I'm getting pretty good at these things. That doesn't mean I'm going to crank up the speed though. Sorry! Well, well, here we are, my least favorite villains. Don't get me wrong, as far as story arcs go I really like this one, but Krieg is such a mindless brute surrounded by more mindless brutes. I think the character Gin is the saving grace of this arc. A pitiful villain is hard to create but somehow Oda managed to do that with Gin. He gave the 'war' in this arc the heart that it deperately needed.

Special thanks needs saying of course. There's OP-guru Stephen, 'THE man' or if you prefer 'the MAN' (long live GIA) who has always made this process as painless as possible with superior quick text referrences. In finding the appropriate English rank of Fullbody I have OP fan Ivotas to thank. Input from EGX and The Dude has always been appreciated throughout the creative process. As had a friendly reminder about Krieg's flamethrower from Pivitor. Last but not least my dear Haruka has fielded my seemingly pointless questions like, "Does Pearl Close really mean anything else to you?", at 2AM. She's the best.

Aaaas always, please make sure that my words stay right here. Granted page numbers and the like are not my property and I am always happy to inspire writing but the sentences which I wrote myself are my work. Everyone who has come here has respected this simple request and things are much different from my DBZ days, but I still think it needs to be said. I appreciate your understanding. Enjoy!

Ship Profile

Ship Name: ?

Ship Type: ?

Don Krieg's fleet consisted of 50 ships, however, all but Krieg's flagship and one other vessel were lost in a vicious surprise massacre on the Grand Line. The other boats in Krieg's fleet have never been compared in size to the flagship, but given the flagship's truly awesome size, it would be hard to believe they were as large as this sailing fortress.

Basic Crew Data

Crew Members/Compatriots with Known Bounties: 1
Total Bounty of Crew: 17,000,000 Belly
Number of Destinations Visited on Grand Line Route: ?
Most Active Region: All of East Blue

Pirate Fleet Admiral: "Sneak Attack" Don Krieg

Bounty: 17,000,000 Belly

Age: ?
Birthday: ?
Height: ?
Sign: ?

History of Krieg

Being the biggest and the strongest. To the Krieg Pirate Fleet's Admiral Don Krieg that meant everything. Boasting a fleet of 50 ships with a crew 5,000 men strong was how Don Krieg earned himself the title of Strongest Pirate in East Blue. But what does any of that amount to if a leader just uses such impressive figures as a shield? Krieg never once considered his crew a team and only led those strong enough to survive by his standards. It never seemed to occur to Krieg that numbers don't amount to squat if a leader doesn't carry respect for each and every one of his subordinates. In the Grand Line, Krieg would come to see how such faith in strength and numbers alone would come to be the first step toward his painful downfall.

Krieg started out as scum, locked behind bars for crimes not even spoken of. Perhaps it was a deal to shorten his sentence, perhaps it was all part of an elaborate plan from the start, either way Krieg found himself working as a soldier in the Marines. It was ironically as a Marine that he began his pirate legacy by killing the commander of his ship and hoisting the Krieg pirate flag. His tactics were merciless and barbarous. Flying the Marine flag Krieg would enter ports under supposedly friendly pretenses, only to lead a surprise raid on villages and docked ships. Not to mention his most disturbing tactic, flying a white flag of surrender followed by a sneak attack on his rejoicing prey. These repulsive tactics ushered in a new reign of terror for the citizens of East Blue and earned him the nickname Sneak Attack Krieg. After building up enough force, the Don finally decided to take his fleet to the Grand Line and muscle his way to the Pirate Summit in order to claim the One Piece as his greatest prize. But his delusions of grandeur were cut short, literally, very quickly.

