Captain: "Straw Hat" Luffy D. Monkey*

Bounty: 300,000,000 Belly “Most Wanted Pirate in East Blue”
(Formerly 100,000,000 Belly)
(Formerly 30,000,000 Belly)

Age: 17
Birthday: May 5th
Height: 172cm / 5’7”
Sign: Taurus
Hometown: East Blue - Dawn Island: Fusha Village
Commonly Associated Numbers: 01, 56
Commonly Associated Color: Red
According to Chopper Smells Like: Meat
Favorite Type of Island: Loves summer, but also loves snow. So his favorite island is one that has meat. Huh?
Favorite Foods: Any kind of meat. *Akuma no Mi(Devil’s Fruit): Gomu Gomu no Mi Gives Luffy the ability to stretch his body like rubber.

History of Luffy

Born with the mysterious 'D' namesake, Luffy grew up with a insatiable desire to travel far and wide to the ends of the treacherous stretch of sea known as The Grand Line in order to obtain One Piece, the greatest treasure of Gold Roger, the only pirate known to have traveled to the ends of the earth and back, the man the world called, The Pirate King. Exactly what instilled such passion and determination in a child towards such a seemingly impossible dream is unclear but some might say that his desire to track down the One Piece and become the next Pirate King might just be destiny. Second only to this dream is Luffy’s goal to reunite with his childhood idol, Red-Haired Shanks. Shanks is a pirate of remarkable, but mysterious, status who was taking time off in East Blue at a small community called Fusha Village on Dawn Island. After Shanks had spent a year docked in town, at age 7 Luffy was determined to prove his worth as a pirate in order to join Shanks’ crew. Standing atop Shanks’ ship, Luffy drove a dagger into his left cheek to show his manliness. The wound would leave a scar he would carry for the rest of his life, but not in the creepy emo way, the Jaws kind of way.

The same day he stabbed himself, Shanks’ men took Luffy drinking with them in a local bar. Just to have some fun they teased him and treated Luffy like the child he was which frustrated him to no end. Even when he said that one day his punch would be as strong as a shot fired from a pistol, the crew just laughed. In his anger, Luffy devoured a strange fruit lying in an open box on the bar counter top. Moments later a mountain bandit, Higuma, crashed Shanks’ party. He arrogantly promised, "...not to hurt anyone.", saying he just wanted to buy some wine. The barkeep Makino politely told him that there was no more since the pirates had just bought the last of it. Shanks happily offered his unopened bottle to Higuma, but the bandit broke the bottle with his fist while it was still grasped in Shanks’ hand. Shanks ignored the bandit’s grim boast of having killed 56 men and instead of fighting back, got on his knees and began cleaning the broken glass from the floor. Higuma swept the countertop clean, sending a barrage of bottles and glasses smashing to the floor on top of Shanks. With that, Higuma called the pirates, "A crew of cowards!", and left. Almost instantly after the thief and his thugs took their leave, the pirates burst into laughter. But Luffy wasn’t laughing, instead he began screaming at Shanks for not standing up for himself. The captain understood Luffy’s anger but told him not to worry so much about a little spilt beer and wine. Luffy refused to accept the words from his hero and stormed away in a fury. Shanks grabbed Luffy's arm, only to watch it stretch across the room as Luffy tramped through the bar.

Fate played an important role that day for Luffy, as the fruit he had just eaten a few minutes ago was a Devil’s Fruit, a mysterious fruit of unknown origins that grants whomever consumes it unique powers. Luffy so happened to have devoured the Gomu Gomu Fruit turning him into a rubber human capable of stretching to great lengths. There is one catch though, whoever eats a Devil’s Fruit will be almost completey unable to move or use any of their special powers by their own will when completely submerged in any standing body of water no matter what its origin (sea, lake, pool etc.) and thereby drown. There are also other related weaknesses, but those are another story.

