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In the year of 1984, a man by the name of Akira Toriyama started a new project. This gentleman had already been sucessful with his previous project, Dr. Slump, which started out as a manga in the weekly Shonen Jump, but soon became an anime on TV. Toriyama knew he could succeed with his new project if he did things right, and pleased the masses with his fantastic wit and humor, expressed through the manga. What started out as a successful manga, grew into a world-wide phenomenon and is now the most popular Japanese series, world-wide. The project that Mr. Toriyama started, was of course, the tale of a little boy, that grew into a powerful man. It is, the story of Son Gokou, known as Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball later grew into Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball Z focussed more on fighting, but had an incredible plot to go along with it. Unlike other anime like Sailor Moon where the plot progresses slowly but surely through a long series of episodes, a la Power Rangers, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z moved at a fast pace with each new episode picking up where the last one left off. And the manga boasted a total of 519 issues, which were later condensed into 42 volumes which are still being published to this day.

Dragon Ball's final spawn was Dragon Ball GT. It was taken on by a studio that had nothing to do with Akira Toriyama, and was drawn by a completely different set of artists. This immediatley turned people off to the series. But people hated the plot even more. It was a return to Dragon Ball's genre with Gokou and his comrades seeking the Dragon Balls, but with a slightly different twist. Later the series changed tracks and went back to the fighting genre of Dragon Ball Z. This picked up a greater audience, but the show was still doomed from the start. The entire Dragon Ball series had 508 episodes

My goal at this site is to explain the details of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT. In America, the Dragon Ball phenomenon is slowly catching on, and it's slowly but surely moving up from cult status. However, here in America, we may never get the entire series of any of the three, and if we do, for the time being, they are being editted to pieces. I would like to explain to you the large and small details of the show, so that you can experience the full force of the series' drama, plot and fights. Please enjoy what I have to offer, my only goal is to teach you everything I know!

If you are unfamilliar with my site, please take some time to read over these explanations of each section. It should get you where you want to go, without you having to play any guessing games.

The Dragon Ball Z Petition The petition is officialy over, but you can read about its results! This section also gives details about my Dragon Ball Z Contest in which you can score up to 8 Dragon Ball Z movies, and 8 episodes of DBZ!

What's New? This is the section of my site in which I'll describe what I have most recently updated. I highly suggest you read this section though, because from time to time I also put in important news about the world of Dragon Ball Z.

Character Biographies Perhaps the best known section of my site, my Character Biographies go into incredible detail, describing each character, and the fights they participate in. Please keep in mind that my biographies move very slowly since it takes me a long time to update them, because I write them as I watch the show. It takes roughly three and a half hours to write about every episode! However, I garauntee you won't find any place on the Internet with more detailed Biographies!

Stuff You're Missing Did you ever wonder what that "other" version of DBZ was like? Are you curious as to what kind of edits are really made to this great series in America? Well look no further. This is a section dedicated to visually showing you the "Stuff You're Missing" in American Dragon Ball Z.

Complete Character Guide Have you ever heard of Majin Buu? Of course you have. But what about Ueburi, Tsuno, Husky and literally hundreds of other characters? The Complete Character Guide is the definitive list and summary of the 450+ characters in the Dragon Ball manga, the DB/Z anime and even the DB/Z movies. Just make sure you find a comfortable chair. The guide is over 33 pages long.

DBZ By Number What percentage of the Earth do Gokou and Majin Buu destroy in their first battle? How cold is the Room of Spirit and Time?? Wanna know? Wanna beat the living heck out of your friends in DBZ trivia? COME ON DOWN!

Fists of the Dragon A comprehensive guide to the 250+ moves in Dragon Ball anbd Dragon Ball Z. It includes descriptions of each move, and who can perform them.

The Shenron TimesExtra Extra!! Get yer dose of Toriyama and celebrity interviews here, translated straight from pamphlets in the Dragon Ball Daizenshyu!

Masako Nozawa Interview Did you ever wonder what "Gokou" thought about Dragon Ball Z? Check this section out to see an interview with Gokou's Japanese voice actor, Masako Nozawa!

Complete Time-Line A time-line that starts 100 million years before Dragon Ball even begins and takes the reader through all of the events in the world of Dragon Ball.

Character Relation Tree Who marries who? Who's whose brother? How is he related to her? And which witch is which? All of these questions can be answered by the Character Relation Tree. A comprehensive chart depicting the relationships between all the major characters of the Dragon Ball manga.

Ultimate Battles Are you looking for highly detailed (we're talkin' word for word) records of the explosive battles in Dragon Ball? Well, look no further!

Little Known Dragon Ball Z Facts This section will tell you little tid-bits of the series that not many people know. For instance, did you know that Rou Kaioshin is fused with someone? Find out with whom, inside!

Dragon Ball Movies I currently own every Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z movie, as well as the 10th Anniversary Special. I intend to do detailed summaries of each movie, but like the Character Biographies, these will also take a long time to complete, since I watch the movie, as I write about it.

My Dragon Ball Z FAQI do not suggest you read this section, I require it. I gets lots of e-mail, asking the same thing, over and over again. I really can't respond to them! So please read this section before you send e-mail, this also includes some interesting inforamtion, as well as a summary of the last episode of Dragon Ball ever.

About Me If you have some time to kill, go to this section to read some of my likes, dislikes, and even a personal biography with pictures!

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