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Every week, the manga artists, authors and editors of Weekly Shonen JUMP are given a small space on the table of contents page located at the back of each issue to express a personal message. They range from trivial to tantalizing with comments the likes of which lament a recent trend of poor weather to bombshell wedding announcements. Authors may also use this space to promote their work as it appears in other media such as video games, movies etc. When read individually the comments don't usually reveal compelling information, however, when one follows a thread of similar comments over time, as a collective they may reveal telling patterns of how the author works or what challenges he or she faces.


This is the first complete list of its kind and I would like to consider it the magnum opus of my contributions to the One Piece fan community. As this list includes not only every weekly comment, but also the release dates of every Weekly Shonen JUMP since the start of the series, the possibilities for statistical research regarding One Piece are now limitless. Graphs that compare attack usage. Character appearances per year, month or even week. Rates at which new Devil Fruits appear. Frighteningly detailed analytical potential is now easily accessible. I certainly won't be doing any of that, but I challenge you fans out there to take that step and start helping us look at the series in ways we never thought possible.



Request to Readers

This project was a labor of love and I request that in the event you wish to use this the release date data to aid in unique data creation, please cite and link to my work where/when applicable. Note that prior to this list's release, a certain commonly incorrectly sourced One Piece network only had One Piece's weekly release dates listed from chapter 544 to current; not to mention the incorrect street date of chapter 1. Furthermore, while I urge readers to utilize release date data in their own endeavors, I do not grant permission to use my translations, as they exist in English under any circumstances. We live in an age of digital piracy where almost anything can be obtained instantly. I promise this guide didn't come about instantly. It took four years to gather, translate and compile from start to finish and cost hundreds of US dollars in transportation, library and duplication fees. If you're interested in reading just how that happened, I urge you to read the full story here. It's pretty cool so check it out.


Before you begin checking the list, READ THIS How to Read section. It has some cool background info on JUMP, can help you learn the best way to read this guide and most importantly, a few simple rules that will keep this page viewable as long as possible from our servers each month.



Special Thanks & Dedication

I'd like to extend a huge 'thank you' to those who helped make this possible through the years in its various incarnations in no particular order: Jason Sackel, scorpedo, bandit_legend, Stephen, The Dude, Reuder and Zach Logan. But when it comes to top spot, well, how could it be anyone else besides my wife? This project took over 300 hours and that’s over twelve days straight being glued to a computer screen or my nose buried in comics. She never once complained or looked down on me for following my hobby and instead, was always there to help me whenever I had questions, even when I took time out of weekends or vacation to sneak in some time to work on the guide.


As for dedicating this work? This one is for you, the fans of One Piece. I hope from the bottom of my heart that even just a few of you will read this and be inspired to take on similar projects to help spread the understanding and appreciation of this historic series.



Relation Charts

These charts gather together all of the comments regarding a significantly broad topic. Depending on how much time I can spend on creating more, the number of these may or may not increase over time. For the time being, I took the liberty of gathering what I thought might be the most useful categories:


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Oda's Weekly Comments




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Kami kara mirai no Present


Nice to meet you, my name is Oda. I'm extremely thankful to have been granted the opportunity to debut my work here. If you read this work and think to yourself, "Hmmm, that was pretty neat.", or even, "Hmmm, that was pretty lame.", by all means, please let me hear your thoughts and opinions.



[*Although listed as an October 25th release, it seems likely that the actual release was sometime before that date.]





Ikki Yakou


Ooohkie-dokie, guess it's 'bout time to show you guys what I've got… Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm.*



[*This is an ominous and cocky type of laughter which is extremely similar to the laughter of Doflamingo.]



[*Although listed as an April 10th release, that seems improbable even for a special none-weekly publication as that was a Sunday. Since I'm not familiar with special publications such as this I'm only capable of listing the advertised date, however, it seems highly likely that the actual release was sometime before that date.]

Kushima*-The incredible powerful sense of speed emanating from this piece is a perfect ten!! All of you out there would do well to remember the name, 'Eiichiro Oda'. Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm.** 


[*Kushima: Oda's second editor and the last editor before he officially started One Piece. Evidently they had some serious fights but Oda learned a great deal from him and respects him very much.]


[**He and Oda seem to have played off each other on this ominous laughter.]




(JUMP Version)

Wa-hoooW!! So this is the real deal, JUMP huh, well it feeeeels GREAT and on days like this what I'd reeeeally like are your thoughts and opinions [on my work]




(Not Published)

Asada*-ROMANCE DAWN, originally published in Issue 41 from 1996, has been powered up even more and will begin serialization in the next issue!! Be sure to look forward to what Oda-sensei has in store when he draws Luffy traversing far-off seas!!


[*Takanori Asada aka 'Daasa' aka 'A'da: The first of Oda's editor during the serialization of One Piece. His most well-known nickname is ‘Daasa’ in katakana, a rearrangement of the characters which spell his name.


[See also: Chapters 89, 105, 107, 149, 173, 177, 560 & 2012 Issue #19 (One Piece break)] ]




Jump to Ch.700


Jump to Ch.100

When I was in middle school, I decided that I would draw a pirate comic in JUMP. I'll ignore the atrocities of historic facts and just draw a bunch of jolly pirates. 'Cause hey, it's summer. But what I really wonder is why JUMP uses a pirate mark. Why is that?



[*It's unfortunate that I have to add a qualifier to the very first chapter of One Piece but as it currently stands, this is only fair for such an important date. What is listed to the left is the 'actual' release date of One Piece, not the 'official' street-date of July 22nd as advertised in the back of Weekly Shonen JUMP Issue #33 1997. For a detailed explanation on JUMP 'street-dates' I suggest you read the yellow asterisk mark for 2003 Issue #25 Chap. 276 below before proceeding.

As Monday the 21st was a national holiday, Issue #33 of JUMP first hit stores on  Saturday
July 19th, 1997. That is One Piece's actual serialization anniversary date. The August ]

Nobuhiro Watsuki* [Rurouni Kenshin]- Oda-sensei who helped out [on my staff] in the past will finally be starting his new serialized comic from this week. Congratulations. Let's do our best together.

 [*Nobuhiro Watsuki: Author of popular Weekly JUMP series Rurouni Kenshin. Oda worked as an assistant for Watsuki prior to starting One Piece. Several assistants that worked under Watsuki with Oda went on to become successful authors gaining themselves the nickname, 'The Watsuki Gang'. The members are: Eiichiro Oda, Hiroyuki Takei, Shinya Suzuki, Eiji Kumazawa (Shinga Gin) and Mikio Itou.


[See also: Chapters 6, 38, 109, 2004 Issue 52 (One Piece break) & 379] ]



Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro* [Toriko, Takeshi]- I've been waiting for Oda's serial [comic]. I hope you'll all read One Piece and become pioneering pirates!!

[*Mitsutoshi  Shimabukuro aka 'Shimabu~': Author of such successful series as Toriko and Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi. Mitsutoshi is infamous for being convicted of paying at least three underage girls for sexual services after which he went on to write Toriko.]

[See also: Chapters 65, 140, 244, 317, 570, 618, 621, 676 & 687] ]




The morning sun as seen from my window at work is incredibly beautiful!! Seeing it the first thing in the morning is what I think about just before going to sleep.





To Asami-sensei* and your staff members, thank you for the flowers celebrating the start of my series. Wild Half is drawn by such a nice person.



[*Yuko Asami: Author of the series Wild Half from Weekly Shonen JUMP.]





A comic by Mizumoto-san*, a buddy of mine from my early days [as a manga artist], will have his work run in Akamaru JUMP. Use that as a first step towards us drawing serials together!!



[*Akitsugu Mizumoto: A long-time manga artist and assistant. He has had multiple pieces published in various Shueisha publications. His most successful work thus far is the Toriko spin-off series, Gourmet Gakuen Toriko published in Saikyo JUMP. The particular work Oda mentions here was called Ga-ROW which actually did reach the pages of Weekly Shonen JUMP the next year but only for 11 issues.


[See also: Chapters 19 & 100] ]





Whoa! I went to see Mononoke Hime*!! It's so good!! And so cool!! Things are compellingly 'Mera'** at the office.



[*Princess Mononoke: A Studio Ghibli film directed by Hayao Miyazaki.]


[**Mera Yoshikazu: A Japanese countertenor who sang the film's main theme.]





During my assistant years both Tokuhiro-sensei* and Rurouni's Watsuki-sensei** took great care of me. I hope that Tokuhiro-sensei will be able to return to JUMP as soon as possible.



[*Masaya Tokuhiro: A manga author who found success with many series such as Jungle King Tar-chan, Kyoshiro 2030 and Fundoshi Kenji Ken-chan to Choko-chan in Shueisha publications. Oda worked as an assistant under Tokuhiro and frequently had his name hidden in Tokuhiro's work. Tokuhiro actually introduced Oda to his idol, Akira Toriyama, and chronicled the event as a short comic in the volume edition of his series Mizu no Tomodachi -Kappa Man-, a series which Oda worked on as an assistant. Oda's name may be found hidden throughout the series.


[See also: Chapter 333] ]


[**See Chapter





I bought a Lego pirate ship. What a fun creation. It's respectable that the Lego designers haven't lost their child-like hearts. But they're aimed at 5-12 year olds!! Aw, shucks.





I hear that One Piece will be running in Hong Kong and Taiwanese publications as well. I'm looking forward to what the title will be changed to. I bet it'll be all Chinese characters.


