Ship Name: Going Merry

Ship Type: Caravel

History of Going Merry

The Going Merry was designed by Merry, the butler of Kaya from Shiropp Village. Originally the boat was intended for use by Kaya but after saving her from Captain Kuro, Merry and Kaya decided to bestow the ship upon Luffy and his crew. The bow of the ship is in the form of the head of a sheep, which is a joke based on Merry himself. As Merry is a butler, the Japanese word for butler is shitsuji and the word for sheep is hitsuji; this also accounts for why Merry's face resembles a sheep.

The Going Merry can survive heavy damage from storms or attack, but not without help from Usopp. Usopp traditionally works on the ship whenever it is [frequently] damaged, often times by Luffy's own stupidity or whims. When the ship reached Jaya Island it seemed on the verge of falling to pieces, but the Allied Primate Forces worked together on the ship for one night and restored it to full working potential as well as upgrading the ship to "Going Merry Flying Model" with wooden wings for travel on the Knock-Up Stream. After the ship traveled into Skypiea it received even more damage when falling under an incendiary attack by the Priest, Shura. One night in Skypiea, Usopp witnessed a strange figure hammering methodically away at the ship. This vision terrified him but the next morning the ship was found to be repaired, albeit haphazardly, with metal plating. This was the basic form of Merry from Skypiea through the events at Enies Lobby. Sadly, no matter how good an unskilled craftsman he was, Usopp was unable to repair Merry 'properly' every single time which resulted in the ship taking severe damage to its keel...

Cross-Section of Going Merry


The lounge consists of the Meeting Room, Kitchen & Helm in one room. Crew memme to this room for food and drink, or just to shoot the breeze. There is no exterior steering wheel for the ship, rather a whip-staff is used. By pushing the whip-staff left or right, the rudder will move in either direction.

Men’s Quarters

The men’s room is located directly beneath the deck. The mast runs through the center of the room which is equipped with hammocks and super comfy couches. It is the largest room on board, but because there are so many men, things are a bit cramped (which is okay because they’re men). There is also an emergency exit to the women’s quarters which must tempt Sanji to no end.

Storage & Aft Cannon Deck

Beer barrels, water barrels, rations and what few treasure chests Nami doesn’t store in her own room can be found here. The lounge is located above this room and as such, the whip-staff runs across the ceiling to the back of the ship. Two cannons located on either side of the ships rear are located here. This also houses the entrance to the women’s quarters, and it is tightly locked. The entrance to the bathroom is also located here.

Women’s Quarters

Easily the most luxurious room on board, the women’s room has it all and rightfully so as it was originally designed for Kaya by Merry. A descending staircase leads down into this comfortable room which even has a bar that was installed by a carpenter named Teru in Kokoyashi Village. There is a pull-down hammock here as well as a bookshelf filled with fine reading. The treasure chests here are all Nami’s, of course. There is also an emergency exit to the men’s quarters, but it is not likely that will be employed any time soon.

Anchor Deck & Fore Canon Deck

Also known as the Military Storage room, this is where one may find the forward cannon, plenty of gunpowder, cannonballs, lifesavers, emergency oars and of the course the anchor line and capstand. Simply rotate the capstand to lower or raise the anchor’s depth. OH! And don’t forget cleaning supplies.


Although the men don’t usually relieve themselves here, (the ocean is wide and vast my friends), this is where they can find a modern toilet should they wish to do so civilly. The sink, bath and shower nozzle are also located here along with a squeegee. Since moisture is not good for the wood, everyone must dry everything with the squeegee when they finish taking a shower. On one side of the bathroom, separated by a wall, is a “Water-Drawing Machine”. This room can be accessed from a door in the stairs on deck. This special machine draws up water from the bottom of the ship that may be used for cleaning or putting out fires. This fantastic device even creates an electric current! There were two of these originally…but Luffy broke one.

Luffy’s Favorite Seat (The Bow) & Nami's Orange Trees

The bow of the ship is where Luffy loves to sit. In storms, freezing weather, the middle of battle, whatever, Luffy can be found nestled on top of the wooden sheep’s head. One might question Luffy’s affinity for such a dangerous spot, especially since he can’t swim. Oh well, whatever makes him happy.

These three orange trees were taken from Bellemere’s plantation to be used on the ship as a source of emergency food, and to make sure no one ever comes down with scurvy. Nami takes care of them and Sanji guards them (from Luffy).

Merry Spoilers

What!? Spoilers for a ship??!! You bet! In fact, it's one of the biggest surprises in the series. If you have not read through Volume 45 I highly advise you to refrain from clicking through to the Merry Spoilers.

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