One Piece Time-Line



After years of letting this just sit, I decided to come back and update this puppy, and boy what a job that was. More than just your regular update, I’ve gone back and recalculated several factors I missed and corrected a number of mistakes present on the original chart. From now on I hope to update this chart after the release of every new volume. As always, Stephen’s work has been nothing short of invaluable and I shudder to think about continuing this in the future without his handy grouping of chapters. The brunt data-collecting end of the research that includes flipping through manga for countless hours, then playing with Oda’s mind games: thinking he’s wrong, then finding out its my own simple math equations that are off, only to realize it’s actually Oda who is at fault before going back to check my work again to discover that in the end he was absolutely right ….(for example, try figuring out the locations of Tonjit’s clan by yourself craziness) ….is entirely my own work and as such, it would be super if you could leave it where you found it. Many thanks! The info regarding Shushu’s owner’s death was discovered by poster Angel emfrbl of the popular One Piece BBS Arlong Park. If you have anything else you think needs adding, please send it my way!


Notes for Reading


One qualifier is necessary at this junction though. A fan brought up the question of whether or not the start time of this chart is accurate as a measurement for time passed. As things stand as of Volume 37, we know this much, a full year has not passed since the events at Logue Town to the Water 7 arc as two points of reference have placed a crucial event (the execution of Gold Roger) at ‘22 years ago’. However, do keep in mind that character’s ages MAY not be entirely accurate. A given character’s birthday may or may not have occurred in a given year at the time of the event listed. This is simply in relation to how old they are or will become that year. Author Oda has not gone into such detail but he often leaves those details untouched to avoid confusing himself, which does happen from time to time.


Also of note, when I first assembled the chart, I took statements from characters like, “Such and such happened 800 years ago!”, as exactly 800 years ago, simply because I believed it would be easier for Oda to make difficult calculations later on. However, in Volume 41, the character Clover suggested that the Blank Century ended 800 years ago, which is the same figure Robin gave 20 years later when she was in Skypiea. If the exact date was meant to be 800 years ago, then Clover should have said, “780 years ago.” As such, I am forced to resort to declare many of the ancient dates as approximate. There’s no doubt in my mind these figures will all be sorted out in an official data book someday, but for the meantime, this is what we have to work with. As long as you keep that in mind, I hope you will enjoy reading this!



This information is accurate as of: Volume 55


Known Dates and Periods in One Piece

About 5000 Years Ago

Estimated start of use of the Tree of Knowledge as a gigantic library in Ohara.

Vol.41 Ch.392 pg69

About 1100 Years Ago

(Sea Age 402)

The Ancient City Shandora Prospers.

Vol.28 Ch.261 pg117

About 900 Years Ago

(Approximate Sea Age 602)

The Blank Century begins.

Vol.41 Ch.395 pg133

About 800 Years Ago

(Approximate Sea Age 702)

The Ancient City Shandora Falls. This event appears to be very close to the end of the Blank Century.

Vol.28 Ch.261 pg117

The World Government is born and The Blank Century comes to a close.

Vol.41 Ch.395 pg133

Less than 800 Years Ago

Descendants of Shandians assemble monuments to recognize their ancestors on Jaya.

Vol.28 Ch.261 pg117

About 700 Years Ago

(Approximate Sea Age 802)

Construction begins on Tequila Wolf.

Vol.54 Ch.524 pg33

About 500 Years Ago

(Approximate Sea Age 1002)

Oars ‘The Devil’ wreaks havoc, conquering regions and literally taking them away.

Vol.47 Ch.456 pg143

More than 402 Years Ago*

Norland leads two separate month-long explorations.

Vol. 31 Ch.287 pg27

About 402 Years Ago*

(Sea Age 1120)

June 21st Norland embarks from Villa heading east-northeast.

Vol. 25 Ch.228 pg43

400 Years Ago*

(Sea Age 1122)











May 21st, Norland comes upon across the surviving descendants of Shandora on the island Jaya.

