Here we are at our second stop on my survey of pirate crews in One Piece. Having taken just under three months to create the Luffy crew information page, I was elated that this took just under a month from start to finish. I guess that's the difference between supporting characters and main characters. Looking back, even as much as I love One Piece (which is a lot) I have no idea how I had the patience to write all of that. For this group however, we have basically one character that has somewhat of a back story and then a bunch of characters floating around with very little data available on their history. THAT MAKES IT SO MUCH EASIER FOR ME! But that doesn't mean this was a cake walk and it would be remiss of me to neglect tipping my hat once again to OP translator extraordinaire, Stephen for providing a disgustingly huge body of referrence material that assists me when I'm without my manga or without a clue (more latter than former). And yet I am proud to call this my own work with respect to attack translations and explanations of gags. The images, don't get me started. I'll give the first person that figures out what parts I used to Frankenstein Mohji's face together a free manga. I say that because you won't.

Have fun reading! Any mistakes are mine and mine alone. If you'd like to point something out I may have missed or possibly (but not likely) got completely wrong, I would welcome such comments. Enjoy Flashily!

Ship Profile

Ship Name: ?

Ship Type: ?

Basic Crew Data

Crew Members/Compatriots with Known Bounties: 2
Current Total Bounty of Crew Members: 20,000,000 Belly
Number of Destinations Visited on Grand Line Route: ?
Most Active Region: East Blue- Organ Islands

Captain: Buggy the Clown*

Bounty: 15,000,000 Belly

Age: ? (Relatively close to Shanks' age)
Birthday: ?
Height: ?
Sign: ?

*Akuma no Mi(Devil's Fruit): Bara Bara no Mi Gives Buggy the ability to separate his body into countless sections at will and control each one individually.

History of Buggy

There are those who cannot give up their anger and hate for that which happened long ago. Such is the pirate captain Buggy the Clown. Not many details are known of Buggy's life, where he grew up, his relatives, nothing. Like many pirate captains, it is his reputation as a pirate that is famous. But there is one thing we know about Buggy, an incident that changed his life, for better or for worse, and it is in part thanks to a young boy named Shanks.

Shanks and Buggy were shipmates as pirate apprentices aboard an unknown vessel sailing with an unknown crew. Their relationship, while often tumultuous, was not what one might describe as dangerous. They had countless arguments over seemingly unimportant details such as whether the North or South Pole was colder. But these were no different from the bickering of any youth. When they weren't at fisticuffs, the duo often discussed things calmly, but were clearly looking at pirate hood two very different ways. While Buggy felt that accumulation of wealth was all that mattered, Shanks was more interested in sailing around the world while holding the title of a pirate.

One day, during the pillaging of an enemy pirate ship, Buggy discovered a treasure map that revealed the location of a fantastic submerged treasure. Without telling anyone he kept the map to himself and planned to create a glorious life for himself. That same evening, Buggy and Shanks spoke once again about their dreams on the deck. As the discussion turned to treasure, Buggy asked Shanks what some of the plundered goods were. Shanks told him that they had found a Devil's Fruit, a special fruit that imbues the one who eats it with a devil's power. However, he or she who devours the fruit must also suffer a punishment, the loss of all mobility while submerged in the sea. Such a thing did little to pique Buggy's interest but when Shanks mentioned that they could be sold for One Hundred Million Belly, Buggy became very interested in acquiring the fruit to sell it.