After reprimanding Luffy and explaining about his new handicap, Shanks and his men headed back out to sea. That didn’t really bother Luffy though, he was still angry with them for being cowards, plus he was having far too much fun with his new powers. In fact, except for his ability to stretch like a rubber band, life had pretty much returned to normal. One day Luffy was in Makino’s bar, discussing Shanks with her. He reiterated his disgust with Shanks for standing down to the mountain thief. Makino commented that she thought it was cooler if a guy could take insults like that and smile afterwards. In the middle of their conversation, an old 'friend' came barging through the door, Higuma. He was pleased to see that the bar was empty and demanded beer. Before Higuma's gang had even begun drinking, Makino witnessed Luffy get in a fight with Higuma after the killer continued to speak ill of Shanks. She bolted for help while the criminal and his goons kicked, beat and punched the boy, fascinated that they weren’t damaging him much because of his rubber body. The village chief ran to the scene of the violence and begged Higuma and his men to let Luffy go, all the while the little rubber boy was spouting off insults and obscenities demanding that Higuma apologize for his harsh words towards Shanks. Fed up with the boy’s insults, Higuma decided to kill the boy but a man approached from the back of the crowd of villagers, “Well no one greeted us at the dock so we figured something was up.” Shanks and his crew had returned.

Shanks ignored the bandit and chided Luffy, “Didn’t you say your punch was going to be as strong as a pistol?” Again Shanks’ calm demeanor infuriated the bandits and one gang member pulled a gun on Shanks. The red-haired captain warned him that since he was using a gun, he had officially, "...wagered his life." From out of nowhere, Shanks’ Officer Lucky Roo apathetically put a bullet through the bandit’s head while gnawing on a piece of meat. The bandits were taken back by the rash move but Shanks reminded them that they were, after all, pirates. Shanks told them that he could forgive anyone that makes light of him personally, but won’t forgive anyone unlucky enough to threaten his friends. The bandits called out a few nasty threats and then attacked. After extinguishing his cigarette on the head of the first bandit to reach him, Shanks’ Lieutenant Ben Beckman knocked out the entire gang with only the butt of his rifle.

Finding himself alone, Higuma used a smoke bomb to escape with Luffy. Thinking that the pirates would instinctively search for him in the mountains, as he was a mountain bandit, Higuma felt safe escaping to sea in a small boat. After reaching a point far out on the coast of Fusha Village, Higuma kicked Luffy into the water and watched him begin to drown. But as Luffy struggled to stay above the water, a giant ominous shadow crept up behind the laughing bandit. Before he could even finish a sentence exclaiming his surprise, the sea serpent known as that region's 'Lord of the Coast' devoured Higuma and part of the boat in a single bite. Luffy screamed for help as the monster charged for him with its mouth agape bearing its sword-like teeth. As the monster closed his jaws, a figure grabbed Luffy and turned him away from the serpent. Shanks had appeared! Shanks stared at the serpent with eyes like a mad demon and told it to, "Get lost." The monster did not even seem to think twice as it sped away. Shanks congratulated Luffy for standing up for him in his place, he even said he owed him one. But Luffy couldn't stop crying. Despite his idol’s smile and kind words, Luffy was too shocked that the serpent’s bite meant for him, had torn off Shanks’ left arm.

A short time later, Shanks left the town for good. He decided not to take the young boy with him, but instead gave Luffy his straw hat and made a promise with him. He told Luffy to return the hat to him one day if he really wanted to be the Pirate King. Luffy tearfully bid Shanks farewell and began training to become stronger in order to fulfill his promise.

10 Years Later

Luffy left his village with only a small boat, sparse supplies and a barrel. No crew, no pirate ship and no sense of direction, Luffy D. Monkey set out at the age of 17 to obtain a pirate ship, gather a crew of ten, find the One Piece and become the Pirate King!

Notes on Luffy:


Luffy redefines the meaning of “adventurous”. One Piece author Eichiro Oda has actually given Luffy a signature eye sparkle every time the possibility of a new exploration or opportunity for an adventure pops up. It is important to realize that Luffy has little to no concept of what being a pirate is by standards that exist in our world. One may conjure up images of a grotesque black-toothed pirate pillaging and raping of villages under the Jolly Roger. Luffy has no desire for any of that, his goal is to have as much fun while adventuring as possible; to see new things and to go to new places. Make no mistake, he is not trying to become a better person, Luffy’s personality, loyalties and perspective on life have remained relatively unchanged since the story began. He simply wants to do and see as much as possible in his life. As clearly illustrated during his encounter with a certain villain in Logue Town, Luffy does not care if he should die at any time or place. In this sense, Luffy is living the true pirate life as it exists in the world of One Piece. Note that the pirates obsessed with destruction and material wealth are the ones who fall at the hands of Luffy and his expanding crew.