[*Interestingly, the official release date of Issue #42 was listed in the back of JUMP Issue #41 as '9/15 (Tues.)' however, this was apparently an editorial mistake as September 15th of 1997 was actually a Monday. With Monday as a national holiday, this would seem to indicate that the issue was 'actually' released on 9/13 Saturday. A Saturday release for JUMP in the event of a Monday holiday is a schedule that Weekly Shonen JUMP practiced from at least as early as the start of One Piece despite not being officially recognized until October 1999. [See 5/19/2003 Issue #25 Chap. 276 for more information on JUMP release date details] ]





Let's try to think about what the Hong Kong and Taiwanese titles of One Piece might be. Adventurous Elasticity Boy. Straw Hat Pirate. Young Girl's Clothing. I wonder.



[*9/22 was a Monday and Issue #43 was advertised as a Monday release in Issue #42 due to a national holiday on Tuesday the 23rd. Advertising a Monday release, despite readily being available in most places across Japan on Mondays, was a rarity at the time, even in the event of holidays. [See 5/19/2003 Issue #25 Chap. 276 for more information on JUMP release date details] ]





Seems there's been an emergence of 'towelers'* on my home [island] of Kyushu. Amateurs... Why, I've been a toweler while working since way back.



[*Toweler: A Japanese term for youths that wrap a white towel around their head as opposed to a scarf or bandana.]





I've been in serialization more than 10 weeks now but I still can't keep up with the weekly pace. Man, the professionals are amaaaaazing.





Thank you for the fan letters that come in week after week. I think the best way I can thank you at this point is by turning your words of support into the energy of the characters. So that's what I'm gonna do!!





Now it's been decided that One Piece will be appearing in Thailand. The art will have to be mirrored from right to left. I'm a little concerned that it might mess with the designs.





Volume 2 of Butsu Zone by Hiroyuki Takei-sensei*, a personal and neighborhood friend, was released. Bought it. Just like I thought, it's right up my alley.



[*Hiroyuki Takei: author of Shaman King and Oda's friend with whom he worked as an assistant for Nobuhiro Watsuki's Rurouni Kenshin. He's a member of 'The Watsuki Gang'. His younger brother is manga author Hirofumi Takei who has collaborated with Oda on One Piece-related projects.

[See also: Chapters 38, 49, 91, 145, 178, 192, 272, 334, 495 & 500] ]





Toriyama-sensei's* serial has begun!! I'm so happy!! Maybe too happy!! I'm looking forward to being able to read it each week!!!



[*Akira Toriyama: Author of Dragon Ball and a figure that Oda looked up to ever since he was a young reader. In this particular issue Oda is referring to Toriyama's short work COWA!

[See also: Chapters 27, 161, 302, 439 & 667] ]


[*The official release date of Issue #49 was listed in the back of JUMP Issue #48 as '11/4 (Tues.)' but as was customary at the time, JUMP was released throughout most of Japan on Mondays. However, this case is special since 11/3 Monday was a national holiday so the issue was probably actually released on 11/1 Saturday. A Saturday release for JUMP in the event of a Monday holiday is a schedule that Weekly Shonen JUMP practiced at least as early as the start of One Piece despite not being regularly officially recognized until October 1999. [See 5/19/2003 Issue #25 Chap. 276 for more information on JUMP release date details] ]





In my childhood I read a book called Elmer and the Dragon and it gave me culture shock. I don't think there's any other imaginary creature as beloved as dragons. Who the heck thought them up? That person was awesome!!





SO COLD!! I hate the cold!! Ahh, I know what this means. Yep, drinking a warm and bitter cup of coffee while doing my job good and dandy.





There were some domed stickers in a fan's letter. I've seen them placed on things before but noooow I get how they're used.


[*The official release date of Issue #52 was listed in the back of JUMP Issue #51 as '11/25 (Tues.)' but as was customary at the time, JUMP was released throughout most of Japan on Mondays. However, this was a special case since 11/24 Monday was a national holiday so the issue was probably actually released on 11/22 Saturday. A Saturday JUMP release in the event of a Monday holiday is a schedule routine that Weekly Shonen JUMP practiced from at least as early as the start of One Piece despite not being regularly officially recognized until October 1999. [See 5/19/2003 Issue #25 Chap. 276 for more information on JUMP release date details] ]





Kazu-sensei* and Mizumoto-sensei**, congratulations on your new serials! We used to go drinking a lot back in the day but now we're war buddies!!



[*Hajime Kazu: A manga artist best known for her series Mind Assassin. Here Oda is mentioning the serialization of her work Meiryoutei Gotou Seijurou]


[**See Chapter 4. Here Oda is mentioning the serialization of his series Ga-ROW]





Alright then. You ready? It's coming. At long last One Piece Volume 1!! It comes out on Christmas!! There are some extra special pages as too.





This calls for a celebration!! Two of my buddies will [have their work] published in Akamaru JUMP. I'm cheering for you Shinyacchi* & Matsuicchi**. Push forwaaaard!!



[*Shinya Suzuki aka 'Shinyacchi' aka 'Shinyappo': One of Oda's nicknames for Shinya Suzuki whose first installment of the work TETSUJO appeared in this issue. Suzuki would go on to write the popular series Mr. Fullswing. He is a member of 'The Watsuki Gang'.

[See also: Chapters 38, 65, Issue 52 2004 (One Piece break) & 411] ]



[**Katsunori Matsui aka 'Matsuicchi': Oda's nickname for manga artist Katsunori Matsui whose work Platinum -Hello! Fantastic Formula- appeared in this issue. Matsui would later to go to use the pen name KIYU which Oda later used for him. Matsui later found success with his series La Sommelière.


[See also: Chapters 86, 151 & 156] ]



[*Listed as a Monday (22nd) release. This is an interesting case where the editorial staff actually changed the release date knowing that they couldn't guarantee that JUMP would be available in all areas on Tuesday. The reason for such a bold choice which stood to anger and confuse readers? That year Tuesday, December 23rd wasn't just any normal holiday, it was the emperor's birthday. At least during the course of One Piece's publication, JUMP has never once had a December 23rd release date. [See 5/19/2003 Issue #25 Chap. 276 for more information on Weekly Shonen JUMP release date details] ]





WOAH!! THE YEAR'S ALREADY STARTED!! Happy New Year. I worked very diligently last year. That's coming from me so there's totally no reason for you to doubt me and stuff. Right, so carrying on that grand tradition, you guessed it!! I'll do my best [this year too]!! Looking forward to this year with you.



[*Interesting to note that January the 5th was the advertised release date in Issue # 4+5 which was rare at the time since it was a Monday. Since the previous weekend had a very important national holiday fall on Saturday (3rd) it doesn't seem that there was a chance of a weekend release despite convenient stores operating as usual. Even the major routine Friday deliveries seem difficult since the 2nd was also an important holiday. Thus it's a rare case where the oddly timed street-date would appear to be valid. [See 5/19/2003 Issue #25 Chap. 276 for more information on Weekly Shonen JUMP release date details] ]





The boom box I bought with money from my very first high school part-time job* has been with me for six years. Recently CDs started skipping. Hang in there!!



[*Part-time job: It's possible Oda is talking about his job at Baratei the steak restaurant where he worked that inspired the name of the restaurant ship in One Piece.]





I went to the party for the 'Big Two' Awards*. It's been a while since I let loose singing and partying like that. Feeling rejuvenated** is sooo important.



[*Big Two: An abbreviation of the annual Tezuka & Akatsuka Awards. The Tezuka Award is bestowed on superb story-driven manga by amateur authors. The Akatsuka Award is granted to superb comedy-driven manga by amateur authors.



[Related comments *Root*: See Chapters 90, 142, 235, 302, 511, 667 & 671] ]



[**He literally wrote 'refresh' in katakana but the nuance is slightly different in English.]





Thank you for the incredible amount of postcards we received for last year's 'Cover Page Illustration Idea Contest'. Selecting them is tough!





It's so funny!! I've been watching Masaru-san* on TV and it's crazy that a TV cartoon can make me laugh this hard.



[*Masaru-san: An abbreviation of the title of the animated television comedy Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoi yo!! Masaru-san based on the manga of the same name by Kyosuke Usuta**.]



[**Kyosuke Usuta: Author of the popular Weekly JUMP series, Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoi yo!! Masaru-san and Blow with a Fwoosh! Jaguar. He's the same school-year as Oda and they seem to have a friendly mutual respect for each other.


[See also: Chapters 142, 481 & 597] ]





I went to the [Weekly Shonen JUMP] New Year's party* where I was able to meet Toriyama-sensei**. If you can believe it we actually played rock-paper-scissors!! AND I LOST!! He really IS a living legend.



[*Related comments *Root*: See Chapters 37, 75, 216, 442, 465 & 611. These are comments regarding the annual Weekly Shonen JUMP New Year's party. They pertain only to the manga and are not the same as the anime New Year's party.]



[**See Chapter 15]





At last the unveiling of the [winners of the] 'Cover Page Illustration Idea Contest'*. Since I love drawing pictures I'm going to put some extra effort into the next six weeks. Of course that goes for the series too.



[*A special contest where readers sent in ideas for Oda to draw as cover pages. From Chapter 28 through Chapter 34, the winners' entries were drawn as cover pages. Chapter 28 was a full color spread and Chapter 32 was a rare single-page color cover. The rest were black and white.]





Crap. My wisdom tooth* feels kind of weird. Is this all because I stopped going to the dentist mid-treatment last year?