The captain of the ship declared that anyone who wanted to try and eat the fruit would be welcome to play with their fate. Buggy took the challenge and ate the fruit in front of the entire crew but felt no changes in his body and no special powers. What the crew didn't know was the night before; Buggy had secretly hidden away the real Devil Fruit and left a fake in its place. That evening Buggy was in the middle of attempting to sneak off the ship with the Devil's Fruit in hand, when Shanks came up behind him without warning. Buggy slammed the fruit in his mouth and Shanks thought he was stealing food from the ship. He warned Buggy that the cook would get mad then walked off. Unable to even let out a sigh of relief, before Buggy could even take the fruit out of his mouth, Shanks came back to tell him something and spooked Buggy again, causing him to swallow what was in his mouth, the Devil's Fruit. Horrified and in fury he began to scream at Shanks but in his rage he let go of the stolen treasure map which was then carried overboard by the wind. Caught up in the moment, Buggy dove overboard to try and grab the map, but found that once he hit the water, he was unable to control his body and began to sink. Shanks dove in and rescued Buggy but to present, Buggy could care less about Shanks' courageous act. In Buggy's warped and Midas-like vision of the world, the act of destroying his chances of obtaining wealth outweighed the selfless act of saving his life. And so, Buggy was set back 10 years in his dreams of obtaining great wealth and a worthy pirate crew. All the while, on his way up to becoming a relatively famous pirate, there was no man whom he hated more than Red-Haired Shanks. Just the name made his blood boil. Shanks was the only person Buggy could never forgive or forget, but all that changed, in the small but proud Orange Village of Organ Island in East Blue, where he met an aspiring young pirate and found a new subject to idle his hatred on...

Notes on Buggy:

Buggy is the first pirate villain whom Luffy comes across that actually gets his own arc as a villain. He is, according to the man himself in a US Shonen Jump interview, Oda sensei's favorite anti-hero. Interestingly enough, he was not always Buggy, his original name was 'Boogie' as was divulged in Vol.3 pg26. (JP) However, the story goes, one day Oda sensei saw a movie with a character named Boogie and decided to change the name to Buggy without even taking the time to think about it. Perhaps, might I contend, the movie he saw was in fact The Nightmare Before Christmas, a film that did not receive more than a cult following in America, but was a smash in Japan. (Edit: As it turns out, according to an interview with Oda in One Piece Blue (p137) one of Oda's favorite movies is The Nightmare Before Christmas and one of his favorite directors is Tim Burton)

Perhaps it comes as no surprise, that even Buggy's crew was never entirely set in stone. At one point an early Zoro, wielding only one sword, was conceptualized as a part of his crew. (Vol.3 pg136. JP)

Buggy is just one of the many characters in One Piece that speak rather...uniquely. He has a tendency to use the adjective "hade" which means something akin to flashy. He says things that range from, "Let's party flashily!", to, "Die flashily!". When bringing this into English, it tends to sound like jargon which gives translators nightmares; even in Japanese it sounds extremely odd. Of course this only helps make Buggy a unique and flashy villain.

As of this writing (October 2004) Buggy has been seen with three different face-paint patterns.

Buggy is somewhat touchy with respect to the size, shape and color of his nose. He tends to lose his temper if he even thinks someone has mentioned it in conversation.

According to Oda, Buggy is fully detachable and any part of his body can float. Even...yes.

In an SBS interview (Vol.7 pg108 JP) Oda "clarified" the limits on Buggy's abilities. From where his feet touch the ground, Buggy's upper body may not hover more than 200 Bara Bara's away from them. This distance is a made up figure but it was suggested in response to a clever reader who wanted to know why Buggy couldn't just float through the Grand Line. Also, Oda uses the word "ground" so we may have to assume Buggy cannot use his abilities if he is on board a ship. This has yet to be proven or disproved.

Buggy is the only villain who has come close enough to killing Luffy that even Luffy thought he was going to die at the captain's hands....flashily.

Buggy seems to know a lot more about certain "things" in the One Piece world than he lets on. This probably has much to do with his time as a young pirate...

Recently (Summer 2005) OP fan The Dude and I were discussing the flags I have designed for use with each pirate/group profile on this site. I asked him if Buggy's flag without the red nose looked strange. I went through a lot of trouble to make sure the nose was exactly as Buggy himself had it on his hat but then The Dude reminded me that the animation always displayed the flag on the ship with a red nose. Finding this strange I checked out Buggy's hat in the animation and sure enough it was a white nose. Oda has also drawn Buggy multiple times in color in the manga with the white nose on his hat. It would appear that as a part of his nose complex, Buggy is unwilling to portray himself with a big red nose! I would find it hard to believe that this is a mistake or a coincidence and there are a lot of those in OP! Bravo Oda!

Strength and Weaknesses

Obviously Buggy's major weakness as a user of Devil's Fruit powers is his susceptibility to drowning at sea and the Sea Stone which negates all Devil's Fruit powers.

