Toriyama Interview from Shenron Times Issue 7

Interviewer: I've most likely caught you at a busy spot today so I'd like apologize.

Toriyama: Nah, I ain't busy at all! I just write like a paragraph for the Dragon Ball Daizenshuu and I'm not working right now so… (laughs)

Interviewer: Well then, might I suppose you're taking a bit of a pleasant respite?

Toriyama: Weeeeell, I send off my son to school every morning so, I can finally get some sleep. Right now I'm building a new place to work. Since I've got to think about the plans and whatnot I end up pulling all-nighters. I'm actually doing more of them now than when I was doing a weekly serial comic. (laughs)

Interviewer: This is regarding the new animated series Dragon Ball GT, exactly how much are you involved with the series?

Toriyama: I'd say I'm only slightly involved. I check the story that Toei Pictures has created, and I offer some advice to them. I only did a few characters designs for them, but it's really interesting! I feel like, "Wow, they were able to run with this take on it." That's because no one at Toei Pictures is low on ideas. They're doing a fine job. They've made Goku into a little guy and stuff right? If it was this kind of story I'd want to continue the serial manga…but uh, I REALLY do not have the motivation to keep writing it. (laughs)

Interviewer: Well then, we could say you recommend GT right?

Toriyama: YES! I do recommend it. As a regular viewer I too will enjoy it.

Toriyama: Oh yeah, by the way, pretty soon I'm gonna be getting a Macintosh from this guy!!

Katsura: Huh?! What the heck are you talking about? (Here Toriyama's long-time friend and manga author Masakazu Katsura ((known to DBZ fans as the inventor of Fusion)) joins the conversation!)

Toriyama: I'm talking about a Macintosh of course. Do you know what a Macintosh is? Oh yeah I forgot, you don't know anything about computers.

Katsura: What the hell are you saying? You yourself are a failure at using any kind of machine. Can you even handle the audio on your own?

Toriyama: Audio? If you mean music I listen to it of course.

Katsura: That's not what I mean, like doing the wiring putting in all the lines and stuff…

Toriyama: Oooooh! Nope. Can't do it.

Katsura: See. Neither of us can do a thing with machines.

Interviewer: I…Is that so...

Toriyama: But after just a little bit I'm gonna get that Macintosh and it's gonna be great! I guess I'm gonna have to lay off Katsura. It seems like he really knows how to do a lot of stuff. I wonder if I can use the microphone and go "HERO RUNNING POSE!", and it'll just draw the thing for me. That kind of computer would just be heavenly.

Katsura: That would sure make it less of a pain. You wouldn't even have to apply screen tone…

Toriyama: You always put too much on! (laughs) Ah! That's right, Katsura kun, you're doing a picture for the next Shenron Times. Draw a pumped out Goku with tone.

Katsura: Oooh, that'd be nice.

Toriyama: Alright it's decided! That's scheduled for right after this isn't it?

Interviewer: Ye...Yes.

Toriyama: Okay, yeah we've got a lot of plans now don't we? While I'm learning about the Macintosh, when I finish reading up I'm going to start drawing.

Interviewer: Thank you for your time today.