[*Related comments *Root*: See Chapters 33, 162, 163, 164 & 165]





FAIL!! I woke up the same time I went to sleep. I SLEPT OVER 24 HOURS!! This week's manuscripts are probably gonna be hell.





The Olympics, which will be long over by the time this goes to print, have got me all emotional right now. Sports are amazing.





Valentine's chocolates have arrived! Thank you so much!! The characters and staff included, we're all enjoying them. I love chocolate.





About that funky wisdom tooth* I wrote about in Issue 13, after I brushed it with ApaXXrd** all the ridges [on my tooth] were missing. THE HECK!?



[*Related comments: See Chapter 29]



[**Apagard: Oda couldn't mention the brand name but Apagard is a Japanese-developed toothpaste that supposedly restores tooth enamel.]





April 3rd, One Piece Volume 2 will be out!!! You can look forward to the lively antics of the Buggy Gang. There are also some special extra pages for a handicraft project.





Did you guys know this!? If you put Kappa Ebisen* in shoyu ramen it tastes delicious!! Just be careful of how much you put in.



[*Kappa Ebisen: A brand of shrimp-flavored rice cracker from the snack company Calbee.]





Thank you for sending me all the One Piece cosplay pictures. If I did it I'd be a fabulous Nami Yikes.





Regarding the DVD [player]* I got at the [Weekly Shonen JUMP] New Year's party.** To tell the truth I wasn't too interested in it but I hooked it up the other day. Oh yeah, it's the Age of DVD!!!



[*Related comment *Root*: See Chapter 216]



[**Related comments: See Chapter 27]





Golden Week is coming. Three buddies from my amateur days will be published in Akamaru JUMP. Fukushige-san*, Shinyappo** and Yamakawa-san*3, good luck-po.



[*Masakazu Fukushige aka F-san’: A manga artist that, as of this writing (2013), hasn't broken it big. Fukushige also worked as an assistant to Oda for at least 10 years, quite possibly from the very start, however, Oda doesn't name him as an assistant here. A short interview with him can be found in the fan book One Piece 10th Treasures. Also, it was Fukushige's wife, Tomoko Fukushige, who was arrested in 2009 for sending Oda over 100 texts reading, "DIE!" at the termination of her husband's time working as an assistant for Oda. The work Oda mentioned here is Kaikyou Keibitai UZURA.


[See also: Chapter 105] ]



[**See Chapter 21. The work Oda mentioned here is the second installment of TETSUJO.]



[*3Kaori Yamakawa: A manga artist that, as of this writing (2013), hasn't broken it big. Her work that Oda mentioned here is PRADA.]

Nobuhiro Watsuki* [Rurouni Kenshin]- Shinga**, Takei*3 and Oda, all three sensei dropped by unexpectedly. It helped me feel refreshed. THANK YOU*4.


[*See Chapter 1 entry]

[**Eiji Kumazawa aka Gin Shinga: His pen name being a clever play on his first name and the periodic table's abbreviation for silver, Eiji worked as an assistant with Oda on Rurouni Kenshin in ‘The Watsuki Gang’. Without ever breaking it big, Eiji passed away in on May 26th 2002 at the age of 29. In response to this, Oda made the background of One Piece Chapter 233's title page entirely black. His only series were Shonen Tantei Q and Oni ga Kitarite which where each collected in two volumes.


[See also: Chapter 233] ]


[*3See Chapter 14]


[*4He used the katakana spelling for the English 'thank you'.]




At last it's here, the season of warmth. For a lazy guy like me, getting along by wearing just a t-shirt is too awesome to handle.





Recently been pouring over comics I read a long time ago. It's weird because just reading them now like this I can recall specific events from my life back then.





Went around to some big bookstores for the first time in a year to gather materials. I naively thought three hours would be enough to buy up what I needed. Gotta make another trip to Jimbocho*.



[*Jimbocho: A neighborhood of Tokyo's Chiyoda district literally overflowing with used book stores of all varieties. Also home to the editorial offices of Shueisha and therefore Weekly Shonen JUMP.]





Purchased a new stereo receiver* during Golden Week. Is it one of those teletext ones? Can it handle dual Minidiscs? Anyway, it's cool.



[*Related comment *Root*: See Chapter 88]





I was shocked when I saw the May 17th episode of Sazae-san*!! Katsuo's voice actor changed!! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED...!!



[*Sazae-san: The incredibly popular animated program based on the comic strip by Machiko Hasegawa of the same name based on a family of multiple generations living together in post-war Japan.


[See also: Chapter 182] ]





Went to the One Piece anime's voice acting audition to learn more about it. How to describe it. The power [of their voices] in person is amazing. I can't wait to see Luffy and the gang actually talking.*



[*Oda is talking about the cast of the One Piece short film Defeat Him! The Pirate Ganzack which was shown at the 1998 JUMP Super Anime Tour. It's important to note that the cast is completely different from the regular animated series.



[*Related comments *Root*: See Chapters 50 & 51]





I don't care if we get flak for this but we're on a yo-yo kick at the office. Sure, might be a bit late to the fad but yo-yo's are all the rage here. I'm currently practicing the 'loop the loop'. I'll do my best.





The whole planet is into the World Cup!!!* I wanna watch it so badly and it's distracting me from my WORK!! But I'm going to watch anyway!!! Even if you are getting in the way of what I should be doing, I'm rooting for you JAPAN!!



[*Related comments *Root*: See Chapters 237 & 591]





I might be 'Swedistic' but I'm taking a break from Swedish music and listening to some Irish tunes now. They're so carefree.





Wonder what it means to be 'cool'. Right now I think Sachiko Kobayashi* is cool. And so was the late Yoshie Utsumi**.



[*Sachiko Kobayashi: A famous enka songstress who, in addition to her voice, is known for frequently donning intricate stage-filling outfits on NHK's live year-end concert, Kouhaku Utagassen.]



[**Yoshie Utsumi: A comedian who frequently used traditional Japanese artistic practices and music as part of her routines with partner Keiko Utsumi.]





Right, it's been four weeks since that manga everyone's been talking about started. There was an oath we took to have our serials run together in JUMP back when we were assistants on Rurouni. I've forgotten how long ago that was but we finally did it. Well, Takei-san*, what more can I say than congratulations.



[*See Chapter 14 entry. Here Oda is congratulating him on the serialization of Shaman King.] 



[*The official release date of Issue #34 was listed in the back of JUMP Issue #33 as '7/21 (Tues.)' but as was customary at the time, JUMP was released throughout most of Japan on Mondays. However, this case is special since 7/20 Monday was a national holiday. Therefore, the issue was probably actually released on 7/18 Saturday. A Saturday release in the event of a Monday holiday is a schedule that Weekly Shonen JUMP practiced from at least as early as the start of One Piece despite not being regularly recognized until October 1999. [See 5/19/2003 Issue #25 Chap. 276 for more information on JUMP release date details] ]

Hiroyuki Takei* [Shaman King]- I didn't mention anything because conspiring like that is so cheesy but I can't keep it in anymore. We did it Oda-kun!! Let's give it our best

[*See Chapter 14 entry.] 




The voice actors were chosen for the anime so I went to the recording session to learn about it. I was so moved by their stunning performances which were even better than I imagined.



[Related comments: See Chapter 44]





WO----AAA~~~~H!!! I went to see it, the One Piece anime advance screening!!! It is aweSUUUUUM!! Please don't miss it!!!



[Related comments: See Chapter 44]





My debut work* from 6 years ago will be in Akamaru JUMP. It's a Western. Speaking of which, seems there's gonna be an unrelated Western story published in the same issue. The author is a Mikio Ito**? I know I've heard that before but... wait, it couldn't possibly be!?



[*WANTED: Oda's award-winning debut comic which he wrote when he was only 17-years old.



[**Mikio Itou: A manga author who belonged to 'The Watsuki Gang' of artists along with Oda. Mikio frequently appeared early in One Piece as a hidden bounty poster character. Mikio has had his own work published in Weekly Shonen JUMP like Normandy Himitsu Club, but none of them have been collected in more than five volumes. In this entry Oda is referring to his work Romantaji-no.

[See also: Chapters 168, 180, 414 & 415] ]





When looking through an old Lego catalog I found a pirate ship even bigger than the ones they sell now!! Was it discontinued!? Mr. Lego Japan Representative-Man, [are you out there reading this]!?





I can't get, 'A SAD MOMEEEENT!!', out of my head. Itsumo Koko Kara* is a weird comedy duo name but they're funny.



[*Itsumo Koko Kara: A comedy duo that enjoyed popularity in the late-90's and are perhaps best known for their 'Algorithm Exercises' segment on NHK's after-school program Pythagoras Switch. One of their comedy routines involved shouting the above phrase repeatedly while presenting humorous and topical subjects.]





Lately I find myself not feeling the least self-conscious when I go to a toy store and stand alongside other kids looking at the merchandise. Wonder if that's because I've awakened to the fact that I draw comics [for a living].





Ran out of room to lay down the futon so I cleaned up my room. Kinda lonely without the stacked up magazines and clothes. I remain hopeful that things will be back to normal in a few weeks.





Japan has just lost the greatest entertainer of this era. Let's reflect on it once more. The spirit of Akira Kurosawa*.



[*Akira Kurosawa: The world-famous Japanese film director.


[See also: Chapter 138] ]





I put some beef jerky in orange jelly and it tasted like MSG. Also made me feel sick.





I bought a Akiko Wada* album. SHE IS THE SOOOWL-SHOUTIN' SINGER! [She] shouts from her SOOOWL**.