Luffy’s most prized possession and “treasure”, as you may have guessed, is his straw hat. The hat given to him by Shanks is more important to him than his own life. His devotion to it was first seen during his battle with Captain Buggy. Buggy stabbed the hat which sent Luffy into a rage. After the battle, Nami was able to mend the holes in the hat for him. Luffy rarely parts with the hat but he once put it on Nami before the battle with Arlong.

It is very difficult for Luffy to pay attention to serious conversations. Often he will listen to half of a lecture (or less) when being told something important.

His friends mean as much to Luffy as his straw hat. He will do anything for them. Anything.

Unfortunately Luffy has a hard time remembering people’s names, locations or expressions and often confuses them, sometimes with disastrous results.

Luffy’s distinct laugh is: “Heeheehee~”

Luffy has little to no fashion sense. He supposedly doesn't choose clothes based on how he'd look in them, rather on how 'adventurous' they appear. Luffy is unable to accessorize unless he's with Usopp, Sanji, Nami or Robin. On Skypiea this is how he obtained his bracelet and wristband. As Sanji and Usopp were changing into clothes for their adventure Luffy noticed a wristband of Usopp's and took a shining to it. Sanji then offered him a bracelet to complete the look. This is how Luffy changes his appearance although many of these scenes are not drawn. Oda described the above episode in an SBS entry from Volume 37.

Although not officially ranked as one of the Top Five Liars in the series thus far, Luffy is close to being in the running. His lies are often related to whether or not he devoured the ship’s emergency rations.

What Luffy wants, Luffy gets. There have been few things denied of our hero. Thus far of characters he has asked to join his crew, only 4 have had to deny his request for one reason or another. They are: Gaimon, Vivi, Dr. Kureha and Iceburg. However, most of these characters (in particular Vivi) are considered honorary crew members and show up one way or another from time to time.

Luffy is not the brightest lightbulb in the package but he has a unnervingly strong grip on reading a situation and choosing a path based on what is in his heart. Many of the characters in One Piece survive many hardships simply by the strength of their heart and Luffy is certainly no different. This means that at times he may be COMPLETELY wrong as in an instance where he, wrongfully, accused Zoro of needlessly murdering 'civilians'. Luckily he's normally an excellent judge of character and there is no hardship too big or too small he won't hesitate to endure for the sake of what he believes is right in his heart. Not for justice, but for the sake of his friends. Justice is a complicated and changing thing but Luffy believes in those close to him and he is willing to die to protect them.


In order to regain his strength, Luffy needs either to eat red meat or take a nap. As the series progresses, Luffy actually teaches himself to simultaneously eat and sleep.

According to Oda, Luffy most resembles a monkey....DUH

Luffy's vagarious imagination has a tendency of coming true. His outlandish ideas that he puts to paper which resemble toddler-like scrawls and his decidedly oddball expectations for unknown locations often tend to come true one way or another. Author Oda Eiichiro also makes it a point for Luffy NEVER to point out the fact that he was right about something while everyone else simply rolled their eyes. This is probably because A) It's makes a nice Easter Egg for careful readers and B) Luffy never doubts he could be wrong to begin with.

Luffy appears to be the 6th tallest human crew member as of Vol. 47.

Trivia, Puns & Observations

The details of Luffy’s origin remain a mystery as of this writing (2/08). However, every week we come closer and closer to finding out who he is, where he came from and why it may be his “fate” to follow the path of Shanks and...perhaps a few others as well. One of the biggest questions surrounding Luffy is the meaning of the "D" in his name. What does it mean? Where does it come from? Is it a title? Is it a status symbol? At this time the meaning is still unknown. What information we do know about Luffy's past is considered by your's truly to be a major spoiler. If you are reading One Piece and simply cannot wait to find out more about Luffy and where he came from, be sure to check out the Luffy Spoilers section. But you're forewarned! Some of the spoilers in there have taken as long as 10 years to be revealed in the actual comic. If you are not intimately familiar with the story I suggest you avoid them.

