You have found the second of my secret pages! This particular page will describe the Main Page image. First of all, you got here by clicking Shikoku island. Shikoku is the smallest major island of Japan and about the size of New Jersey. I have an affinity for the people and places of Shikoku because that is where I spent the majority of my first trip to Japan. To the southwest of Shikoku is Kyuushuu, north is the largest island Honshuu and far to the northeast is Hokkaido.

The text you see in the background of the image is a quote from my favorite manga One Piece. These were the words of former Pirate King Gold Roger. This particular quote appeared in the 100th chapter of One Piece and also served as a voiceover during the television animation's second opening. The translation is as follows:

These are the things that will never staunch movements,
"Inherited Will"
"A Man's Dream"
"The Undulation of Time"
They search to their limits, answering to "freedom"
Such are those that can never be stopped.

Pretty nice huh? Actually the Japanese characters you see there look pretty crappy because I had to take screenshots of them in an e-mail, then copied them from the screenshot and put them into that image. My computer was being testy and decided that it no longer wanted to accept Japanese in Photoshop so I had to resort to that grueling process. Then when my computer froze, I had to do it all again. Figures. Anyway, when all was said and done, I finally figured out why Japanese wasn't working in Photoshop and I really didn't care after all the trouble. So yes the text looks a bit grainy to the trained eye, but let's just say they're well-earned battle scars.