You may have guessed by now even though I tried to hide it unsuccessfully, Buggy comes back into the story several times along with Lady Alvida at his side. She rescued him during the mini-arc he starred in which ran 30 segments from Chapters 35-75. Buggy appeared again in the actual story during the events in Logue Town where he failed in an attempt to kill Luffy. He again showed up in Chapter 233 where it was revealed that he is indeed back on the Grand Line tracking Luffy. It was in that chapter that he also crossed pathes with the character Ace.

There's an excellent chance Buggy is an integral part of the storyline and has a much stronger connection with Shanks than we are already aware of. This conjecture comes as a result of little inklings he's thrown our way about his time spent on Grand Line in the past and a possible connection with White Beard.

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