Luffy’s birthday is May 5th. The gag behind this is, May 5th is Children’s Day in Japan and Luffy is nothing but a big kid.

Isn't 'Luffy' a strange name? In what would seem to be an odd twist of fate, his name is actually related to the nautical term 'luffing'. This is a condition when wind simultaneously blows over both sides of a sail refusing it a static shape and resulting in a rippling effect. The leading edge of a sail is henceforth called 'luff' after the condition. In an interview during the 10th Anniversary project for One Piece, Oda claimed that this was purely a coincidence and was only aware of the fact after fans pointed it out to him.

On the numbers associated with Luffy, while 01 asserts his status as the founding member of his crew, the number 56 is a pun which may be understood only in phoenetic Japanese: 5=go and 6=mu(tsu) put part of them together and you get gomu, or Japanese for 'rubber'.

The first bounty placed on Luffy was 30,000,000 Belly, which was after he defeated Arlong and threatened the corrupt Marine Captain of the 17th Division, Nezumi. After defeating Sir Crocodile a 100,000,000 Belly bounty was placed on his head. Luffy's current bounty is 300,000,000 Belly, this was placed on his head after the events at Enies Lobby.

Brace yourself. According to Oda in various SBS installments, Luffy's arm can stretch 72 Gomu Gomu's. 1 Gomu Gomu is equal to 10 Maerchen Gomu Gomu's. (Maerchen is German for 'fairy-tale' which in Japanese, "meruhen", means kind of fantasy-like) 1 Maerchen Gomu Gomu is equivalent to 10 Funky Gomu Gomu's which means that he can stretch 7,200 Funky Gomu Gomu's. A Poison Gomu Gomu is equal to 10 Gomu Gomu's. Make sense? I HOPE NOT!

When it comes to which attacks get featured in the comic it seems that author Eiichiro Oda doesn't just use ideas based on what he likes, but also takes the input of fans very seriously. In 2005 a poll was conducted by Shueisha, the publisher of the comic magazine Shonen JUMP in which One Piece is published, to find out which attack was the most popular. In a somewhat surprising result (at least to your's truly) Luffy's signature attack, Gomu Gomu Pistol was not the Number One Favorite Attack. For the purpose of avoiding spoilers the winning attack will not be mentioned here. While the winning attack was indeed one of Luffy's it was not utilized much in the comic. However, upon the conclusion of the arc, Summer 2006, which was in progress during the poll, Luffy used a variation of the winning attack as the final blow to his opponent ending one of the longest battles in the series. Good to know that the author is indeed listening!

Luffy's hometown in East Blue, Fusha Village, although read as Fusha actually means 'windmill' in Japanese.

If given a chance to rethink the power he gave Luffy, Oda would not change it to anything else. In a SBS from Volume 35, Oda admitted to thinking seriously about what kind of power he wanted to give his main hero and hasn't had any regrets since...although he did consider an Ero Ero (erotic eroctic) Fruit....13 times. Nutjob.

Luffy is the undisputed champion of the 2005 'Your Favorite Technique' vote with 11 of the Top 30 Favorite Techniques. His results are displayed below in Luffy's Special Attacks by the respective techniques.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Luffy cannot be crushed, at least not as far as we know. Normal punches or blows do not effect him, however particularly powerful attacks from formidable opponents may injure him and cause bleeding. Normal bullets will also bounce away from Luffy’s body harmlessly, however, since rubber may be cut or sliced, Luffy may also be cut. Luffy is also susceptible to hunger and dehydration. Last but not least, since Luffy ate a Devil’s Fruit, he loses the ability to move effectively in water and may become immobilized or weak. He also loses the ability to control his Gomu Gomu abilities when submerged. In that same vein, Luffy is powerless when in the presence of Seastone, a unique substance that the Marines have built their prisons with. It emits the same type of energy as the ocean and therefore has the same effect as being in water for people who have eaten Devil’s Fruit. Some characters even have weapons constructed with Seastone in it.