Vol. 25 Ch.230 pg68

Vol.31 Ch.286 pg17*

Vol. 31 Ch.287 pg28


*This figure is based on the assumption that the narrator in Chapter 286 is precise in describing the events as exactly 400 years ago. Other figures based on this assumption will be marked with a red asterisk.


May 31st, Norland is shown the ruins of the City of Gold.

Vol.31 Ch.290 pg89

June 21st, The Shandians begin to shun Norland and his men.

Vol.31 Ch.290 pg101

Sometime in late June, Norland and his crew depart from Jaya.

Vol.31 Ch.290 pg105

Sometime in September*, Norland and crew return to Lvneel.

Vol.31 Ch.290 pg105

Vol. 31 Ch.292 pg129

Vol. 31 Ch.292 pg131

About 396 Years Ago*

(Sea Age 1126)

Part of the Jaya is shot into the sky by the Knock Up Stream. A battle for “Upperyard” begins between the former inhabitants of the “Vearth” and Sky People.

Vol. 27 Ch.255 pg172

About 395 Years Ago*

 (Approximate Sea Age 1127)






Norland receives permission from Mariejoa to sail into the Grand Line.

Vol. 31 Ch.292 pg129*


*If this figure is accurate to the month, this allows for some conjecture to the end that, following a direct route, it takes two months to get to Jaya by ship. Details based on this assumption will be marked by a green asterisk. They are not canon but logical estimates based on presumably accurate information.


Sometime in September* Norland sets sail for Jaya with the King of Lvneel and his men.

Vol.31 Ch.290 pg105

Vol. 31 Ch.292 pg129

Vol. 31 Ch.292 pg130

About 395 Years Ago*

(Sea Age 1127)


November 16th, Norland Arrives at Jaya only to find Shandians and their village missing.*

Vol. 31 Ch.292 pg131

About 394 Years Ago*

(Sea Age 1128)

On or about May 16th, Norland is branded a liar and executed in Lvneel.


Vol. 31 Ch.292 pg33

208 Years Ago

From South Blue’s Briss Kingdom, the St. Briss departs.

Vol.24 Ch.219 pg52

200 Years Ago

The World Government extends its hand in friendship to Fishmen and Mermen-kind after previously classifying them as ‘fish’.

Vol.51 Ch.500 pg176

About 200 Years Ago

Sailor of unknown rank perishes on St. Briss from brain injuries.

Vol.24 Ch.219 pg52

St. Briss is sent ‘Cload-Floating’ from a sky island.

Vol.26 Ch.242 pg108

158 Years Ago

Dorry and Brogey are born.

Vol.19 SBS pg46

139 Years Ago

Dr. Kureha is born.

Vol.15 Ch.134 pg166

100 Years Ago

Dorry and Brogey begin to duel on Little Garden.

Vol.13 Ch.116 pg158

88 Years Ago

Brook is born.

Vol.50 SBS pg86

Vol.50 Ch.487 pg108

Vol.51 SBS pg26


71 Years Ago

Crocus is born.

Vol.12 Ch.103 pg75

More Than 50 Years Ago

Laboon and Yorki Pirates from West Blue come to Reverse Mountain. After staying for a few months they depart with Laboon in Crocus’ care.

Vol.12 Ch.103 pg91

50 Years Ago

Oimo and Karsee begin serving Main Island Gate Guards on Enies Lobby.

Vol.40 Ch.384 pg131

Brook and the Rumbar Pirates left with Brook are killed in the Grand Line.

Vol.47 Ch.459 pg194

Sometime Less Than 50 Years Ago

Crocus leaves Laboon to travel the Grand Line with Gold Roger’s Pirate Crew for three years.

Vol.52 Ch.506 pg79

About 49 Years Ago

Brook’s soul finds him and his life is restored.

Vol.46 Ch.443 pg53

43 Years Ago

Maria Negiguma is born.

Vol.16 SBS pg48

More Than 40 Years Ago

Shackey quits being a pirate.

