Hachi is lucky enough to have been the star in the fourth of the famous One Piece Mini-Arcs, "Hacchan's Ocean Floor Stroll" which began in Chapter 182 (Vol.20) and finished with Chapter 228 (Vol.25). This was previously the longest Mini-Arc clocking in at a total of 40 Chapters but was beaten out by the eighth Mini-Arc in 2006. If you do not want to know any of the details of the mini-arc I suggest you stop reading now and go back using the link at the bottom of the page, otherwise highlight the next paragraph and read on.

Hachi's story begins with an escape from a Marine vessel of some sort. He's obviously being pursued and the means of his escape are unknown as is the location where he makes his escape. As Hachi begins to head home he find himself in the middle of a fetch-quest of sorts where he finds a new item each week that somehow helps him accomplish a new task. Example: He gives a standed man a hunk of meat who then gives him a ring he found which happens to be part of an undersea wedding ceremony that went missing and so on. Eventually he ends up saving a mermaid named Camie and her starfish friend Pappug from the stomach of a Sea Boar. The three of them begin to travel together when Hachi comes across his old Fishman pal Macro, leader of the Macro Gang, and his two partners in crime Gyaro and Tansui (an Arowana Fishman ((Note that Arowana are freshwater fish and that's what tansui actually means! This is proof that if Oda wants to makes freshwater Fishmen and women survive in saltwater environments, he certainly is free to do that)) ). Now hear me very clearly on this... In One Piece Blue, they are introduced simply as the Macro Gang and not a pirate crew. In the manga their title begins with 'Fishman Pirate Crew Macro Gang' and they do have their own Jolly Roger! However, this is somewhat suspicious and although there is NO mention of them being 'Former Fishman Pirate Crew' members, based on Blue's info and the fact that Macro himself bears a tattoo similar to the ones Arlong and his Officer's shared, not to mention Macro's association to Hachi being mentioned as douhou or 'comrades', it would seem that their connection goes back to Jinbeh's crew. THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED AT THIS POINT AND MAY NEVER BE but I'm throwing it out there. Anyway, moving right along, Hachi goes right ahead with his fetch-quest and trades Camie to Macro for a map to the location of the Legendary "Sinfully Delicious Takoyaki Recipe". And why is he so bent on getting this recipe? Evidently our man Hachi is in love. He attempted to propose to the Fishgirl of his dreams, Octopako, with a set of takoyaki. But she didn't accept the offering and rejected his proposal. With this amazing recipe in his hands he's sure to win her heart. However, when he arrives at the map's final destination, he only finds the Great Octopus Mash. Enraged at being double-crossed, Hachi kills Mash and tears off in search of Macro for revenge. Macro and his gang were heading off to sell Camie but Hachi uses his attack Flaming Octopus Punch to destroy their ship. But while he's beating the hell out of Macro, the poor guy manages to blurt out that he didn't double-cross Hachi at all. Since Macro's ship was demolished, Camie was freed and tags along with Hachi who goes back to Mash's body only to find a secret hatch on Mash's head that holds not only a pot of the legendary sauce, but also a huge amount of treasure! Hachi ties up Mash, with the treasure and sauce and lugs it back to his place when along the way he comes across starving headband-wearing villagers of Catfish Village which was crushed by a sunken ship. Hachi leaves Mash with the village and suddenly tears off by himself with the treasure, only to soon return with ingredients and cooking utensils for making takoyaki. He finds a small island and begins to cook takoyaki for the villagers using the legendary sauce. He saves the starving villagers but keeps the last batch for his proposal to Octopako who just so happens to be drawn to the spot by the amazing scent of the sauce! But when she arrives, she plots to take the takoyaki for herself and reject his proposal! Just at that moment the Octopus Chieftan appears and Hachi ends up giving him the takoyaki much to Octopako's dismay. Hachi and Camie spend the rest of the day together watching the sunset and dreaming. Hachi remembers his dream from long ago of wanting to live the simple life as a takoyaki vendor. The next morning the catfish bring Hachi a surprise! They repaired the sunken ship which destroyed their village and remodeled it into a floating takoyaki restaurant for Hachi!! And so Hachi begins his life anew as the owner and operator of the good ship Takoyaki 8!

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