A clear sign of Luffy's ingenuity in battle doesn't become clear until much later in the series. However, his creative and combat 'genius' are not entirely his own doing and often come to pass as pure dumb luck. That is to say, author Eiichiro Oda does not attribute some of Luffy's shiningly brilliant moments in battle to Luffy thinking through what he's doing, rather it is pure chance that some of his stunning 'strategies' actually work. Take for example his final battle in Skypiea; Luffy was completely unaware that gold conducts electricity but his unique condition at the time allowed him to ground a massive amount of electricity. HOWEVER, quite far into the series we have clear evidence that Luffy is able to grasp some biologically complex concepts and use his special abilities to take advantage of them. More on those below in Luffy's Special Attacks but it is a spoiler.

Although readers of series like One Piece tend to focus on the strength of the main character or hero, one should also consider the strength of those around them. Luffy's personality as carefree, and sometimes suicidal, as it seems has drawn a circle of friends and crewmates close to him that will support him, and even attempt to give their life for him, whenever he can't support himself. Luffy puts his life on the line for his crew and even strangers he deems 'nice guys' and in return, those around him do the same for him. As they have saved him many, many times it's no doubt that one of Luffy's greatest strengths is his crew.

Perhaps maybe not his own weakness, but certainly one that his crew must endure as a result, is his sense of adventure. Often his crew finds themselves in treacherous or mysterious circumstances that lead to trouble and although escape would not necessarily be considered impossible, especially considering many of their abilities, it is Luffy's insatiable sense of adventure that forces the entire crew to plunge deeper and deeper into into danger, much to Luffy's delight.

Luffy Spoilers

Click this link and highlight the text to see Luffy Spoilers, but I am warning you right now, these in particular are HUGE and will ruin MANY of the series’ best surprises. Don't say I didn't warn you. Don't spoil others. Some of these were revealed almost a decade from the manga's start. If you ruin it for yourself, at least respect other's wishes. The current spoilers cover events through Volume 48.