Vol.51 Ch.498 pg134

40 Years Ago

Boodle’s old village was destroyed by pirates.

Vol.2 Ch.14 pg122

Marilyn of Skypiea wins the title of “Miss Skypiea”.

Vol.35 SBS pg26

39 Years Ago

Spandam is born.

Vol.47 SBS pg26

38 Years Ago

Tomato Gang is born.

Vol.27 SBS pg66

Bellemere is born.

Vol.9 Ch.77 pg116

Iceburg is born.

Vol.37 Ch.353 pg137

37 Years Ago

Shanks is born.

Vol.4 SBS pg28

35 Years Ago

The Master Thief Hiruruk sees ‘The Miracle Sakura’ and begins medicinal research as a quack.

Vol.16 Ch.142 pg125

Vol.16 Ch.143 pg131

Jabra is born.

Vol.47 SBS pg26

34 Years Ago

Smoker is born.

Vol.27 SBS pg46

Flam Cutty is born.

Vol.37 Ch.353 pg135

Kumadori is born.

Vol.47 SBS pg26

32 Years Ago

Marine HQ Captain Hina is born.

Vol.27 SBS pg46

More Than 30 Years Ago

Flam Cutty enters the Grand Line from South Blue.

Vol.50 Ch.490 pg177

30 Years Ago

Blueno is born.

Vol.47 SBS pg26

28 Years Ago

Robin Nico is born.

Vol.22 pg121

Lucci Rob is born.

Vol.44 Ch.422 pg49

Vol.47 SBS pg26

26 Years Ago

A 33-member Poneglyph search team embarks from Ohara.

Vol.41 Ch.393 pg95

Gold Roger is afflicted by an ‘incurable disease’.

Vol.52 Ch.506 pg79

25 Years Ago

Shoujou is born.

Vol.24 Ch.226  pg199

Calipha is born.

Vol.47 SBS  pg26

Byron is born.

Vol.51 Ch.501  pg192

24 Years Ago

Flam Cutty (10) is abandoned by pirates and found by Tom on Shipwreck Island of Water Seven. Tom takes him under his wing as an apprentice.

Vol.37 pgs156 & 157

Approximately 23 Years or More Ago

A group of light-hearted pirates come to Skypiea and befriend God, Gan Forr.*


*Please note this figure in the manga is given as, “…more than 20 years ago…”. For logistical reasons (that should be clear if you are familiar with this segment of the story) I have taken the liberty of adjusting the figure as such.

Vol.27 Ch.248 pg30

Vol.32 Ch.301 pg118


23 Years Ago

Gold Roger conquers the Grand Line.

Vol.52 Ch.506 pg79

Kaku is born.

Vol.47 SBS  pg26

22 Years Ago

(Great Pirate Age 1)




The Pirate King Gold Roger is executed in Logue Town. From the moment of his death, The Great Pirate Age begins.

Vol.11 Ch.99 pg182

Shanks (15) and Buggy part ways after Roger’s execution.

Vol.45 Ch.434 pg78

Several days after Roger’s execution, Tom’s Workers Co. President Tom is arrested for having built Gold Roger’s pirate ship. At his death sentencing he is miraculously given 10 years to redeem himself by constructing a Sea Express for public and government use.

Vol.37 Ch.353 pgs 135 & 145

Vol.37 Ch.354 pg153

21 Years Ago

(Great Pirate Age 2)

Tashigi is born.

Vol.20 SBS pg66

More Than 20 Years Ago

Silvers Rayleigh is stranded at sea and rescued by Hacchan.

Vol.52 Ch.506 pg77

20 Years Ago

(Great Pirate Age 3)











On the Island of Rare Animals, Gaimon became stuck in a treasure box.

Vol.3 Ch.22 pg97

Nojiko is born.

Vol.9 Ch.77 pg117

Ace D. Portgas is born.

Vol.18 Ch.292 pg73

Robin Nico (8) becomes an archaeologist.