[*Akiko Wada: A towering Japanese-born singer of Korean ancestry famous for her deep voice which she applies to soul-style music.

[See also: Chapter 284] ]



[**SOOOWL: Meaning 'soul'. Oda was playing with the spelling of, 'tamashi' which he wrote as 'tamasui-'. 'Tamashi' is what Japanese people believe to be one's soul. Years later, Oda would reuse a VERY similar variation of the term for Brook to refer to his soul when he learned how to manipulate it.]





The fifth One Piece volume was released. The Usopp arc wraps up. Yosaku & Johnny appear along with Sanji. It's a lotta fun!!





Those who participated in the 'Character Popularity Vote', thank you very much. I'm really happy that Luffy came in first. I was worried that Zoro or Shanks might overtake him.





I watched Tenten-kun*. That song in it is so funny. I'm sure it's gonna be a hit. This is the start of a really great anime!!



[*Tenten-kun: An anime based on the manga of the same name Hanasaka Tenshi Tenten-kun by Mataichiro Oguri**. The song is likely "Kurasu de Ichiban Sugoi Yatsu", the opening theme song.]



[**Mataichiro Oguri aka 'Kazamata Oguri': Author of the Weekly Shonen JUMP series Hanasaka Tenshi Tenten-kun.


[See also: Chapters 107 & 143] ]





I'm getting more and more letters with Tare Panda* envelopes. Seems popular. But did you know if you look reeeally closely, that panda is actually droopy!!



[*Tare Panda: A popular panda character which appears to be extremely droopy. The characteristic comes from the 'tareru' in its name which means 'to droop'. Oda is being somewhat facetious as it's blatantly obviously that the panda is droopy.]





I got my hands on the legendary out-of-production Lego pirate ship, The Dark Shark!! A huge thank you to S-san, employee of a certain Kiddy Land, for the tip that you had one in stock!! THREE CHEERS FOR LEGOS





Shinyappo*, whose one-shot debuted this week, helps out on One Piece from time to time. His selling point is definitely 'power' manga!!



[*See Chapter 21. Here Oda is referring to the third and final incarnation of TETSUJO.]

Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro* [
Toriko, Takeshi]- Yes!! The collection of Oda's one-shots comes out this week. There's only one I haven't read so I'm really looking forward to it!!


[*See Chapter 1]




Izumi Kato's* new single is out. She's done it again!! I've got it playing on heavy rotation in my room.



[*Izumi Kato: A Japanese vocal artist whose work has appeared in anime, video games and television dramas. The single Oda mentions here is probably Setsunaku Aoi Sora no Pe-ji which was used as the ending theme for the television drama, Kiseki no Hito.



[*The official release date of Issue #52 was listed in the back of JUMP Issue #51 as '11/24 (Tues.)' but as was customary at the time, JUMP was released throughout most of Japan on Mondays. However, this case is special since 11/23 Monday was a national holiday. Therefore, the issue was probably actually released on 11/21 Saturday. A Saturday release in the event of a Monday holiday is a schedule that Weekly Shonen JUMP practiced from at least as early as the start of One Piece despite not being regularly recognized until October 1999. [See 5/19/2003 Issue #25 Chap. 276 for more information on JUMP release date details] ]





Lately there are a lot of maxi-singles at CD stores. I buy them thinking they're albums but it's only two or three songs. Kinda disappointing.





A manga by our staff member Ejiri-san* will be in Akamaru JUMP which goes on sale the 14th. Good work on those manuscripts.



[*Tatsuma Ejiri aka 'Ejirin': A manga author who worked as an assistant on One Piece. Ejirin would go on to write P2! - Let's Play Ping-Pong- in Weekly Shonen JUMP for approximately one year. He continues to work sparingly in the manga field through various publication. The work Oda mentions here is CHILDS.



[See also: Chapters 100, 175, 428 & 442] ]





Went to Nakano Sun Plaza for the [Weekly Shonen JUMP] Anime Tour. It was a valuable experience to talk in front of more than 2000 people. Really enjoyed it.



[*This is the first instance I have found in my research of Weekly Shonen JUMP's history (during One Piece's serialization) of a release date being advertised on a Saturday. Since Monday the 21st was not a national holiday the reason for this Saturday listing is uncertain and something of an anomaly in the established release pattern.]





Happy New Year I wanted to try using a large font just once. But seriously it's just like, definitely a happy time n'stuff.



[*Listed as a Monday release. New Year's Day, a national holiday, fell on a Friday which is the usual distribution day. Deliveries across the country starting on Friday allow for distribution to all stores in time for the standard release and Saturday releases when Monday is a national holiday. [See 2003 Issue #25 Chap. 276 for more information on Weekly Shonen  JUMP release date details] ]





In the seventh month of the year 1999, Mongol Man* will fall from the sky. Be wary of leg lariats.



[*Mongol Man: A character from the popular wrestling comic Kinnikuman by the creative team Yudetamago comprised of writer Takashi Shimada and artist Yoshinori Nakai.]





Recently kids from the neighborhood have gotten into firecrackers. Nothing wrong with that at all but, KNOCK IT OFF WHEN I'M SKETCHING!





Thank you so much for the mountains of New Year's cards and birthday presents!! I'll return the favor by 'moving your hearts' [with my manga]*!!!



[*Oda writes kandou or 'emotional' in kanji, but he writes defines the reading as manga indicating that he'll move people through his manga. Interesting that he equates being emotional with manga as, ever since One Piece Film STRONG WORLD, it has been a goal of his to place excitement over dramatic moments. Also interesting to note, he wrote this mere weeks before Nami's backstory.]





Swing' is gonna be big this year!! These snazzy gang-rock tunes will be my background music for [drawing] One Piece this year.





I went to [Weekly Shonen JUMP's] New Year party. I got to ask the thing I've been wanting to ask about to the sensei I wanted to ask about it; was very informative.



[*Related comments: See Chapters 27]





The drama in each and every single match is what makes professional wrestling so interesting. May the great entertainer, Giant Baba*, rest in peace.



[*Shohei Baba: A famous 6'10" Japanese professional wrestler who passed away on January 31st 1999.]





Voices of discontent [are pouring in] from Sanji fans regarding the One Piece title page in the New Year's issue #6!! That was entirely my fault!!! (ROTFL)*



[*Sanji's face was in the middle of the page seam and thus rendered unviewable. That's why this particular artwork is off-center in Color Walk 1.]





Nosebleed FWOOOSH!! Thank you very much for all the chocolates!! They've got my brain power running at full speed!!





Was shocked by the new Gundam. Turn A Gundam*. As someone who has been a fan of the first Gundam** series since elementary school I never thought it would evolve into…that! So it's come to this!!



[*Turn A Gundam: The final animated Gundam series to be directed by the series creator Yoshiyuki Tomino.]



[*Related comments *Root*: See Chapters 263 & 288]





I've got three favorite watches. But none of them tick anymore. Batteries are shot. Off to the watch shop.

Masanori Morita* [Rookies, Rokudenashi Blues]- I cried when I read Issue 14's One Piece. Oda-sensei, can I shake your hand


[*Masanori Morita: Author of the popular manga series Rookies. Here he is talking about One Piece Chapter 78, the chapter where Belle-mère confronts Arlong.


[See also: Chapters 82, 388 & 671] ]




At long last [it's the return of] the Star Wars series [toys]!! Gonna buy every last one of 'em without fail!! The only problem is finding display room



[*The official release date of Issue #17 was advertised in the back of JUMP Issue #16 as '3/23 (Tues.)' but as was customary at the time, JUMP was released throughout most of Japan on Mondays. However, this case is special since 3/22 Monday was a national holiday. Therefore, the issue was probably actually released on 3/20 Saturday. A Saturday release in the event of a Monday holiday is a schedule that Weekly Shonen JUMP practiced from at least as early as the start of One Piece despite not being regularly recognized until October 1999. [See 5/19/2003 Issue #25 Chap. 276 for more information on JUMP release date details] ]





I was so moved by Morita-sensei's* comment from Issue 16!! Phew, gotta do my best. Thank you so much



[*See Chapter 80]





I am not a man that will simply lie down and allow myself to be a slave to the times. By the way, aren't Japanese dumplings just to die for!! I am a man that forges my own bold new path.*



[*Oda is busting himself for being sucked into the "Dango 3 Kyodai" (The Three Dumpling Brothers) fad which was sweeping the country at the time which was a children's song made popular on the NHK program Okaasan to Issho (With Mother).]





Final Fantasy* is getting in the way of my work!! We can't have that. Thus I developed a breakthrough plan to deal with the issue. I'm going to do my very best, to beat the entire game. Yeah, that's the ticket.



[*Considering the close release date, he was probably talking about Final Fantasy 8.

[*Related comments *
Root*: See Chapters 152 & 385] ]





There's this thing called a 'foot-bath' but I think if you overuse it you'll probably turn your 'foot bad'!! That's...all I have to say.*



[*'Foot-bath' is the same but I altered the punch-line of the pun. The Japanese pronunciation of 'foot-bath' can also sound similar to another Japanese word futtobasu or 'to go flying off'. There also appears to have been a grammatical error in the original entry which I have amended.]





Former One Piece staff member Kusanagi-san* and a figure yet veiled in mystery, KIYU-san**, will have their manga in the Akamaru JUMP going on sale April 30th. I'm dying to read 'em!!



[*Tsutomu Kusanagi: Author of several one-shot manga. This particular piece was P.K. - Attacking Keeper -.]