Luffy's Special Attacks

Name of AttackTranslation Villains Used Against Location in Manga Special Notes
Gomu Gomu no Pisutoru
Gomu Gomu Pistol
Lord of the Coast, Alvida, Helmeppo, Buggy, Captain Kuro, Moomu, Arlong, Smoker, Candle Champion, Sir Crocodile, Satori, Wiper, Foxy, Usopp, Moria
Vol.1 pg54, pg79, pg165. Vol.3 pg13. Vol.5 pg33. Vol.9 pg34. Vol.10 pg43. Vol.12 pg23. Vol.14 pg154. Vol.20 pg18. Vol.22 pg94. Vol.26 pg186. Vol.27 pg10. Vol.28 pg98. Vol.33 pg174, pg214. Vol.35 pg112. Vol.48 pg70.
Luffy fires out his arm and punches his enemy. He developed this attack because he wanted to have a punch as strong as a bullet fired from a pistol. The kanji for “pistol” is ‘juu’ meaning gun. Important note: Oda has a habit of writing kanji for attacks, but they are pronounced in other languages. Sometimes they end up being puns or jokes. In 2005, this was selected as the 9th most popular attack in the first One Piece 'Your Favorite Techniques' vote with 552 votes.
Gomu Gomu no Roketto
Gomu Gomu Rocket
Krieg Pirates, Dorry, Smoker
Vol.1 pg118, pg140. Vol.6 pg174. Vol.14 pg12. Vol.18 pg52. Vol.32 pg57. Vol.36 pg153. Vol.39 pg72 & 179. Vol.
Luffy launches his hands far in front of him and grabs onto an object, then fires his entire body forward like a rocket. This may be used as an offensive attack where his body is a weapon, or as a means of covering great distances or gaps quickly.
Gomu Gomu no Muchi
Gomu Gomu Whip
Morgan’s subordinates, Captain Kuro, Arlong, Sir Crocodile, Ener, Bamboo, Franky
Vol.1 pg152. Vol.5 pg32. Vol.10 pg165. Vol.20 pg35. Vol.30 pg90. Vol.32 pg184. Vol.35 pg182
Luffy pulls back his leg and kicks it forward, snapping it like a whip against his enemies. Good for attacking groups.
Gomu Gomu no Tsuchi
Gomu Gomu Mallet
Vol.2 pg106.
Luffy twists his arms around like a screw, then grabs his opponent, raises them over his shoulders and then hammers them into the ground.
Gomu Gomu no Fuusen
Gomu Gomu Balloon
Special Deluxe Buggy Ball, Marine Cannon Ball, Smoker, Wiper’s Shell
Vol.2 pg151, Vol.5 pg157. Vol.12 pg48. Vol.19 pg38. Vol.27 pg113. Vol.32 pg94.^
Luffy sucks in air and expands his chest like a balloon. Good for bouncing away projectiles or saving others from great falls. In 2005, this was selected as the 17th most popular attack in the first One Piece 'Your Favorite Techniques' vote with 162 votes.
Gomu Gomu no Kama
Gomu Gomu Sickle
Vol.3 pg15.
Luffy stretches his hand horizontally across that which he wants to 'cut', then launches his body forward, 'cutting' his target in half with his arm.
Gomu Gomu no Bazuuka
Gomu Gomu Bazooka
Buggy, Krieg, Zoro, Candle Set, Bullfight Red CT, Wapol, Sir Crocodile, Wiper, Lord of the Forest, Ener, Usopp, Surprise Zombie
Vol.3 pg65. Vol.7 pg42p. Vol.8 pg60p, 62p. Vol.13 pg77. Vol.14 pg121, pg136, pg137. Vol.17 pg124. Vol.20 pg22, pg34. Vol.22 pg105. Vol.26 pg161. Vol.28 pg101. Vol.29 pg43. Vol.30 pg124. Vol.35 pg113. Vol.47 pg19.
Luffy pulls his hands far behind his back, then launches both of them forward simultaneously wrist to wrist hitting his foe very hard and usually sending them far, far away. In 2005, this was selected as the 5th most popular attack in the first One Piece 'Your Favorite Techniques' vote with 995 votes.
Gomu Gomu no Gatoringu
Gomu Gomu Gatling Gun
Kuro Neko Pirates, Krieg, Arlong, Sir Crocodile, Surprising Ball, Ener, Foxy, Usopp, Lucci, Marines, Blueno, Moria
Vol.4 pg81. Vol.8 pg54. Vol.10 pg166. Vol.20 pg21. Vol.23 pg14. Vol.27 pg16. Vol.30 pg99. Vol.34 pg21. Vol.35 pg110. Vol.37 pg17. Vol.40 pg43 & 119. Vol.48 pg72.
A barrage of straight punches that are so fast, Luffy appears to be riddling his opponents with Gatling Gun fire. The kanji means literally “Battering Gun” but may be interpreted as “Gatling Gun”. In 2005, this was selected as the most popular attack in the first One Piece 'Your Favorite Techniques' vote with 3785 votes.
Gomu Gomu no Yari
Gomu Gomu Spear
Captain Kuro, Arlong, Ener, World Government Agent
Vol.5 pg23 Vol.11 pg34. Vol.30 pg91. Vol.40 pg77.
Putting the soles of his feet together, Luffy launches them directly at his target like a lance.
Gomu Gomu no Kane
Gomu Gomu Bell
Captain Kuro, Arlong
Vol.5 pg89. Vol.10 pg165.