Only seven days into the Grand Line, no doubt already ravaged by the hellish weather patterns that plague the opening stretch, Krieg's fleet had the incredible misfortune of catching the eye of the Shichibukai, Mihawk Dracule the 'Strongest Swordsman in the World'. In what Krieg and his men claim to have been an unprovoked attack, Mihawk ravaged the fleet leaving only two vessels floating. It was a storm that called off Mihawk's assault and allowed Krieg's remaining ships the "safety" of retreat. On top of Mihawk's massacre, Iron-Fist Fullbody of the Marines was also pursuing them as they scrambled to return to East Blue. In a last ditch effort to save the flagship, Krieg's Battle Commander took it upon himself to divert the Marines' attention as a decoy while Krieg and the last hundred or so of his men left alive made it safely to an undisclosed location in East Blue. Krieg spent several days adrift with no food or water in East Blue, his flagship in ruins and his crew starving to death. However, on or about the 4th day his Battle Commander miraculously returned to the dwindling crew and described to Krieg a floating restaurant from which he had just come where they would find all the food they needed to recover. Krieg saw this as opportunity knocking loud and clear. What better way to begin the rebirth of his crew than to commandeer a restaurant and travel under the guise of cooks, luring in plenty of victims. Unfortunately, his decision to overthrow a small ship of rag-tag cooks would lead to a very painful lesson for Krieg, one he's not likely to ever forget.

Notes on Krieg:

Although Krieg's story of origin is literally 3 panels long (one of the shortest in the series' major villains) we're given pleeeenty of information on his character. As mentioned above, Krieg is obsessed with the size of his crew. Granted any normal individual would be terrified by a fleet of 5,000 pirates but Luffy makes an excellent point during this particular arc. Krieg simply has the 'largest' crew, that doesn't mean he has the most 'powerful'. It's evident throughout the battle that Krieg has little affinity for any member of his crew even those who would exchange their own life for his. A seasoned OP fan knows that the strength of the Luffy Pirate Crew lies not in size, but in their commitment to one another. I mean, yeah it helps that they're freakishly strong too but for argument's sake let's just brush that under the carpet.

In light of Krieg's obsession with numbers it should be noted that he did show remarkable restraint up until his actual battle with Luffy. No number of insults from Luffy let him become undone or illogical. He exercised great control over his emotions and his men, the latter of which I somewhat problematic. Whatever Krieg says, goes. That's all well and good until it came to him asking a certain crew member to sacrifice his life for refusing to complete a direct order. A request the crew member solemnly obliges. Rather than gaining his men' trust, he's scared, shocked and/or awed them into obeying his will.

Krieg's 'conviction' may be weak but, his physical strength is nothing to scoff at. He can easily manipulate a 1-ton weapon and his suit of armor in real life would be disgustingly heavy.

Speaking of Krieg's armor, it's really a thing of beauty. His arms are covered in hagane steel. This is somewhat different than normal steel and exists in several varities. tama-hagane was actually used in creating Japanese swords. These days hagane is used in making fine cutlery. The difference between hagane and 'traditional' steel is its higher carbon content. You may notice that this is the same 'Hagane' as in 'Fullmetal Alchemist'.

Wootz steel is what makes up the torso of Krieg's armor. Dang! Oda did his homework on this one. Wootz steel, (originally called ukku and today called bulat in the place of its birth), was an ancient variation of steel developed in India around 200 A.D.. It is a combination of iron, carbon (charcoal) and glass fired together. With a very high carbon content this formation was known for being remarkably hard, flexible and holding an edge sharp enough to shear off a human's arm with a one-handed swing. Ouch!

The final pieces of Krieg's armor (well, the visible part anyway) are his diamond-studded gauntlets. Anyone who took Earth Science knows that diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance because they can scratch all others. Imagine a nice large cut diamond plowing deep into your face. It'll leave a mark that will "last forever".

I mentioned this back in the Luffy Pirate Crew profile but I'll stick it in here as well. Krieg is German for 'war'. The theme of this arc being war itself is quite clear. Check out some of Krieg's men too. They wear T-shirts with 'War' right on them.

Check out the hourglass on Krieg's Jolly Roger. The hourglass is a symbol that 'time is running out' for those who the pirates make their prey. The flag was actually designed to intimidate victims into surrender, thus reducing bloodshed on both sides. With his double hourglass, Krieg certainly makes his message clear. Of note, Edward Teach's (Oda's favorite real pirate) Jolly Roger included an hourglass.

Just an interesting note regarding the 'Don' of Don Krieg. I think most of you are aware of the fact that 'Don' isn't a shortening of Donald, it's a title, as in the mafia 'Don'. The kanji Oda uses are 'shyuryou' which literally translates to 'head' (as in 'head of the gang'), but may also be accepted as boss or chief. Oda just chose to go with Don. Not a bad choice. His normal attire without the armor is quite similar to a flashy gang member. Doesn't exactly look like my image of a Don though. Maybe that's just too much Godfather.