[**See Chapter 21. This particular piece was Candy Sprinter.]





I've just discovered a fantastic musician!! Her name is Yoko Kanno-san*. Miss, you are just…wow, awesome!!



[*Yoko Kanno: Composer famous in the anime community for her extensive work on many series such as Cowboy Bebop.]





The CD player on the stereo set* I just bought last year broke. I called the repairman and he fixed it. Thank goodness.



[*Related comment: See Chapter 42]





Mr. Sagara, a friend of my editor Mr. 'A'da*, thank you so much for setting up my Mac!! I'm so happy I could cry



[*See 1997 Issue #33]





I went to the judges' meeting for the Tezuka Awards*. It was great to hear such amazing stories from all those amazing people.



[*Related comments: See Chapter 24]

Habuta*- Kanazawa-kun who helped out in the editorial room changed jobs and left us by saying, "I'm off to find... MY OWN One Piece!" I dunno what he's looking for but, g-go get 'em tiger!!

[*Takahiro Habuta
aka 'Habuyan': One Piece's second editor and arguably Oda's favorite. Here he is making comments related to the series before he was even involved with it as an editor.

[See also: Chapters 107, 140, 178, 187, 205, 335, 345 & 352] ]




There's just something exciting about those German toy blocks, Playmobile!! Their pirate series is outstanding

Hiroyuki Takei* [Shaman King]- There's just something exciting about those German toy blocks, Playmobile!! Their knight series is outstanding.**


[*See Chapter 14]



[**No you're not reading double. Obviously these two wisenheimers got their hands on some toys together.]




About the novelization* of One Piece that came out on June 3rd. If you can believe it, there's a flip book comic in it!!



[*Taose! Kaizoku Ganzack: The first One Piece novel which, as with all novelizations of One Piece, was written by Tastuya Hamazaki.]





"Ota-san, it's raining!!" "Oh heavens, thank you for telling me." Ah, listening to the conversations of the older ladies in the neighborhood. Really warms the heart.





I WENT TO SEE STAR WARS EPISODE 1!!! Oh MAN, I was in seventh heaven*. Good job!!! STAR WARS!!!



[*Oda's actual words were meromero punch which, while not an actual phrase, is just equating the experience to being hit over the head with happiness. Also, he actually wrote 'Good job!!!' in English.]





So they're called 'Pipozaru', eh. Those monkeys. Gotta say they're pretty funny. That dance is great. GET YOU*



[*Oda is talking about the monkeys from the PlayStation game Ape Escape known in Japan as Saru Get You!. The monkeys are called pipozaru in the Japanese version for their 'Peak Point Helmets'.]





We are gonna chug Pepsi like there's no tomorrow!” “OKAY!!” “We're not gonna stop until we've collected ALL the caps!!*” “YEAAAH!!” That's essentially the resolution I just made with the staff.



[*Pepsi was running a bottle cap figurine promotion for Star Wars Episode 1.]





So the entire staff is trying to tell me that the sound a shishi-odoshi* makes is *Kahko~n*. But I'm positive the sound it really makes is *Kahpo~n*!!



[*Sometimes called a 'deer scare' this is a device commonly found in ornate Japanese gardens that was originally supposed to startle deer by filling a bamboo cylinder with water which drops at intervals making a sudden banging noise once its balance is disturbed by the weight of the water.]


[*The official release date of Issue #34 was advertised in the back of JUMP Issue #33 as '7/20 (Tues.)' but that's impossible since 7/20 was a national holiday. Therefore, the issue was probably actually released as normal on 7/19 Monday. [See 5/19/2003 Issue #25 Chap. 276 for more information on JUMP release date details] ]





As of late, they say that even compared to the rest of the world, the Japanese people are getting more dumb. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.





Was toiling over a manuscript on the day of a deadline. That's when a Star Wars calendar arrived from a reader. POWER UP!!!! THANK YOU!!!





Jump to Ch.001


Jump to Ch.200

AND THUS, IT WAS DECREED, THAT IT WOULD BE AN ANIME~ SERIE~S!! And what's more is that three of my friends will be [published] in the special edition going on sale August 18th!! Mizumoto-san* and One Piece staffers Ejiri-san** & Takei-kun*3!! Alright, it's summer time!!



[*See Chapter 4. Here Oda is talking about the manga RAI.]



[**See Chapter 68. Oda is talking about his work Oasis Dancer.]



[*3Hirofumi Takei: Younger brother of Shaman King author Hiroyuki Takei. He wrote ONE PIECE KIDS for JUMP Heroes and is the author of  Sore Yuke Chopperman in Saikyo Jump. Here Oda is talking about his work, Kinoko-tsukai no Kinokota. One can tell which (easy to confuse) Takei brother Oda is talking about if one pays attention to whether he uses 'san' or 'kun' in addressing them. He always uses 'kun' for the younger brother.

[See also: Chapter 376] ]





Mitsuru Nakamura* is an artist-lyricist and I thought he just drew the album covers for 19. Turns out he's also a musician!! That's so cool.



[*Mitsuru Nakamura aka '326': Former visual producer and lyricist for the neo folk band 19 (pronounced 'juke'). The album that promoted this comment from Oda was probably their first album Ongaku released July 23, 1999.]





How about [they make] this, Kita no Kuni Kara Episode 1: Kunie's* Younger Years.** Is it hot in here or is it just me.



[*Kunie Tanaka: A famous Japanese actor and the model for Borsalino.]



[**Kita no Kuni Kara (From a Land to the North): A legendary Japanese drama which ran for two seasons in 1983 and 1984 (as well as many TV specials up until 2002) starring Kunie Tanaka. Given Star Wars Episode 1's release, Oda is jokingly suggesting they do something similar to explore the main character's younger years.]





It seems that giraffes clean their ears with their tongue. They said so on TV. I had a friend that could pick their nose with their tongue but ears, that's incredible. Ears, just incredible.





This summer I was given a priceless treasure. The opportunity to embark on the sailing vessel 'Kaisei'* into the open sea. Thank you!!



[*Kaisei (Sea Star): A sailing vessel built in Poland in 1990, it was originally named Zew until it came under the ownership of the Sail Training Association of Japan in 1991 and was renamed Kaisei. It arrived in Japan in 1993 and was used as a training vessel. As of this writing its home port is in California and she is used for research expeditions to help understand and combat the resulting trash heap from the March 2011 tsunami which hit Northern Japan.

[See also: Chapter 150] ]





Staff member F-san* became our hero when he captured the giant moth that invaded the office.



[*See Chapter 38]

Tite Kubo* [BLEACH, Zombie Powder]- Asada-san** (my editor) guessed Ulfina's cup-size in one shot. Weird way of putting it but I guess that's really 'manly' of him.

[*Tite Kubo: Author of popular Weekly Shonen JUMP series BLEACH.]

[**See 1997 Issue #33. Interesting to note that Asada was an editor for Oda and Kubo at the same time.]




The other day I went to the One Piece anime [voice acting] audition*. After much deliberation we personally selected individuals whom the entire anime staff was pleased with. We'll reveal them in the next issue. I can't wait!!



[*According to a promotional page within Weekly Shonen JUMP, the audition took place in August.]





Lately I'm uh, you know. I'm having more fun than one guy should be allowed to. What with the anime starting and talks about a toy line progressing. Gosh, I'm just so happy I became a manga author (CRBT)*!!



[*Oda didn't actually write 'crying real big tears'. He wrote the Japanese equivalent, naku meaning literally, 'crying '.]

Kazumata Oguri* [Hanasaka Tenshi Tenten-kun]- My editor changed from Mr. Habuta** to the newcomer Mr. Aida. Habuta-san, thank you for all your hard work!!


[*See Chapter 62 entry]


[**See Chapter 90 entry] 



Asada*- At long last on October 20th the One Piece anime will hit the airwaves!! In order to make it as fun as possible the entirety of the anime and editorial staff are pouring as much energy as possible into it!! We're so pumped it's scary!! But no worries, we're OK!

[*See 1997 Issue #33]




A text I send keeps being rejected!! What's going on here!? It's a text I promised I'd send!!



[*Saturday release (advertised as such) due to national holiday on Monday the 11th. This is the first documented case of Weekly Shonen JUMP with an advertised street-date of a Saturday due to a Monday national holiday during the serialization of One Piece.]





I saw Watsuki-sensei* for the first time in a long while. [My impression of him was thus,] Mr. 'I'm-not-being-hounded-by-work' Easy-Going Wakky.



[*See Chapter 1. The exact nickname he uses here in Japanese is Nonbiri Wakkii which is basically how I translated it since it isn't any type of gag, just a silly name. ]





Regarding the pirate treasure chest campaign* commemorating the broadcast of the anime (see page 32). The keyword is 'Gomu Gomu'!!



[*This was a special contest that ran in Weekly Shonen JUMP. You had to write the key phrase on a postcard and send it in to be entered for a chance to win.]





Did you see the One Piece anime!? Isn't it a phenomenal piece of work!! The second episode is a ways off but while we're waiting let's watch the encore broadcast on the 13th and relive the excitement





Ah yes, I currently find myself infatuated with the melodious sounds of classical music. What a splendid form of musical entertainment.





Did you know that Pandaman is in the opening of the One Piece anime? You can spot him in slow motion





I started PosPe*. I took a look around the related sites too and... this world of ours, dang...it's just overflowing with cute stuff.



[*PostPet aka PosPe: A Japanese e-mail client service associated with a visual graphic software that allowed users to send, receive and view e-mail via animated creatures in a customizable room.]



