sounds ominous. Furthermore, the flower's name is commonly used in Japanese poetry as a symbol of Spring. It represents the first flowers of the new season sprouting through the snow, similar to the attack.
Happou Yukidaore
Snow Fall Everywhere
Vol.17 pg79
Chessmarimo swings his axes in a blur of death to overwhelm and slice apart his target. It is almost impossible to attack Chessmarimo from the front once he begins this attack. "Happou" literally means 'all directions'. "Yukidaore" literally means 'Snow Fall' where 'fall' is to have fallen over/down, not what we consider snowfall, there is an entirely different verb for that in Japanese. It is possible "yukidaore" is a double entendre for a term with different kanji but pronounced the same which means to 'fall down dead on the spot'. Thus the attack could also be read as 'Falling Down Dead From All Directions'.

    Officially Listed Battles Fought

  1. None

Yet to be Listed Conflicts

The last published One Piece guide (Grand Data File Blue) covered events through volume 24. The following are my opinion of battles that occurred post Volume 24. As soon as a list is published, I will alter this data to reflect what is officially acceptable.
  • None

Unlisted Conflicts

The requisites for some battles are questionable. It appears that if only one punch (or kick or whatever) is thrown, then it does not count as a battle (except in the very first bout listed). There are also different types of conflicts, (meaning other than throwing punches or kicks), which are not listed. These are my opinion and were not officially listed.
  • Chessmarimo VS Chopper [Chapter 147-149]

Former Drum Kingdom Commanding Officer of Armed Guard / Captain of Civil Defense Force: Dalton

Bounty: ?

Age: ?
Birthday: ?
Height: ?
Sign: ?

Notes on Dalton

Dalton is a man who seems to want nothing more than the best for his people. How he came to his position as one of Wapol's 'Three Officers' is unknown be it through family service to the throne, his own ambition to protect the people of the country or something else entirely. Regardless, it is known that his dream was to support King Wapol in hopes that he would help the country thrive like his father did. This dream of his would never be realized through Wapol. Dalton witnessed the country slowly unravelling before him under Wapol's insane form of 'leadership'. At first Dalton felt powerless to stop Wapol but over the years he began to seriously doubt the direction the King was heading. While attending the Reverie meeting in Mariejoa, he witnessed Wapol attempt to start an international incident purely out of spite by physically assaulting the young Princess of Arabasta. But when he saw the young girl of no more than 10 years old accept the slap from Wapol as a mistake and held back her tears until out of the public's view so as to avoid a fued between the countries, Dalton was amazed. Someone far younger than Wapol already had a better understanding of politics than his King. The final straw was the ordered execution of the quack-doctor Hiruluk. Upon hearing Hiruluk's speech of inherited will, Dalton made his choice and decided to resist the King. Furious at Dalton's reprimanding words, Wapol used his most powerful attack to become the 'Human Weapon' and felled Dalton with ease. Dalton was locked in a cell for one week and faced constant torment from Wapol and the remaining two Officers. Dalton's fate after that week is uncertain. Somehow, somewhere, he managed to stay alive for 5 years in Drum and helped the people survive when no one else would in their darkest hour. As Wapol fled the country leaving the Blackbeard Pirates to ravage Drum, Dalton stood to defend the people and his country.

Dalton is a man of humility and great character. He holds himself responsible for allowing Wapol's crooked rule to extend as far as it did and even with his great strength, he was not able to overcome the King in a battle. Although he appears to hold little faith in himself, his true strength comes from his desire to protect the people of Drum and they realize that. Two days after the arrival of the Strawhats, there was supposed to be an election for the new leader of Drum. Whether the election took place on schedule is uncertain but the results were...

Dalton has a peculiar habit of adding extra bits of information about people and places that come up in conversation. Oda tackled this in the SBS from Chapter 153. He admits that it's because Dalton is just a nice guy...and that he likes cooked chesnuts over rice.

Dalton possesses the power of the Ushi Ushi Fruit: Model Bison. Ushi Ushi meaning 'cow cow' shows that Dalton's particular fruit is from a large family of Zoan-type Devil's Fruits. In other words, there are many Ushi Ushi Fruits, but only one Bison-type. The kanji used for 'Bison' here are pronounced "yagyuu" meaning 'wild cow' which is sometimes [incorrectly] translated directly as buffalo.

As with any Zoan Family Devil's Fruit user, Dalton has three basic forms at his disposal: Man, Man Bison and Bison. These are NOT official names, I simply made them up for simplicity as each form denotes what he mainly resembles.

Dalton's sword...ah yes, that magnificent sword. What the bloody hell is it? Some say it resembles a paddle, some a shovel, it first hit me as a rice-scooper and who knows what other theories exist. I spent many an hour on Google and Wikipedia and tapped the great minds of OP fans before finally stumbling upon what appears to be the answer. I initially thought it held something of a passing resemblance to a traditional saw used by Japanese woodcutters. As it turns out, by dumb luck, in searching for woodcutter's tools I found the object which appears to be the inspiration for Dalton's weapon. The tool is called a kosuki and it is a wooden paddle-like device with a long handle. It is used exclusively for removing snow from rooftops without damaging the roofing material. As for the fancy handle at the bottom on the sword, it appears to be mainly for design purposes. I originally thought it may have been part of the kosuki's design as well, however, in looking at some rough-sketches of Dalton, he wielded a completely different sword that had the same handle. Where is that picture? Oh, I'm sure if you look hard enough you'll find it somewhere around here.