Buggy isn't the brightest bulb in the package. This was illustrated particularly well in the mini-arc he starred in. He also tends to lead his crew astray, often landing them in completely wrong locations, not that they seem to mind; his crew loves him very much. They also fear him.

His ability as a Devil's Fruit strength user allows him to break into countless pieces. Oda said that although this would normally result in a lot of blood, that won't be the case since it would be too messy. His power is quite remarkable though and allows him to escape from almost any attack. However, one particularly glaring weakness is not keeping track of where his body parts spread to.

Buggy can also feel pain from all the parts of his body individually when he is broken up. Say for example, someone were to kick him in the shin while his upper body was flying around, he would still feel the pain as normal. This may be his greatest weakness next to the Sea Stone.

Buggy Spoilers

Click this link and highlight the text to see Buggy Spoilers. I would call these some decent spoilers. I know I certainly wouldn't want to know some of these facts but to each his own. If you're a big Buggy fan and really want some interesting info, these won't kill the story.

Buggy's Special Attacks

Name of AttackTranslation Used Against Location in Manga Special Notes
Tokusei Bagii Dama
Special Deluxe Buggy Ball
Buggy's subordinate, Luffy, Buggy
Vol.2 pg13, pg36, pg66, pg124, pg150.
A special cannon ball with Buggy's jolly roger on it. It is capable of destroying entire sections of towns and it also comes in handy punishing his own crew should he find displeasure with them.
Bara Bara Hou
Bara Bara Cannon
Vol.2 pg64.
Buggy shoots off both his hands at just past the wrist, each holding a single blade aimed straight at his target.
Chi wo Hou Bara Bara Hou
Crawling Bara Bara Cannon
Vol.2 pg182.
Buggy launches one hand at just beyond the wrist to grasp a target while a crew member attacks unhindered.
Bara Bara Senbei
Bara Bara Senbei
Vol.3 pg11.
Buggy launches his entire lower body, starting from the hips, at his opponent. His legs rotate in a circular disc-like fashion and hidden knives protract from his shoes creating a grotesque whirling buzz saw. A senbei is a generic name for Japanese rice "crackers" that come in a myriad of shapes and flavors. One of the varieties happen to resemble Buggy's attack.
Bara Bara Kinkyuu Dasshutsu
Bara Bara Emergency Prolapse
Vol.3 pg15, pg24.
To avoid an attack to his head or neck, Buggy shoots off his head and neck. This is hilarious since Oda used an actual medical term that means the falling of an organ.
Bara Bara Hou - Kirihanashi
Bara Bara Cannon - Detach
Vol.3 pg18.
Buggy launches a single hand and 1/3 forearm at his target with four knives in-between his fingers. However, unlike the normal Bara Bara Cannon, should the target attempt to stop the attack by grasping Buggy's forearm, he can detach his hand at the wrist and continue the attack to his opponent's surprise.
Bara Bara Fuesuteibaru
Bara Bara Festival
Vol.3 pg53.
Buggy explodes into a whirlwind of floating pieces that batter his victim mercilessly. The only problem is, he needs to keep control of all his bits at once.
Bara Bara Kaa - Bakudan Enjin
Bara Bara Car - Bomb Engine
Vol.12 pg12.
Buggy turns his body into a car. In order to do this he needs an extra motor component and an axel. Of course he also needs power which comes in the form of a bomb that fits into the motor case.

    Officially Listed Battles Fought

  1. Buggy VS Zoro [Chapter 10-11]
  2. Buggy VS Luffy [Chapter 18-20]
  3. Buggy & Lady A. VS Smoker

Yet to be Listed Conflicts

The last published One Piece guide (Grand Data File Blue) covered events through volume 24. The following are my opinion of battles that occurred post Volume 24. As soon as a list is published, I will alter this data to reflect what is officially acceptable.
  • None

Unlisted Conflicts

The requisites for some battles are questionable. It appears that if only one punch (or kick or whatever) is thrown, then it does not count as a battle (except in the very first bout listed). There are also different types of conflicts, (meaning other than throwing punches or kicks), which are not listed. These are my opinion and were not officially listed.
  • Buggy VS Piranha Gang [Chapter 35]
  • Buggy VS Big Bird [Chapter 39-40, 42]
  • Buggy VS Gaimon [Chapter 46]
  • Buggy VS Monstrous Crab [Chapter 50]
  • Buggy, Cabaji and Mohji VS Bearpaw Natives [Chapter 71, 74]

Second in Command: Mohji the Beast Tamer

Bounty: ?