[*Another rare occurrence regarding Weekly Shonen JUMP's listed release date. This issue was advertised (in Issue 51) as having a Monday (the 22nd) release despite their 'official' Tuesday release stance at the time. The reason being Tuesday was a national holiday and Shueisha probably wanted to avoid any confusion. Seeing as most (if not all) regions of Japan received JUMP shipments before the listed 'official' Tuesday release by that time anyway, it was probably just business as usual. [See 5/19/2003 Issue #25 Chap. 276 for more information on JUMP release date details] ]





December 29th!! Something amazing is going to happen!!* For now just be sure to write 'One Piece' on that date in your calendar!!



[*Related comment *Root*: See Chapter 117]





I received a WonderSwan from the folks at Bandai. The whole staff is obsessed with Gunpey*.



[*Gunpey: A puzzle game series where the name is a tribute to the developer Gunpei Yokoi, the man credited with being a key developer for the Game Boy and WonderSwan.]





It's getting closer, the One Piece anime special with, three episode airing back-to-back!? Be sure not to miss the broadcast on the 29th that will be sure to reach all your homes along with the exasperated cries of the anime staff!!*



[*Related comment: See Chapter 115]





A Happy New Year indeed. So what should I do this year. I think, yeah, I'd like to write a really good manga.



[*The release date of Issue 5+6 was listed in Issue 3+4 as January 4th which was a Tuesday. This was standard practice at the time, however, considering how the national holidays fall, January 4th may have been the actual street-date for the issue. Since December 31st of 1999 was a Friday, it seems likely that regular Friday Weekly Shonen JUMP shipments were made as scheduled. Although local bookstores probably did not open on Monday the 3rd, it's probable that convenient stores and major chains which were actually open had JUMP available for purchase on Monday, hence my listing of the 3rd. [See 5/19/2003 Issue #25 Chap. 276 for more information on JUMP release date details] ]





Bibiru* were really nice guys. And for all of you that came to JUMP Festa, I  absorbed the amazing spirit you all brought with you!!



[*Bibiru: A comedy unit in Japan comprised of Jun Ooki and Noboru Ouchi. In 2002 Ouchi decided to leave show business but Jun continued alone under the name Bibiru Ooki. Oda mentioned them here because they probably emceed the One Piece stage event, a job that as of this writing (2013) is often performed by the comedy unit American Zarigani.]





I bought a hybrid cell phone. I'm always in the house [so it's not like I'm actually out and about] but I just wanted one darnit!!





I'm writing this on January 19th. Alrighty then, it's about time to start sending New Year's cards. It's what they call 'finishing what you start'.





I received all sorts of birthday presents. Thank you so much!! Gonna do my best!!



[*Just interesting to note that there was no actual listed release date for the next issue of Weekly Shonen JUMP on the table of contents which is a rarity. It was listed in the traditional advertisement spread in the back.]





This spring three of my friends are getting married. That's the power of the millennium for you!! Congratulations and here's wishing all of you years of happiness!!!





I went to one of the anime's wrap parties. The One Piece anime is entirely made possible by the remarkable people standing behind it.





Y-san* of our staff is a SUPER sculptor. Using just putty rubber and some vinyl he can make an incredibly realistic cockroach. Please stop.



[*Yokoyama aka 'Y-san': It's with some certainty that I believe the above Y-san is Mr. Yokoyama. In the fanbook One Piece 10th Treasures it was noted that Yokoyama had been working on One Piece for 7 years as of 2007 which adds up perfectly. According to comments in Chapter 568's SBS (Volume 58) it seems that Yokoyama was also in charge of the organization of volumes to some extent, even choosing which fan art to include in Usopp's Pirate Gallery.

[See also: Chapter 132] ]





Buena Vista Social Club*. It's all I listen to [these days]. I've fallen in love with the legendary voices of Cuba.



[*Buena Vista Social Club: A 1997 album that serves as a tribute to the songs and people that sang them in the famous Cuban club of the same name in the 40's and 50's.


[*Related comment *Root*: Chapter 159] ]





Hikaru Utada and Misia. Our workplace is divided between which one is a more talented singer. The winner is, Hibari Misora*



[*Hibari Misora: Arguably the most famous Japanese female entertainer of all time. She was a singer and actress who left behind a career filled with songs long remembered after her passing in 1989.]





Thank you very much for all the Valentine chocolates!! When I eat these I'll be choc(olate)-full of power♥♥** Okay that was bad.



[*The actual pun is chokotto ganbaru which means 'I'll try...but not too hard'. ]



[*Saturday release (advertised as such) due to national holiday on Monday the 20th.]





I went to the advance screening of the One Piece movie. It flowed really well and was a lot of fun!! It's packed with playfulness right through the ending credits*



[*He's referring to the cameo of Gill Bastar and Wild Joe from WANTED!.]





I went to see a K-1 [event]. The match* between Kurosawa & Kakuta pierced straight through my heart. Here it comes…YEAAAAAAAH!!!



[*Oda went to the March 19th K-1 Burning 2000 event in Yokohama Arena. The match here was between fighters Hiroki Kurosawa and Nobuaki Kakuda.]





Oh Madam, have you heard the latest!?* The One Piece soundtrack CD!! It's perfect for you and yours! You'll be sure to love it!!



[*Oda's talking like he's part of an infomercial targeting middle-aged married women.]





[One Piece] staffer Y-san* and his wife had a baby!! Congratulatiooons!! It's a girl!! You're a daddy now Y-san!!



[*See Chapter 125]





Smack in the middle of constructing the snow country arc I coincidentally received a The Snowman* CD from a reader. It allowed for a really good atmosphere which helped speed up the creation process. Thank you.



[*The Snowman: Oda wrote sunouman, and this spelling is slightly different from the official Japanese spelling of the 1978 children's story by Raymond Briggs but a search for such titles came up with nothing in particular so I believe that this is indeed the Howard Blake soundtrack to the BBC animated production of The Snowman.]





Recently I've been browsing illustration websites from around the world in my downtime. SO MUCH TALENT!!! The world sure is a big place.





When I'm struggling to come up with a decent story or sketch I simply put things in perspective. I simply remind myself that [it's okay] because after all, WE LIVE IN THE MATRIX!!! …oh, I uh, went to see it the other day.





I connected the [drawing] tablet I've been dying for to my Mac!! Don't even know how to begin describing how awesome this is!! It's siiiick!!!





I got hit pretty hard. Here I was thinking I was invincible when I had my first fever in 10 years.* Now I know first-hand how bad Nami felt. Luffy! Hurry up and get her to a doctor!!



[*Related Comment *Root*: See Chapter 702]





I wanna watch some Japanese movies. On DVD. Some Kurosawa* or even the Honor & Humanity** series, I hope they come out.



[*See Chapter 57]


[*Related Comments *Root*: See Chapter 715]


[**He's talking about the Battles Without Honor or Humanity film series. These famous films with their easily recognizable soundtracks depict yakuza life-style. Oda would later borrow part of the title for his Jingi Nai TIME short comic from 2006's omnibus The 5th Log: CHOPPER. Also of note, the actor who served as the model for Sakazuki, Bunta Sugawara, also appeared in these films.]





Somehow the planning sheets for the One Piece video game keep chugging along.* Wow, I cannot wait for it to be released.



[*Related comments *Root*: See Chapters 187, 196, 212, 225, 255, 256, 367, 383, 510, 516, 538, 640, 660, 696, 704 & 707. This is a collection of comments regarding console games developed around One Piece. It does not include arcade or mobile games.]





I got an invite from Shimabu~* to go see a recording of DOWN TOWN DX**. I laughed my heart out at Macchan's real-time follies and Hama-chan's live wisecracks.



[*See Chapter 1]



[**DOWN TOWN DX (Deluxe): The long-running Japanese variety program emceed by Masatoshi Hamada and Hitoshi Matsumoto who make up the comedy duo DOWN TOWN. See the adjoining column for more information.]

Habuta*: They read my letter on DOWN TOWN DX and I got a DX Toaster! Just like I suspected, toast tastes way better with a DX mark on it.


[*See Chapter 90 entry]


Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro* [Toriko, Takeshi]- I went to see DTDX with Oda-san and we made a promise together to continue our series for the next 25 years!

[*See Chapter 1 entry]




I bought Alflex's 'The Seven Samurai' figures. Guh, this craftsmanship, IT'S GOT ME ALL EMOTIONAL!!!





I got to meet Kyosuke Usuta-san* for the first time at the 'Big Two' Awards**. We're both from Kumamoto and we're the same age. Pretty cool



[*See Chapter 26]



[**Related comments: See Chapter 24]





I'm late with this but Oguri-san*, congratulations for all your hard work on the Tenten-kun* serial. Please get plenty of R&R.



[*See Chapter 62]





The things I drew on Nami and Vivi on this week's cover. Dunno what they're called but I wanted to try drawing them once. They're all India-ish and stuff so I likes 'em.





Went to Takei-san's* place and there was an owl there. It just kept glaring at me.



[*See Chapter 14]





Didja see!? The One Piece anime's new ending!! It's another new song from Otsuki-san*. I was listening to it when I just started running** for the heck of it.



[*Maki Otsuki: The singer of One Piece's first two ending songs, "memories" and "RUN! RUN! RUN!".] 



[**Oda talks about running since the title of the song was "RUN! RUN! RUN!". It's very likely that he didn't actually running.]





