Yes, I like Japanese animation and manga. Big surprise. Forgive my cynicism but what college student that has a Japanese-theme web page these days isn't into at least one of those two mediums? If you're in this section let me be very clear. I am not attempting to create the end all Japanese animation or manga page here. There are countless others out there wasting time on such endeavors. This is under "Miscellaneous" because that is exactly what this is. A disjointed section that I do not intend to update very often and when I do, chances are it will be something to do with One Piece which is by far the most enjoyable and interesting story I have ever read. If there is something else worth commenting on, say a major film release, interesting new series, etc. then I may end up posting some news about it here. If you want the latest and greatest news on this type of thing, please visit some of the places listed on my Links page. Otherwise, check back here from time to time for a nugget of information that I promise will be very interesting indeed.