Strength and Weaknesses

In the world of manga villains, Krieg reigns supreme champion for one fact alone. He doesn't freaking call out the name of his attacks. Check it. Sure he names his weapons SOMETIMES but he doesn't scream, "Bullet Hellfire!", giving his opponent a signal to get the heck out of the way. Check it out. He only calls out "MH5", names his mantle AFTER he whips it out and the same with his spear. He's just naming his equipment. There's no "Downward Thrust!" Now, am I complaining? Heck no! I love that kind of stuff! However, it's suspicious that Oda just happened to use this for a character that is known for sneak attacks. Is this yet another case of our favorite author thinking a step ahead? Maybe so, either way Krieg remains a great threat because of his myriad of unopredictable attacks.

Oh, and about his attacks, notice how almost all of them stem from that suit of armor. If he were a Gundam he'd be GW's units 01 through 05 all wrapped up into a neat package. Oda succeeded in creating a character that is essentially a walking arsenal. Krieg's brute strength combined with that suit of surprises is indeed a lethal combination.

Although mentioned above, Krieg's body armor is also a great assest as his Wootz armor can absorb a fantastic amount of damage without Krieg feeling a thing.

Krieg's 'faith' is really his downfall. While it is necessary to have faith in that which is beyond one's 'self' to be considered a good leader, Krieg's entire fleet is based on one pillar, his faith in his brute strength. Such a handicap is quite deadly as he simply does not know when to surrender. Forget the outcome of his battle with Luffy, consider his attitude towards Mihawk! Despite the obvious fact that Mihawk essentially held Krieg's life in the palm of his hand, Krieg still considered himself the "strongest" and was willing to go back into Grand Line to get himself reamed a new one all over again! He says the only thing he was missing was 'information', the likes of which he tried to take from Zeff, but the real deficit is in his lack of ability to admit defeat and to realize that those who live by conviction are capable of tackling the toughest challenges.

Krieg Spoilers

Sadly there is nothing (yet) that could be considered a spoiler for the Don.

Krieg's Arsenal

Please note that many of these skills are not called out at the time of the attack. In instances where Krieg can clearly be seen performing the same action as when the skill was given a name, I have counted that as a appearance of a skill.
Name of WeaponTranslation Used Against Location in Manga Special Notes
Baratie Crew, Mihawk
Vol.6 pg60, 163.
Krieg flips open his mantle to reveal 10 pistols attached to his body. He also holds two dual-pistols in each hand. Considering his speed and ammo supply, that could mean he can unleash 14 shots per second!
Sakuretsu Shuriken
Shuriken Explosion
Vol.7 pg141.
Krieg fires a bomb from his modified shield that contains shurikens as shrapnel.
Vol.7 pg159 & Vol.8 pg13, 59.
Krieg fires a bomb into the ocean from his modified shield. May be fired in fast succession for a chain of bombs.
Vol.7 pg160, 178, 180. Vol.8 pg14.
A continuous stream of piercing short-spears shot from Krieg's modified shield.
Baratie Crew and Guests
Vol.7 pg183.
A deadly chemical gas bomb which Krieg unleashes. It has the range to kill an entire village of people. Krieg and each of his crew members have a gas mask just in case this attack is used. There is also a fake version of this attack where instead of MH5, Krieg fires a Shuriken Explosion
Kenzan Manto
Kenzan Mantle
Vol.8 pg17.
Krieg reveals the underside of his mantle to be covered in sharp spikes. A kenzan is a tool used in Japanese flower arrangement (ikebana or kado) which serves as the base for basic arrangements. The actual tool is quite similar to Krieg's mantle except the inidvidual spikes are considerably thinner. They serve to pierce and/or hold the stems of flowers in place. In Krieg's case, it's supposed to serve as a spiked shield to discourage any kind of hand-to-hand combat.
Great Battle Spear
Vol.8 pg30, 32, 38, 40, 41, 50-52, 57, 60.
Krieg combines his two shoulder shields, draws out a retractable blade from them and proceeds to mount the device on a pole. This massive 1+ ton weapon isn't just any normal spear as it causes an explosion upon impact with any surface. Two to three shots with it will supposedly kill any normal human. Even if the blade on the end is broken, the weapon will still cause explosions. The page numbers you see listed are only those instances where the spear connected with a surface. The name of the weapon in Japanese may, (in conjunction with the overall theme of the arc), also be heard as "The Great War" even though the kanji do indeed read as seen at left.
Kaen Housha
Vol.9 pg53.
Krieg fires a line of flame at his target from a wrist-mounted flamethrower. Here he uses it to reduce a log to cinders.