Vol.24 Ch.218 pg35

Due to the Buster Call, the island Ohara and all but one of its residents are exterminated by the Marines under orders from the World Government.

Vol.22 Ch.201 pg121

Vol.36 Ch.344 pg161

Vol.41 Ch.398 pg190

Robin Nico (8) supposedly destroys 6 Marine ships at Ohara during the Buster Call in West Blue and is branded with a bounty of 79,000,000 Belly. She spends the next 16 years on the run before joining a certain group.

Vol.22 Ch.201 pg121

Vol.22 Ch.203 pg153

Pathea is born.

Vol.51 Ch.501 pg202

‘The Flying Pirate’ Gold Lion Shiki escapes from Impel Down.

Vol.54 Ch.530 pg151

Ohara’ is literally erased from all world maps.

Vol.41 Ch.391 pg55

19 Years Ago

(Great Pirate Age 4)

Sanji is born.

Vol.7 SBS pg46

Zoro is born.

Vol.4 SBS pg28

18 Years Ago

(Great Pirate Age 5)

Nami is born.

Vol.4 SBS pg28

17 Years Ago

(Great Pirate Age 6)



Usopp is born.

Vol.4 SBS pg28

Luffy D. Monkey is born.

Vol.4 SBS pg28

Bellemere (21) adopts Nojiko (3) and Nami (1).

Vol.9 Ch.77 pg122

Vol.9 Ch.79 pg147

16 Years Ago

(Great Pirate Age 7)

Vivi Nefertari is born.

Vol.19 SBS pg26

15 Years Ago

(Great Pirate Age 8)

CP9’s Lucci (13) carries out an indiscriminate slaughter during a rescue mission and takes the head of a pirate violently ending a hostage crisis.

Vol.44 Ch.422 pg49

Ivankov turns the king of a certain country into a transsexual.

Vol.55 Ch.537 pg99

More Than 12 Years Ago

The Rocketman is completed but left untouched in a warehouse.

Vol.38 Ch.365 pg155

12 Years Ago

(Great Pirate Age 11)




Shanks (25) stops his ship at Fusha Village in East Blue.

Vol.1 Ch.1 pgs8,16

President of Water Seven’s Shipbuilding Company 4 (of 7 total) commits suicide due to an accident one month earlier where 50 workers perished at sea trying to buy supplies. The shipyard closes. Pirates run amok in the sinking town.

Vol.37 Ch.354 pg162

The Sea Express is completed by Tom’s Workers. Tom is granted 4 years extension on his stay of sentence to complete more lines.

Vol.37 Ch.354 pgs162-165 Vol.37 Ch.355 pg168

Michael and Hoykle are born

Vol.39 SBS pg86

Robin Nico temporarily joins an unnamed group (likely pirates) before ultimately betraying them.

Vol.41 Ch.398 pg193

Sometime Less Than 12 Years Ago

Spandam is granted permission by The 5 Elder Stars to pursue the Ancient Weapons’ Blueprints.

Vol.37 Ch.355 pg175

11 Years Ago

(Great Pirate Age 12)






A kidnapping attempt made on Princess Vivi (5) is thwarted.

Vol.18 Ch.163 pg156

Yuba is founded by Toto and a small group of hopeful citizens.

Vol.18 Ch.163 pg156

Vol.18 Ch.164 pg181

Tonjit’s nomad clan moves to the island where the Davy Back Fight takes place.

Vol.32 Ch.305 pg197

Vol.34 Ch.319 pg59

Hancock Boa becomes the empress of Amazon Lily and captain of the Kuja Pirates.

Vol.53 Ch.522 pg194

10 Years Ago

(Great Pirate Age 13)










Shanks (27) entrusts his straw hat to Luffy (8).

Vol.1 Ch.1 pg51

Shushu’s owner opens a pet shop.

Vol.2 Ch.12 pg84

Zeff and the Cook Pirates enter the Grand Line.