Age: ?
Birthday: ?
Height: ?
Sign: ?

Known Data on Mohji

This fellow is Buggy's highest-ranking subordinate. Although lacking any physical strength whatsoever, he makes up for that by being able to control any wild least his lion Richie. In trying to even get a dog to shake, he failed miserably. It would appear, for all intensive purposes, the only animal he can actually control is the lion.

The weird fuzz and ears you will see on Mohji's head are not part of some hood, that is actually his hair. His hair has three stages of growth. His first appearance in the manga is very short resembling a bear, his second stage looks somewhat like a rabbit and his third stage is a full mane with pointy rabbit ears.

His lack of physical strength usually puts him out on retrieval or secret missions separate from the rest of the crew. Of course he always rides on his Richie.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Mohji has confidence in his abilities as a beast tamer but should he find himself in a tough situation, he tends to back down. He's only as powerful as his lion and poor Richie isn't even tough compared to the likes of Luffy.

As of this writing (Oct. 2004) Mohji has no known named special attacks.

Mohji Spoilers

Nothing too impressive here. It will ruin a certain small aspect of the story but since this part has already been released in North America what you'll find in Mohji's Spoilers should only be a "spoiler" if you're new to the series (really new).

    Officially Listed Battles Fought

  1. Mohji and Richie VS Luffy [Chapters 12-13 ]

Yet to be Listed Conflicts

The last published One Piece guide (Grand Data File Blue) covered events through volume 24. The following are my opinion of battles that occurred post Volume 24. As soon as a list is published, I will alter this data to reflect what is officially acceptable.
  • None

Unlisted Conflicts

The requisites for some battles are questionable. It appears that if only one punch (or kick or whatever) is thrown, then it does not count as a battle (except in the very first bout listed). There are also different types of conflicts, (meaning other than throwing punches or kicks), which are not listed. These are my opinion and were not officially listed.
  • Mohji VS Shushu [Chapters 12, 36]
  • Mohji VS Cabaji [Chapter 57-58]
  • Mohji and Cabaji VS Richie [Chapter 59]
  • Mohji, Buggy and Cabaji VS Bearpaw Natives [Chapter 46]

Third in Command, Chief of Staff: Cabaji the Acrobat

Bounty: ?

Age: ?
Birthday: ?
Height: ?
Sign: ?

Known Data on Cabaji

There is little data on Cabaji's history, what we do know about him was revealed in most of the second volume. Cabaji has a rivalry with his shipmate and superior Mohji the Animal Trainer. To what degree their mutual bitterness towards each other extends remains to be seen and will not be played out but one thing for certain, Cabaji is not afraid to use Mohji's lion Richie, which he regards as a 'cat', as a shield against attacks.

Although Cabaji is certainly an acrobat it would be remiss to leave his skills as a swordsman unacknowledged. He combines acrobatic tricks with offensive projectile and sword attacks for a fighting style that is as unique as the naming of his attacks (see below).

Cabaji is fully aware of Zoro's skills as a swordsman and bounty hunter when he first battles against him. This helped establish Zoro as a famous swordsman in East Blue and it certainly helped define Cabaji as someone who, although weak compared to Zoro, isn't afraid to take on even tough opponents with a boat of confidence. Heh...get it? 'Boat' of confidence, and they're pirates. Score one for me.

Although the same may not be said for his captain, he will likely finish the series as a character without an explained past. Such is the life of a subordinate.

Cabaji is the only subordinate of Buggy's that has names for his far as we know. One might also contend that he's less of an acrobat than he is a side-show performer. Even Zoro picks up on this.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Not having eaten a Devil's Fruit, Cabaji can swim around to his heart's content without threat of drowning.

Cabaji is best suited for battle while riding his unicycle. He claims to have better access to his best fighting abilities off the device, but is was when he was on foot that Zoro finished him off.