Unofficial Weapons from Krieg's Arsenal

Possible Name of WeaponUsed Against Location in Manga Special Notes
Vol.7 pg23, 41.
A long-range attack for Krieg where he swings a giant spiked flail at a target.
Vol.8 pg24.
What at first seem to be shoulder guards are actually two huge shields which are an integral part of Krieg's arsenal. His left shoulder shield can transform into a projectile launcher and is specially built to shoot rapid-fire short-spears. Of course Krieg can also use either massive half-ton shield to beat the living tar out of his oppoenent. Both halves may combine to become the Great Battle Spear.

    Officially Listed Battles Fought

  1. Krieg VS Luffy [Chapters 60, 62-66]

Yet to be Listed Conflicts

The last published One Piece guide (Grand Data File Blue) covered events through volume 24. The following are my opinion of battles that occurred post Volume 24. As soon as a list is published, I will alter this data to reflect what is officially acceptable.
  • None

Unlisted Conflicts

The requisites for some battles are questionable. It appears that if only one punch (or kick or whatever) is thrown, then it does not count as a battle (except in the very first bout listed). There are also different types of conflicts, (meaning other than throwing punches or kicks), which are not listed. These are my opinion and were not officially listed.
  • Kreig VS Sanji [Chapter 46]
  • Kreig VS Patty [Chapter 47]
  • Kreig VS Baratie Cooks [Chapter 47]
  • Kreig VS Mihawk [Chapter 52]
  • Kreig VS Patty & Carne [Chapter 37]
  • Kreig VS Luffy [Chapters 54, 55 & 61]
  • Kreig VS Baratie, Guests & Gin [Chapter 62]
  • Kreig VS Gin [Chapter 66]

Pirate Fleet Commanding Battle Officer: "The Man-Demon" Gin

Bounty: ?

Age: ?
Birthday: ?
Height: ?
Sign: ?

Known Data on Gin

Just as Krieg's remaining vessels were escaping from the Grand Line, Marine HQ Lieutenant Iron-Fist Fullbody was hot on their trail hoping to claim the 17 Million Belly bounty on East Blue's most ferocious pirate. However, in a last-ditch effort to save Krieg from capture and the fleet's flagship, Gin, Krieg's commanding Battle Officer, took the last remaining vessel and sailed it away from the crew to divert the Marine's attention.

This was not the first time Gin had done something drastic for Don Krieg. His ferocity and ruthlessness in battle earned him the nickname "The Man-Demon". Under orders from Krieg, Gin would perform any crime, no matter how inhumane, underhanded or cruel; all while hiding any sign of compassion. In Krieg's own words, Gin embodies the very spirit of the Don Krieg Pirate Fleet.

Ultimately Gin was captured by Fullbody but it took seven men to take him down. Consider this was also after his hellish ordeals in Grand Line; under normal circumstances Gin would probably eat seven Marines for brunch. (yes brunch) He was held in the Marine ship's prison for three days without food. On the verge of starvation, when Fullbody's ship docked at the floating restaurant Baratie, Gin was able to summon enough strength to escape from the jail and board the restaurant. It was here that he met his savior and the one man whose very existence would make him break every warped value he kept sacred.

Notes on Gin:

Gin is probably the most interesting villain of this particular story arc. Of course that's just an opinion but he seems to be the character created with the most care by Oda. Gin is in awe of Krieg's great power and although his heart isn't necessarily cruel, he respects and fears the kind of power which Don Krieg possesses. Because of that awe, Gin becomes a tool of Krieg. Although he isn't subjected to any kind of mental control, he is compelled to follow Krieg's orders and becomes a symbol of what Krieg stands for.

Gin does not have any named moves or skills which is quite rare in the series. His weapons are tonfa fitted with modified iron balls that can even shatter other iron objects.

Gin was originally introduced as a normal soldier of the Krieg Fleet which is why it was somewhat of a surprise when he was revealed to be a high-ranking officer in Krieg's fleet.