Vol.6 Ch.48 pg71

Vol.7 Ch.57 pg70

At the end of his adventure as a pirate, Chricket lands on Jaya by ?fate?

Vol.25 Ch.228 pg37

Tonjit climbs up onto his bamboo stilts.

Vol.32 Ch.305 pg192

The stage actress Cindry Victoria falls from a stage and dies of complications.

Vol.47 Ch.448 pg149

Dr. Hogback and Moria Gecko meet for the first time.

Vol.47 Ch.456 pg135

Margarita’s shadow is stolen by Moria.

Vol.50 Ch.483 pg33

Thriller Bark begins appearing in the Florian Triangle.

Vol.50 Ch.490 pg169

Rayleigh and Shanks reunite at the Sabaody Archipelago.

Vol.52 Ch.506 pg85

9 Years Ago

(Great Pirate Age 14)




Piman, Tamanegi and Ninjin are born.

Vol.5 Ch.40 pg104

Zeff and the Cook Pirates safely exit the Grand Line.

Vol.6 Ch.48 pg71

Vol.7 Ch.57 pg70

Sanji (10) and Zeff are shipwrecked for 85 days after the Cook Pirates lead an attack on the passenger ship Orbit.

Vol.7 Ch.56 pg63

Vol.7 Ch.58 pg106

8 Years Ago

(Great Pirate Age 15)










Arlong takes control of the island home to Cocoyashi Village. Bellemere (30) perishes.

Vol.9 Ch.77 pgs111 & 116

Vol.9 Ch.78 pg145

Tonjit’s nomad clan leaves him and Shelly behind and travel to the next island on Long Ring Island.

Vol.32 Ch.305 pg197

Vol.34 Ch.319 pg59

Having completed three more Sea Express lines, Tom is scheduled to be pardoned for his aiding Gold Roger.

Vol.37 Ch.355 pg168

Iceburg (30) and Flam Cutty (26) inherit the blueprints for an Ancient Weapon from Tom. Iceburg holds on to them.

Vol.37 Ch.355 pg179

A new heinous crime against the World Government is allegedly committed by Tom and his apprentice Flam Cutty (26). Tom is ordered to be taken to Enies Lobby not for this crime, but once again for building Gold Roger’s ship.

Vol.37 Ch.353 pg133.

Vol.37 Ch.357 pgs218 & 219

Flam Cutty (26) supposedly dies.

Vol.36 Ch.346 pg198

Vol.37 Ch.352 pg118

The warehouse storing Rocketman is abandoned and left in secrecy.

Vol.38 Ch.365 pg155

6 Years Ago

(Great Pirate Age 17)






Chopper and Dr. Hiruruk meet by chance. Dr. Hiruruk begins to treat Chopper’s wounds.

Vol.16 Ch.141 pg97

A World Meeting transpires in the Holy Land, Mariejoa.

Vol.16 Ch.142 pg114

Ener ravages Bilca and takes control of Skypiea taking the title of God.

Vol.27 Ch.249 pg55

Vol.27 Ch.255 pg176

Vol.30 Ch.279 pg70


5 or 6 Years Ago

Shoujou and Mashira came to Chricket and wanted to assist him in the search for Norland’s city with gold.

Vol.25 Ch.228 pg40

More Than 5 Years Ago

Brook’s ship is drifts to Thriller Bark.

Vol.47 Ch.455. pg111

5 Years Ago

(Great Pirate Age 18)









Usopp (12), Tamanegi, Piman and Ninjin (all 4) form the Usopp Pirate Crew.

Vol.5 Ch.40 pg104

Chopper’s injuries heal completely. Dr. Hiruruk perishes. Chopper begins Rumble Ball research.

Vol.16 Ch.142 pg125.

Dr. Hiruruk perishes and Chopper begins Rumble Ball research while studying under Dr. Kureha.

Vol. 17 Ch.149 pg75

Tonjit’s nomad clan moves again to the next island on Long Ring Island.

Vol.32 Ch.305 pg197

Vol.34 Ch.319 pg59

Galley-La Co. founded by Iceburg (33) in Water Seven.