The second One Piece novel is in stores now. It's a side-story from the Logue Town arc. It involves the chivalry of a mysterious gunman and a bath scene with Nami. Chock-full [of good stuff].





This week staff member S-san* came back from Hawaii with cigars which helped us do a first-class job.



[*Sakamoto: One of Oda's assistants. I do not have his/her full name.]





I cried watching the One Piece anime's version of the Belle-mère story. Good music, acting and production. Anime is so unfair.

Asada*: I like manga just fine the way it is but there are times when I 'm jealous of how other forms of media can deliver. That is of course, when I see something really good.


[*See 1997 Issue #33. It's very likely that Asada, like Oda, is talking about the Belle-mère episode of the One Piece anime.]




I felt nostalgic when I received a correspondence from the crew of the ship I sailed on last summer. 'Fuu'-san of the 'Kaisei'*, thanks for the postcard!



[*See Chapter 104]





There was a Kunihiro Hayashi* CD I couldn't find in music stores no matter how hard I looked. Found it instantly on the internet. Great times we live in.



[*Kunihiro Hayashi: A guitarist and singer for the rock band pictures.]

 'KIYU'* [Rocket de Tsukinukero!, La Sommelière]- Individuals lacking morals. I think those kids probably just got cell phones for the first time and couldn't hold back from using them, right Oda-sensei


[*See Chapter 21]




Dragon Quest 7, I got it but[]. Final Fantasy 9, I got it but[]. If I start 'em I won't be able to hit the brakes on either so they remain unopened. I got 'em but[]



[*Related comments: See Chapter 84]





You can have a lotta fun with the 'Log Pose' from Bandai. In fact, I think I overdid it a bit and my muscles are really sore.





The snow country arc is finished. Phe~~w I sure drew a heckuva lot of 'em, 'circles'. Well, up next is a kingdom of sand so I guess it's on to 'dots'.*



[*Oda drew circles for snowflakes throughout the scenery of the Drum arc. In the next arc he anticipated drawing lots of dots for sand.]








[*Aleksandr Karelin: A world-famous Olympic gold-medalist Greco-Roman wrestler. He lost gold at the 2000 Sydney Olympics to American Rulon Gardener.]



[*Saturday release (advertised as such) due to national holiday on Monday the 9th.]





I'm a bit late with this but, good job on all the hard work of your serial comic Mr. KIYU*. You might be a JUMP-published serial manga author but that won't stop me from asking for your help around here; looking forward to working with you



[*See Chapter 21. Here Oda is mentioning the wrap of his unsuccessful serialization in Weekly Shonen JUMP, Rocket de Tsukinukero!.]





What I intended to be catnap turned into a one-way ticket to the very depths of a deep, deep slumber. Ugh, it's despicable. I hate Winter.





Can't believe I was asked to write an advocative message in the back of Kochi Kame* Vol. 122. 122 volumes. That's, astonishing



[*Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kouen-mae Hashuchujo aka Kochi Kame: With respect to number of chapters, the longest Japanese comic as of this writing (2013) by author Osamu Akimoto**.

[See also: Chapter 174]



[*Related comment *Root*: See Chapter 427] ]



[**Osamu Akimoto: Author of the Japanese comic series Kochi Kame. With respect to number of chapters, it is the longest manga in Japan as of this writing (2013).

[See also: Chapters 258, 525, 534] ]





It shows just how behind I am but I finally saw the Buena Vista Social Club movie*. Sweeeet, super sweeeet



[*Buena Vista Social Club: This was a documentary covering the history of the famous club.]


[*Related comment: Chapter 126] ]





I heard the One Piece anime's new opening song, Folder5's* "Believe". How can I describe it, it's a song that somehow just wants to make you burst [with energy]. Looking forward to it airing



[Related comment *Root*: Chapter 195]





I went to Nagoya, the land where god resides. I visited an aquarium- I MEAN I went to the Palace of Toriyama*. Had an awesome time.



[*See Chapter 15. Akira Toriyama lives in Nagoya City of Aichi Prefecture.]





ooowwWWWW!!! Of all the times why now at the end of the year......!!! That wisdom tooth* I didn't have pulled out three years ago, it's…!!!



[*Related comments: See Chapter 29]





Dentist Diary Part 1. "This is gonna be preeetty tough to take out.", so I'm told. I see storm clouds ahead.



[*Related comments: See Chapter 29]





Dentist Diary Part 2. Late to the removal appointment. Rescheduled for next week. CURSE YOU ALARM CLOCK!! Oh wait, I forgot to set it



[*Related comments: See Chapter 29]





Dentist Diary Part 3. CRUNCH! Grch Grch CRACK! GRACK!! POP!! Extraction complete. Oh look at that, it's the end of the 20th century.



[*Related comments: See Chapter 29]





Mmm, guess I should choose an aspiration or something for the year. Sure would like to go on a trip this year. Yeah, a trip out around the block'd be nice



[*January the 4th was a Thursday. I've never seen this before but it makes sense given past release-dates as related to the nationwide holiday from January 1st-3rd. Given such a bold mid-week release date, I'm actually hesitant to take a guess. Shipments were (probably) already completed by that time which would allow for a Saturday release, but the listed street-date is so far away that such a move sounds unlikely. Furthermore, Monday of that week was January 1st, a date on which few bookstores were even operating even though convenient stores were open.

For the above reasons, I feel it would be inappropriate to apply any of my experience in deciding this unprecedented case and simply list the release date as it was listed in Weekly Shonen JUMP. As it stands, the only way to confirm what actually happened would be to contact someone in Shueisha who knows the shipping and release schedules. [See 2003 Issue #25 Chap. 276 for more information on JUMP release date details] ]





JUMP Festa is a battle of stamina. A big thanks to all those that came, it must have tired you out. Once again I was blown away by the incredible enthusiasm in the convention hall!!





Went home [to Kumamoto] for New Year's. I also saw friends I hadn't seen for years but it never felt like we were apart. Something magical [about it]

Mikio Itou* [Normandy no Himitsu Club, Nazo no Murasame-kun]- I'm late with this but I went to JUMP Festa!! I was the one watching the One Piece Stage [Event] from the stairs.

[*See Chapter 52]




Awww, didn't get to eat hardly any mochi* this New Year's. My grand total was a pathetic two. Mochi



[*Related comment *Root*: See Chapter 440]





We're in the middle of a slow-stewed nice and bubbly soup boom. It's got our workplace in its clutches this winter.





Is everyone watching the anime's original story-arc?* It's really entertaining!! So jealous



[*In the original entry there were no signs of punctuation at the end of the question. I took the liberty of adding a question mark.]



[*Saturday release (advertised as such in previous issue) due to national holiday on Monday the 12th.]





[*Oda's very first break. 171 chapters straight. I haven't checked, so please don't quote me on this, but I'd be surprised if that wasn't some kind of record for Weekly Shonen JUMP.]





Sorry for taking a break!!! If you can believe it, I went to America* and had fun for 10 days!!! But what I gained from this trip, is HUGE.**



[*According to Oda's comment on the Chapter 175 color spread from Color Walk 2, it was a trip to America that inspired the 'native' design. Certainly this is the trip that Oda mentioned and when considering said design, it would appear to be somewhere in the west or southwest.]



[**Related comment *Root*: See Chapter 173. The above pieces of evidence along with Asada's comments suggest that Oda vacationed in Las Vegas.]





Nosebleed FWOOSH!! I got some chocolates. Thanks very much. I'm gonna eat 'em all up and then draw, draw draw!

Asada*: Went to see a stage show in Las Vegas**. [They] don't let anything embarrass them or hold anything back for the sake of entertainment. Can't let myself lose to them


[*See 1997 Issue #33. Asada calls it a 'business trip' but it's likely he's using a diplomatic term for 'vacation'.]



[**Related comment: See Chapter 172. He mentions Las Vegas so in conjunction with the notes that accompany the 172 entry, Asada was probably on vacation with Oda to celebrate the closing of their time together.]




Did you know that from April 15th the anime's time-slot is moving!? It'll be after Kochi Kame* at seven-thirty!! FRESH NEW START!!!**



[*See Chapter 158]



[**He actually wrote 'restart' in katakana]





Ejirin* who worked here as an assistant for two and a half years is leaving. I don't know how I'll go on. I mean, who am I supposed to push around for kicks now!? Thanks for all your hard work



[*See Chapter 68]



[*Listed as a Monday release. Given that Tuesday was a national holiday it's highly likely that the release was business as usual with no chance of a weekend release; they simply didn't feel comfortable listing the release date on a holiday. [See 5/19/2003 Issue #25 Chap. 276 for more information on Weekly Shonen JUMP release date details] ]

Masashi Kishimoto* [Naruto]- Thanks for the souvenir from America Oda-sensei! I'm having fun messing around with it.


[*Masashi Kishimoto: Author of the successful Weekly Shonen JUMP series, Naruto.


[See also: Chapters 200, 276, 296, Issue #52 2004 (One Piece break), 426, 437, 531, 625, 639, 676, 710] ]




To whoever sent us the mountain of Dove Sables*. Thank you very sable. We're all munch-sabling on them.



[*Dove Sables: Shortbread (sable) cookies that are a specialty of Kamakura in Kanagawa prefecture.]





Wow, four and a half years. The editor with whom I shared many successes and hardships, 'Daasa'*. Time to change. Thank you for working so hard all the way.



[*See 1997 Issue #33]





My new editor Habuta-san* has arrived. He has a family so I might think about possibly considering not asking too much out of him.