Gin's nickname is actually not just "Demon", that was simply Chapter 61's title. His nickname is Kijin which consists of the characters ogre/demon (The oni from Onimusha) & human. There are several Japanese myths that involve such a monstrosity so I decided to give his official nickname as 'Man-Demon' since he's not just called an oni.

Gin's name is written in Katakana, but it is also a Japanese word for silver. Another member of Krieg's crew we meet is named Pa-ru or Pearl. Silver & pearls. A classic combination.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Gin is almost a completely souless killer as a result of his unfettered devotion to Don Krieg. Almost. Krieg exploits this devotion but as it turns out even Gin cannot kill someone that saved his own life. Is this a weakness or strength? You be the judge.

Gin's iron tonfa are deadly and in a fair fight (that's assuming Sanji's shoes are lethal weapons which I think we can all agree on) he was even able to take down the cook's fancy footwork with his skillful manipulation of the weapons.

Despite all his strength in battle, Gin fights only because he's afraid. Yes, he has deep respect for Krieg, but as I have beat to death throughout this page, Krieg gets respect from his own men via his brute strength. When ordered by the Don to die by poison gas, Gin could have opted to ignore the demand. However, he was clearly afraid of an even worse fate than death that would befall him if he ignored an order like that from Krieg.

Gin Spoilers

Nothing big. Even if you haven't read the entire arc this shouldn't come as a surprise.

    Officially Listed Battles Fought

  1. Gin VS Sanji [Chapters 60-61]

Yet to be Listed Conflicts

The last published One Piece guide (Grand Data File Blue) covered events through volume 24. The following are my opinion of battles that occurred post Volume 24. As soon as a list is published, I will alter this data to reflect what is officially acceptable.
  • None Yet

Unlisted Conflicts

The requisites for some battles are questionable. It appears that if only one punch (or kick or whatever) is thrown, then it does not count as a battle (except in the very first bout listed). There are also different types of conflicts, (meaning other than throwing punches or kicks), which are not listed. These are my opinion and were not officially listed.
  • Gin VS Private First Class Rienz [Chapter 44]
  • Gin VS Patty [Chapter 44]
  • Gin VS Pearl [Chapter 59]
  • Gin VS Krieg [Chapters 62 & 66]

Second Unit Commander: Pearl the Iron Wall

Bounty: ?

Age: ?
Birthday: ?
Height: ?
Sign: ?

Known Data on Pearl

Raised in the jungle by wild animals, Pearl is a loose cannon. Well not normally anyway. Because of his...unique...upbringing, when sensing that he is in danger, Pearl has a habit of lighting himself, um, on fire. I've yet to find an example of any wild animal that does this but to each his own I suppose. Because of this 'instinct' Pearl is said to have, "Jungle Blood". (The Title of Chapter 55) This problem isn't usually an issue though. Due to his huge and somewhat awkward size, Pearl is able to fight covered in iron shields with inlaid giant pearls rendering him nearly invincible. In his 61 fight battle record, he's never lost a single battle or even seen his own blood. That changes during the battle at Baratie when he bonks his nose on his own shield and gets a nose bleed. The sight of his own blood pushes him into the deep end and he goes ballistic lighting himself on fire by smashing the pearls on his hand guards together becoming a "Super Iron Wall". (As the Laws of Nature take a quick nap)

I have no idea where Oda came up with the idea for this fellow. A villain that wears giant iron shields covered in pearls that sets himself on fire. Interesting... Regardless, Oda was able to infuse Pearl's short-lived time in the story with some clever and sad puns. Pearl describes himself as, "Ore wa tate otoko de dateotoko da." This is a very, very weak rhyming pun, so weak it's funny. Tate Otoko means 'Shield Man' and Dateotoko is a word to describe a 'Dandy Man'. This is reflective of his considerably attractive face, just the rest of his body is out there.

Pearl's main shield on his body is so strong it can withstand the force of 5 men hitting it without even warping.

Even though Pearl claims never to have been scractched in his 61 battles, it seems he thought he was in serious danger at least once or twice before while serving under Krieg. The pirates are all familiar with his pyro-defense mechanism and beg him to stop because of how unpredictable and destructive it is.

Most of Pearl's attacks are named around the idea of giving pearls as gifts. I'd rather not have any of these thank you.

