Credits & Purpose

I do not have a news generator here so I cannot promise to bring you the latest and greatest news. For that type of service I would suggest you visit the "Online Newspapers" section of my Links Page. What you will find here is a summary of major news stories from each week in Japan written by myself. Thus said I will most likely update this section of my site once a week, unless there is a big story. I would set my watches for Saturday nights or Sundays if I were you. The news you see here has been gathered from (but not limited to) sources the likes of which you are likely to find in the aforementioned Links. I also draw data from television, print newspapers and magazines.

Ultimately my purpose here is to show readers of the site what the real Japan is like. In addition to what little information leaks through to America papers and television reports, there is obviously quite a lot that goes on in Japan, both good and bad, which is left out. This is here to help you and I learn more.