Vol.34 Ch.327 pg224

Four members of CP9 come to Water Seven and conceal themselves as members of the community.

Vol.36 Ch.346 pg190

Brook battles his Ryuma and loses.

Vol.47 Ch.458 pg180

Robin enters the Grand Line from West Blue.

Vol.50 Ch.490 pg177

4 Years Ago

(Great Pirate Age 19)


Sir. Crocodile and Robin Nico (24) align themselves for a plan of great proportions.

Vol.22 Ch.203 pg153

Flam Cutty (30) comes to Water Seven looking for Iceburg (34). He inherits the Ancient Weapon blueprints.

Vol.36 Ch.346 pg199

Vol.38 Ch.358 pg14

3 Years Ago

(Great Pirate Age 20)







Captain Kuro’s double is apprehended by Morgan and executed while Kuro enters service as Kaya’s butler.

Vol.3 Ch.25 pg163

Vol.3 Ch.26 pg178

Ace (17) leaves his brother Luffy (14) and sets out from Dawn Island.

Vol.18 Ch.159 pg73

A draught begins to plague Yuba and the entire Alabasta Kingdom.

Vol.18 Ch.161 pg116

Vol.18 Ch.163 pg154


Franky Family begins to gather “the necessary” money for Franky’s (31) purchase. Their goal is 200 Million Belly.

Vol.35 Ch.329 pg34

Lola’s shadow is stolen by Moria.

Vol.50 Ch.482 pg22

2 Years Ago

(Great Pirate Age 21)






Coby enters service as chore-boy on Alvida’s ship.

Vol.1 Ch.2 pg71

The Dance Powder incident transpires in Alabasta.

Vol.18 Ch.161 pg117

Igaram and Vivi (14) enter the Baroque Works.

Vol.22 Ch.198 pg61

Tonjit’s nomad clan moves again to the next island on Long Ring Island.

Vol.32 Ch.305 pg197

Vol.34 Ch.319 pg59

Moria steals the shadows of an unnamed pirate crew.

Vol.50 Ch.483 pg31

1 Year Ago

(Great Pirate Age 22)

Kaya’s parents become ill and perish. As a result of the emotional impact, Kaya herself becomes weak and ill.

Vol.3 Ch.23 pg133.

Vol.5 Ch.41 pg112

Less Than 1 Year Ago

The former Country of Drum is ravaged by the Black Beard pirate crew.

Vol.15 Ch.133 pg150

Zoro is punished for cutting down Helmeppo’s wolf.

Vol.1 Ch.3 pg97

Approximately 6 Months Ago

Rayleigh leaves Shackey’s Bar.

Vol.52 Ch.498 pg135

Approximately 3 Months Ago

Shushu’s owner leaves for a hospital. He perishes an undetermined amount of time later.

Vol.2 Ch.14 pg85

The Beginning of Luffy’s Adventure.

(Great Pirate Age 23)

Luffy sets sail from Fusha Village to begin his adventure.

Vol.1 Ch.1 pg57




For an example of something we have no clue whatsoever about with respect to modern OP history, I offer you the Age of Heaven listed below. Just the name itself will have any clever fan giggling with delight as it may hint that the Skypieans have or had a connection with Blue Sea People that was of great importance, a relationship further hinted at in a certain mini-arc. Some of this data is incomplete and certainly not concrete as it was only partially translated by Robin Nico during the finale of the Alabasta story arc. Even the information itself is questionable since it was not actually written on the object she was supposedly translating. In other words, this could be jargon, or we could end up getting a story about Mamudein someday.



The Age of Heaven


Alabasta conquered by Kahira.

Vol.22 Ch.203  pg151


Bitein dynasty of Tymar rules.

Vol.22 Ch.203 pg151


In Erumalu the Great Temple Taph is completed

Vol.22 Ch.203 pg151


The Oltean hero Mamudein

Vol.22 Ch.203 pg151