Luffy grabs hold of his opponent immobilizing them and stretches his neck far back only to whip it forward, planting it in his opponent's face.
Gomu Gomu no Oogama
Gomu Gomu Scythe
Krieg Pirates
Vol.6 pg175.
While in mid-air Luffy stretches both of his arms out to his side and can clothesline at least eight grown men. Works best combined with Gomu Gomu Rocket.
Gomu Gomu no Ono
Gomu Gomu Axe
Krieg Pirates, Arlong, Sir Crocodile, Ener
Vol.7 pg118. Vol.11 pg60. Vol.20 pg23. Vol.30 pg98.
After stretching his right leg high into the air, Luffy brings down his leg with tremendous force on top of his target. The kanji reads “War Axe”
Gomu Gomu no Buretto
Gomu Gomu Bullet
Krieg, Arlong, Wapol, Crocodile, Ao Kiji, Usopp, Blueno
Vol.8 pg18, pg56 Vol.10 pg166. Vol.16 pg96, pg186. Vol.22 pg195. Vol.34 pg80. Vol.35 pg116. Vol.37 pg32. Vol.40 pg198.
Luffy puts all of his body weight and strength into his right fist for a POWERFUL punch typically to his opponent's gut. The kanji used in this attack name indicate that it is a bullet fired from a rifle. In 2005, this move tied with Zoro's Bleeding the Wolf as the 28th most popular attack in the first One Piece 'Your Favorite Techniques' vote with 68 votes.
Gomu Gomu no Oozduchi
Gomu Gomu Giant Mallet
Vol.8 pg74
Basically the same idea as the Gomu Gomu Mallet, but carried out with Luffy’s legs instead of his arms.
Gomu Gomu no Kazaguruma
Gomu Gomu Windmill
Moomu, Arlong Gang
Vol.10 pg22.
Luffy grabs hold of his target and twirls it in a circle at high speeds then releases it. Depending on the size of his target, this may also create a tornado-like effect that will sweep up anyone inside his swinging range. It is likely that seeing the pinwheel attached to Gen's hat in Cocoyashi village gave Luffy the idea for this attack.
Gomu Gomu no Tate
Gomu Gomu Shield
Vol.11 pg29.
Stretching out his fingers across his face or body, Luffy makes a flexible shield.
Gomu Gomu no Ami
Gomu Gomu Net
Arlong, Sir Crocodile
Vol.11 pg33. Vol.20 pg34.
Shooting out his fingers and weaving them together, Luffy creates a net to capture his target in.
Gomu Gomu no Ikebana
Gomu Gomu Ikebana
Vol.12 pg105.
Using his own ship’s mast, Luffy plunged it into Laboon’s face like a part of an ikebana arrangement. Ikebana is a term for traditional Japanese flower arragement. This was a gag technique.
Gomu Gomu no Tonkachi
Gomu Gomu Hammer
Candle Set, Candle Lock, Mr. 3
Vol.14 pg123.
Using Mr. 3‘s skills against him, Luffy fires his arm covered in the Officer Agent’s ‘Candle Lock’ at him. It is strong enough to break through 3’s ‘Candle Wall’.
Gomu Gomu no Sutanpu
Gomu Gomu Stamp
Candle Champion, Mr. 3, Sir Crocodile, Wiper, Blueno, Blueno, Moria
Vol.14 pg156, pg182. Vol.20 pg.20 Vol.28 pg99. Vol.40 pg208. Vol.44 pg41. Vol.48 pg75
A powerful kick from the sole of Luffy’s foot.
Gomu Gomu no Bo-gan
Gomu Gomu Bow Gun
Vol.17 pg120.
Luffy coils himself tightly around his opponent, then releases them, sending them flying into the air as if shot from a bow gun.
Gomu Gomu no Dame Da!!
Gomu Gomu No Way!
Vol.19 pg9.
Luffy defends his last water ration in the desert from Usopp by swinging it around. This was a gag technique. In 2005, this was selected as the 24th most popular attack in the first One Piece 'Your Favorite Techniques' vote with 76 votes
Gomu Gomu no Baku Baku
Gomu Gomu Chomp Chomp
Sir Crocodile
Vol.20 pg39.
Taking a cue from Wapol, Luffy expands his mouth and tries to catch his opponent by eating them.
Gomu Gomu no Marunokogiri
Gomu Gomu Buzz Saw
Sir Crocodile
Vol.22 pg82.
Luffy grabs onto his opponent from afar by stretching his hands out in front of him. He then curls his body into a ball and rotates at an incredible rate. Finally he pulls himself towards his enemy colliding with like a buzz saw chewing into a piece of wood.
Gomu Gomu no Pisutoru Shotto
Gomu Gomu Pistol Shotgun
Sir Crocodile
Vol.22 pg114.
This begins like Gomu Gomu Pistol, but Luffy twangs his rubber arm before it impacts with its target creating a single barrage of punches in one hit. It is difficult to translate this attack, normally I would just call it Gomu Gomu Shotgun, but Luffy specifically says “Pistol” before “Shotto” which is Japanese for ‘shotgun’. The kanji reads “Scatter Shot”. In conclusion, I’m not sure if Oda intends it to be ‘scatter shot’ or ‘shotgun’, but shotgun sounds cooler.