Oh, and although I highly doubt this has anything to do with the series, you may be interested to know that there is a type of nectarine called Fire Pearl.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Due to his immense and awkward size, not to mention the giant iron shields covering him, Pearl is somewhat slow-moving and therefore can't react with all of his body at once, just his arms. This doesn't matter when he's fighting people because of his many shields but being able to move quickly definitely has its advantages as he finds out in a not-so-pleasant way.

In his fire-mode, Pearl increases the effectiveness of his defenses since only someone looking to get a third degree burn can get near him.

For all his glitz and glamour (huh?) Pearl is still just a grunt and like any good grunt, he's not too bright. Take for example his fire techniques. Yeah, they're a neat concept, but not if you're looking to take control of a wooden ship. His thoughtlessness leads Krieg to finish what Pearl starts before a well-laid plan go to waste.

Pearl's iron shields may not be as invincible as they seem...

Last but not least, we've been kind of hard on Pearl, but his physical attacks are actually very impressive. He uses the giant pearls on his hand-shields to smash his opponents. He also tends to go for some killer areas like the neck. Had it not been for a certain intervention, Pearl may have killed Sanji at Baratie.

Pearl Spoilers

You may not want to read this if you haven't read past Chapter 58.

Pearl's Special Attacks

Name of AttackTranslation Used Against Location in Manga Special Notes
Pa-ru Purezento
Pearl Present
Carne & Patty
Vol.7 pg13
Pearl uses one hand-shield pearl to punch his opponents. One punch is strong enough to draw blood from a normal human.
Faiya- Pa-ru Daitokuten
Fire Pearl Huge Favor
Vol.7 pg32 & 39.
After igniting himself, Pearl shoots out a number of flaming pearls. How generous. He can add different levels of fire to the pearls too.
Faiya- Pa-ru Purezento
Fire Pearl Present
Vol.7 pg37.
A standard punch like the above Pearl Present but while he's on fire.
Chou Tennen Pa-ru Present
Ultra Natural Pearl Present
Vol.7 pg53.
Another of the Pearl Present series, this vicious attack is a punch knocking Pearl's opponent into the ground. Obviously the joke here is that the stronger attack is a higher value pearl.
Pa-ru Kuro-zu
Pearl Close
Vol.7 pg58.
Pearl crushes the neck of his opponent between the pearls of his right and left hand-shields. A VERY painful-looking move.
Sa-bisu Pa-ru Ibushigin Purezento
Service Pearl Oxized Silver Present
Vol.7 pg58.
Pearl leaps into the air and lands on his opponent crushing them with not only his helmet's pearl but also the full weight of his shields. The name of this attack indicates the pearl is like a free 'gift' with the 'silver present' being his iron shields.
Dameoshi Pa-ru Purezento
Double Certain Pearl Present
Vol.7 pg115.
To an opponent who's already taken lots of damage, another smack from the Pearl Present series to make sure they stay down for the count.

    Officially Listed Battles Fought

  1. Pearl VS Sanji [Chapters 54-59]

Yet to be Listed Conflicts

The last published One Piece guide (Grand Data File Blue) covered events through volume 24. The following are my opinion of battles that occurred post Volume 24. As soon as a list is published, I will alter this data to reflect what is officially acceptable.
  • None

Unlisted Conflicts

The requisites for some battles are questionable. It appears that if only one punch (or kick or whatever) is thrown, then it does not count as a battle (except in the very first bout listed). There are also different types of conflicts, (meaning other than throwing punches or kicks), which are not listed. These are my opinion and were not officially listed.
  • Pearl VS Carne & Patty [Chapter 54]
  • Pearl VS Baratie [Chapter 55]
  • Pearl VS Gin [Chapter 59]

Other Crew Members

Idea Man:

Idea Man is the Don Krieg's Staff Officer of Planning. He watches the fight between Sanji and Pearl intently. The lamp on his head is a signpost.


Hustle is the fleet's Combat Instructor. Of all the pirates, he's the only one who performs special poses. The original "Hustle" was a famous Pro-Wrestler move used by the likes of Animal Hamaguchi. Unfortunately the pose we see here is not the original "Hustle".


The fleet's Locksmith. He is a key expert and the key on top of his head is his trademark. His name literally means "Key-Kid".