Cabaji's unique variety of side-show-like close and far-range attacks give him an edge when fighting an opponent that isn't used to such an unorthodox myriad of techniques.

Cabaji Spoilers

Same as Mohji, nothing too big here in Cabaji's Spoilers.

Cabaji's Special Attacks

Name of AttackTranslation Used Against Location in Manga Special Notes
Kaji Oyaji
Fire Geezer
Vol.2 pg163.
Cabaji shoots fire from his mouth at an opponent. This close-range attack appears to be named for two of the four things known to scare Japanese children: jishin, kaminari, kaji and oyaji or 'earthquakes, lightning, fire and Dad'. This phrase was popularized by the comedy group Drifters which happens to include a favorite personality of Oda's, Shimura Ken.
Yu Kemuri Satsujinjiken
Hot Springs Steam Murder Case
Vol.2 pg165.
Cabaji whirls his sword around at high speeds kicking up dust so that his opponent cannot see him as he attempts a strike.
KAMIKAZE Hyaku Koma Gekijou
100 Kamikaze Tops Theater
Vol.2 pg179.
Cabaji throws a number of pointed spinning tops at his opponent. This is more of a distraction than anything else and for the record, only 12 tops were pictured.
Yama Noboro-
Climb the Mountain~
Vol.2 pg179.
Cabaji rides his unicycle straight up a surface to launch himself into the air for another attack. Appears to follow 100 Kamikaze Tops Theater.
Nouryou Uchiagehanabi
Enjoying the cool of evening and Sky Rockets
Vol.2 pg180.
Cabaji flips far up into the sky setting up for finishing blow. Appears to follow Climb the Mountain~.
Ichiren Zashi
One-Wheel Slash
Vol.2 pg181.
From high in the sky, Cabaji aims his sword straight down in an attempt to land on and impale his opponent. There's a gag behind this one. Ichiren "Sashi" means to be skillful at placing a single flower in a vase; such as in Japanese floral arrangement.

    Officially Listed Battles Fought

  1. Cabaji VS Zoro [Chapter 16-17]

Yet to be Listed Conflicts

The last published One Piece guide (Grand Data File Blue) covered events through volume 24. The following are my opinion of battles that occurred post Volume 24. As soon as a list is published, I will alter this data to reflect what is officially acceptable.
  • None

Unlisted Conflicts

The requisites for some battles are questionable. It appears that if only one punch (or kick or whatever) is thrown, then it does not count as a battle (except in the very first bout listed). There are also different types of conflicts, (meaning other than throwing punches or kicks), which are not listed. These are my opinion and were not officially listed.
  • Cabaji VS Mohji [Chapter 57-58]
  • Cabaji and Mohji VS Richie [Chapter 59]
  • Cabaji, Buggy and Mohji VS Bearpaw Natives [Chapter 46]

Other Crew Members


Richie is Mohji's lion. In the comic his body is portrayed as yellow with a red mane while he's purple and green in the animation. Go figure. Richie is the only animal known that actually obeys Mohji's commands. Cabaji hates Richie and even uses him as a defensive shield during an explosion. Unbeknownst to the rest of the crew, Richie had dreams of taking the role of Captain and forming his own pirate crew (yes, a lion-led pirate crew). Believe it or not, Richie's dream is realized albeit for a short while. Although Mohji commonly rides on Richie's back cross-legged, he also rides him like a Harley when he is in "Richie Motorcycle" mode.

The Strongman Domingo's:

A trio of Buggy's goons that went after Nami to retrieve the map to Grand Line which she stole. When these three work together they're fairly powerful but they were no match for Luffy.

The Tightrope Walking Hoonan Brothers:

Three pirates of Buggy's who have a very bad day when they cross paths with Nami, Zoro and Zoro yet again. Their ship was stolen by Nami and they were later 'rescued' at sea by Zoro whom proceeded to beat the hell out of them when they mistook him for a simple sea-faring lad. After the fight with Buggy concludes they meet Luffy, Nami and Zoro all together. At first they don't recognize Zoro, but when they see his face they run for their lives, leaving the protagonists with a useable ship.

The Flying Fours:

A quartet of acrobatic knife experts that attacked Nami when she refused to blow up Luffy. They were defeated with ease by Zoro.