Like any good hero, Dalton is willing to put his life on the line to save as many people as he can. This was made disquietingly clear when he revealed his plan to become a human bomb in order to take down Wapol and his Officers if need be.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Dalton has his head set square on his shoulders and even if he doesn't choose to fight battles he can win, he's learned from his mistakes of the past and fights with conviction and justice in his heart. Oda has made it abundantly clear time and again that anyone who fights for the sake of others is pretty much invincible.

Although he holds great strength, Wapol never seems to come out on top in any serious fight he finds himself caught up in. This is a shame considering what a noble character he is but the reason seems to stem from his lack of utilizing the Ushi Ushi Fruit's power to its greatest potential. One thing is for certain though, he can take a licking and keep on ticking. After being buried alive in the snow and taking three giant arrows through the chest, Dalton was able to keep on fighting for the people of Drum, with some help of course.

As Chess quips during their showdown in Bighorn, Dalton's greatest weakness is his kindness. In trying to help others, Dalton is willing to put himself in harm's way.

Dalton Spoilers

You may not want to read this unless you've read beyond Volume 26.

Dalton's Special Attacks

Name of AttackTranslation Used Against Location in Manga Special Notes
Fidoru Banfu
Fiddle Banff
Wapol's Guards
Vol.15 pg205
In Man Bison form, Dalton dodges an attack or series of attacks at high speed, seeming to make copies of himself. In the confusion he rushes his opponents and flips them literally head over heels. As far as what the 'gag' behind this attack is (if any) I am completely stumped. The katakana do indeed translate to 'fiddle' whereas the kanji for Banff actually read totsugeki or 'assault'. How do you get Banff from that? You've got me. Banff is a national park in Canada and the Fiddle River runs through Jasper National Park, also of Canada. There is also a small town in Scotland named Banff as well as one named Dalton but I fail to see the connection. Your guess is as good as mine.

    Officially Listed Battles Fought

  1. None

Yet to be Listed Conflicts

The last published One Piece guide (Grand Data File Blue) covered events through volume 24. The following are my opinion of battles that occurred post Volume 24. As soon as a list is published, I will alter this data to reflect what is officially acceptable.
  • None

Unlisted Conflicts

The requisites for some battles are questionable. It appears that if only one punch (or kick or whatever) is thrown, then it does not count as a battle (except in the very first bout listed). There are also different types of conflicts, (meaning other than throwing punches or kicks), which are not listed. These are my opinion and were not officially listed.
  • Dalton VS Wapol's Guards [Chapter 136]
  • Dalton VS Wapol & Chess [Chapter 136]
  • Dalton VS Chopper [Chapter 145]
  • Dalton VS Wapol [Chapter 151]
  • Dalton VS Kuromarimo [Chapter 151]

Other Crew Members


Robson is Wapol's major form of land transportation. A man of Wapol's portly stature isn't suited to tramping through the snow covered landscape of Drum and Robson is the perfect remedy for such a predicament. Robson is a White Walky, commonly known as a Hairy Hippo. Robson's features resemble a normal hippo but, as you'd expect from the name, covered in hair. The White Walky creatures seen throughout Drum have been around for some time, or so it seems, given that they've evolved to be well-suited to the Drum environment. In fact, they've evolved so suitably that they've become somewhat lazy and don't move about as they used to long ago. The legs of these creatures are actually quite long but they keep them tucked underneath their fur to move around slowly. When their legs are fully exposed the creatures can move at remarkable speeds across the wintry landscape, however, one advantage of having their legs tucked in is their ability to scale vertical slopes. Without the ropeways to Drum Castle active, Wapol rides up the tallet peak of the Drum Rockies by riding on the back of Robson.


The ISSHII 20 are a mysterious group of Doctors that somehow came under Wapol's control. Their combined medical knowledge and skills are capable of reviving people from what should be considered certain death. Their origins and affiliation with Wapol are a mystery. Absolutely no information has been divulged by Oda regarding where they came from or how long Wapol held them under his thumb. They were given quarters in Wapol's castle where they were kept constantly for purposes of their research and to tend to villagers that Wapol saw fit to receive medical assistance. They were also taken along by Wapol when he fled the country leaving all of Drum with only one Doctor. They seem like heartless individuals at Wapol's beck and call at first but slowly we begin to see that they were really powerless against Wapol and only worked with him so that they might continue to live and help save Drum someday.

As far as their name is concerned, it's actually written in katakana as 'isshi- 20'. This is a strange variation of 'ishi' a term for physician, however, it is unclear why Oda chose to write their name in katakana and manipulate the word. Since it does not seem to refer to anything directly in English or Japanese, I chose an equally ambiguous translation.