[*See Chapter 90]

Hiroyuki Takei* [Shaman King]- I love how the scenery at Atagawa Bananawani Park** is done in miniature garden styles. It's awesome if you walk around imagining you're in Resident Evil.


[*See Chapter 14] ]


[**Atagawa Bananawani Park: A tropical animal and fruit park located in Atagawa of Shizuoka Prefecture, hence 'banana' and wani or 'crocodile/alligator'. Not that the name of the park is the same as that of the 'bananagators' of One Piece. Since Takei and Oda are close, one might imagine that Oda gained inspiration for the creatures (which debuted in Chapter 72) from the park and possibly suggested it to Takei.]




Just warning you guys okay, under no circumstances should you try listening to the One Piece Grand Battle disc in a CD player. In particular the second track…*heehee*





Mikio Itou's* [series] has stoked the fires of inspiration in 'mongoose'** all over the country. Hey big bro, here's to all the hard work on your completed serialization.



[*See Chapter 52. Here Oda refers to the completion of Normandy Himitsu Club.]



[**'Mongoose': Oda wrote mangaegaki or 'people who draw manga' but defined the reading as manguusu or 'mongoose' which takes the word manga and twists it into something that sounds like a half-English job or profession.]





It's been decided where we're moving to~!! We went ahead and rented it out!! A brand new workplace!! Alrighty, all that's left is to actually move…*



[*Related comment *Root*: See Chapter 198]





I heard that the anime's ratings have gotten even better since moving to Sundays and I couldn't be happier. I watch it too. From 6[PM]*



[*He's inferring that he watches the ratings juggernaut combination of Sazae-san** and Chibi Maruko-chan as well as Kochi Kame.]



[**See Chapter 43]





During Golden Week I got together with my manga buddies and we discussed the Koizumi cabinet*. …for like 10 minutes.



[*Koizumi cabinet: The members of popular Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's first cabinet which was established on April 26th, 2001.]



[*Related comment *Root*: See Chapter 210]





I received a pirate sword as a gift from the manager of the weapons shop I visited a while back in Kamakura. Thank you very much.





Katsura-sensei* showed me his home theater. Uh…it's like…it might as well be a movie theater!!



[*Masakazu Katsura: Author of such notable manga series as Video Girl Ai, I"s and Zetman.]





I got Hikaru Kawamura's* autograph. A lil' somethin' we call 'having connections' here at Shueisha. Thank you very much!



[*Hikaru Kawamura: A Japanese gravure idol and TV personality in Japan.]





I was surprised when my own named appeared on screen during the final post-credits screen of the Game Boy One Piece game.* Now that you mention it, I am the original creator



[*Related comments: See Chapter 139]

Habuta*: The One Piece illustration collection book is scheduled to be released on July 19th!! The price will be 1260 yen (which includes tax)!! If you save up 41 yen every day from now until the release, you'll be able to get it when it comes out!


[*See Chapter 90]




I heard something amazing at one of the anime's general meetings. That role and that other role are going to be played by THAT person and THAT person!!!*



[*It's extremely likely that he's hinting about the casting of Chopper and Dr. Kureha.]





T.T-san, thank you for sending the Chopper doll. It's so cute and well made; it's got rave reviews from the staff. Wow.





The One Piece illustration collection book to be released on July 19th is amazing!! Take my word for it, it's reea~~~~~lly something. I dedicate it to a world full of hardships.





Aw come oooon. What the heck, Capricorn is sixth this week? What the- 'a revolving door'. THAT'S the lucky item. Well, might as well go for a spin





Watched the Shaman King anime. When I saw 'Original Creator Hiroyuki Takei'* I got all emotional. That man I, I know him!!



[*See Chapter 14]





Looks to be that the anime's ending [theme] has changed. They told me that middle schoolers sang it. That's so young!*



[*He's talking about the fourth ending theme song, "Shouchi no Suke" by the female pop-group duo Suitei Shoujo who were famous (or infamous) for their risqué attire and acting somewhat promiscuous with each other despite being middle school students.]





I bought a super functional chair that makes me want laugh out loud, "Shahahahaha!!"* A good chair is a must for desk work.



[*This is Arlong's laugh.]





I went to a recording session of the anime to learn more about it. Hot damn, you won't believe how awesome the voice acting line-up for the Drum arc is

Yoshio Sawai* [Boboboobo Boobobo]- I bought the Folder5** album. I like it because the One Piece theme song in particular is really catchy.


[*Yoshio Sawai: Author os the popular Weekly Shonen JUMP gag series, Boboboobo Boobobo. Yoshio appears to be a big fan of Oda and mentioned him frequently in his weekly comments.


[See also: Chapters 225, 254, 2003 Issue #17 (OP Break), 2003 Issue #36 (One Piece Break), 304, 359, 407 & 463] ]


[**Related comment: Chapter 160]




Only intended to get my feet wet in Set Sail Pirate Crew!* but before I knew it I was being sucked in deeper and deeper…!! They did a heckuva job putting this together!!



[*A PlayStation One Piece RPG.]



[*Related comments: See Chapter 139]





I went to see a stage production that Luffy's voice actress Mayumi Tanaka* is [performing] in. Voice actors and actresses have such beautiful voices.



[Mayumi Tanaka: The voice actress who has portrayed Luffy since the start of the serialized One Piece animated series. Oda revealed in an interview that before the anime had even begun, he imagined Luffy's voice as that of Tanaka's.

[See also: Chapters 279, 303, 318, 373, 413, 441 & 454] ]





WE FINALLY MO~~~~~~~~~~~VED!!* SO~~~~~~~~~ SPACIOUS!! SO COMFY~~~~~~~~~~~!! SO REFRESHI~~~~~NG!!



[*Related comment: See Chapter 181]





The anime's voice actor for Smoker, Ginzo Matsuo-san, has passed away. May he rest in peace.





Jump to Ch.100


Jump to Ch.300

I went to the neighborhood pet shop and there were a ton of weird reptiles. I want one. But…I wonder if I'd actually care for it*



[*Related comments *Root*: See Chapters 647, 649 & 675]



[*Saturday release (advertised as such) due to a national holiday on Monday the 24th.]

Masashi Kishimoto* [Naruto]- Recently the crowd scenes in One Piece are amazing! It must be a lot of work! But it really comes across as powerful!


[*See Chapter 175]




There are adults that kill people while declaring, "This is a holy war!", or "This is justice!" And there are children that see that. One Piece will continue for quite some time. All the while praying for world peace.*



[*This comment was Oda's response to the 2001 September 11th terrorist attacks  on American civilians. He was the only author to comment on the tragic event. The color spread that week was also in response to the event, hence the presence of doves and quote from The Beatles' song, "Come Together".]





I was outside at one of my favorite little gardens under the rays of the sun just reading and such when suddenly I was told it was bad for my eyes.



[*Saturday release (advertised as such) due to a national holiday on Monday the 8th.]





Oh…you must pardon me for listening to classical music as of late whilst I sketch. I propose a toast, to the intellectuality of myself.





That's what it comes down to. But ya' know. You can't just up and quit exercising. Not when you get muscle cramps from riding an exercise bike, yeaaah.





I went to the Fukuoka JUMP Festa. We were having a blast even from when we were planning the pre-stage routine, what a great time.

Habuta*: Hey you there, the one lamenting that you haven't had a good cry lately. The One Piece anime episode where we part with Hiruluk is absolutely certain to leave you bawling! It's a must-see.


[*See Chapter 90]




The anime's 'Drum Kingdom flashback arc' left me wading in my own tears. Starting with the director*, I've got nothing but gratefulness for the entire anime staff.



[*Kounosuke Uda: The director of many One Piece episodes including the above episode in question (Episode #85); not to mention two theatrical incarnations of the series: One Piece The Movie: Dead End Adventure and One Piece The Movie: The Giant Mech Soldier of Karakuri Castle. He was part of the Creative Talk interview included in the 2002 One Piece Animation Logbook.


[See also: Chapters 269 & 398] ]





Right now I'm in the middle of trying to memorize all the names of the Morning Musume* [members]. If I don't know 'em the staff make fun of me.



[*Morning Musume: A J-pop group comprised of an ever-changing roster of young female idols which was most popular from the late 90's through the mid-2000's. Mari Yaguchi** was a member of Morning Musume.]



[**Mari Yaguchi: A former member of Morning Musume. She is a self-proclaimed 'One Piece maniac' and has lent her voice 'talent' to the series in the form of voicing anime-only character Yoko (Episode #426) and singing the 11th One Piece anime's opening theme song "Kaze wo Sagashite". Yaguchi also served as a promotional mascot for One Piece Episode of Alabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates. It is speculated that due that role in supporting the series, the villain Perhona may have been based on her personality.

[See also: Chapters 450 & 464] ]





I always feel like eating the food served at Shueisha's buffet parties after I get home. The timing of 'em is just soooo, you know. No way I'm the only one.





I'm going to try to add some miso soup to coffee. Mmmhmm. The perfect bitterness of coffee blended with the scent of miso…KER-COUGH!





The jealousy of old men pierce through the Koizumi cabinet*. They should just lend him a hand if they've got enough time to waste disagreeing with him. Bunch of weirdos.



[*Related comment: Chapter 183]





Finally bought the coffee maker for the office that I put off buying because I heard you gotta wash the darn thing after every use. Aha, so this is it. This is what they call coffee... It's...





Plans for a number of [One Piece] video games are moving ahead and the farthest from completion is coming out the year after next.* Th-...The year after next you say... Guess it's pretty tough making games too.