Mizu Mizu no Pisutoru
Water Water Pistol
Sir Crocodile
Vol.22 pg114.
After filling himself with water, Luffy shoots it out of his mouth in bubbles.
Gomu Gomu no Suto-mu
Gomu Gomu Storm
Sir Crocodile, Ao Kiji, Marines, World Government Agents
Vol.23 pg81. Vol.34 pg99. Vol.40 pg22.
Luffy fills himself with air then twists his body and facing the ground, releases the air at once sending him spinning into the sky. As he spins he performs a punching attack similar to Gomu Gomu Gatling but far more intense and from a greater distance. This is one of Luffy's strongest basic attacks and is effective against large groups or a single powerful individual. In 2005, this was selected as the 7th most popular attack in the first One Piece 'Your Favorite Techniques' vote with 815 votes
Gomu Gomu no Hanabi
Gomu Gomu Fireworks
White Berets
Vol.26 pg113.
After spinning in mid-air, Luffy explodes into a display of kicking feet and punching hands. In 2005, this was selected as the 19th most popular attack in the first One Piece 'Your Favorite Techniques' vote with 111 votes.
Gomu Gomu no "Bo~"
Gomu Gomu "Gu~h"
Vol.30 pg119.
By emptying his mind (hence the "Gu~h") Luffy is able to hide his movements from someone who can sense Mantra. The drawback is that since he cannot think, he cannot attack and may only dodge attacks instinctively. In Japanese when someone spaces out it's called 'bo~ tto suru'. In 2005, this was selected as the 20th most popular attack in the first One Piece 'Your Favorite Techniques' vote with 95 votes
Gomu Gomu no Tako
Gomu Gomu Octopus
Vol.30 pg120.
This is the second move Luffy creates in an attempt to counteract Mantra sensers. Luffy allows his body to go limp making his appendages seem like octopus tentacles.
Gomu Gomu no Tako Hanabi
Gomu Gomu Octopus Fireworks
Vol.30 pg121.
Luffy sends out a fury of punches and kicks from a mid-air position in no particular direction. Since he is acting, and therefore 'thinking' about doing something, that movement may be read by a Mantra seer. HOWEVER, with his body limp, if his blows bounce off of an object, he cannot control where the rebounded barrage of punches and kicks end up, much to the dismay of someone trying to read his actions.
Gomu Gomu no Raifuru
Gomu Gomu Rifle
Ener, Blueno, Lucci
Vol.30 pg125. Vol.40 pg118. Vol.44 pg38.
Luffy winds up his fist and pounds it into an opponent much like the Gomu Gomu Pistol. The kanji directly tranlates to "revolving shot". Since the Japanese word for rifle is "raifuru" the double meaning here is, I suppose, that modern rifles put a lengthy spin on the bullets fired from them. In this sense, Luffy is firing his "bullet" from a rifle as opposed to a shotgun or pistol as in other techniques he displays. In 2005, this was selected as the 21st most popular attack in the first One Piece 'Your Favorite Techniques' vote with 85 votes
Gomu Gomu no Hanabi-Ougon Botan
Gomu Gomu Fireworks-Golden Tree Peony
Vol.32 pg40.
With a giant gold sphere sealed around his right hand, Luffy swings the orb in all directions within a massive electrical field in an attempt to conduct a huge amount of electrical current to his rubber body which acts as a ground.
Gomu Gomu no Ougon Raifuru
Gomu Gomu Golden Rifle
Vol.32 pg58
With a giant golden sphere attached to his arm, Luffy winds up his fist and delivers a devasting blow just as with Gomu Gomu Rifle but combined with the fantastic weight of the massive orb. In 2005, this was selected as the 13th most popular attack in the first One Piece 'Your Favorite Techniques' vote with 327 votes.
Gomu Hukku
Gomu Hook
Vol.33 pg191
Luffy delivers a painful hook to his opponent from behind.
Gomu Gomu no Fureiru
Gomu Gomu Flail
Vol.34 pg25.
Luffy twirls his arm like a flail while wearing a boxing glove and stops his fist from flying at maximum speed by landing it on his opponent's face. The kanji for this is literally read as "Linked Hammer"
Gomu Gomu no Kyanon
Gomu Gomu Cannon
Franky Family Mighty Destroyer
Vol.35 pg53
Through a non-connecting Gomu Gomu Gatling-like series of punches, Luffy gather a tremendous force behind his fists which he unleashes similarly to Gomu Gomu Bazooka. Think of it as a concentrated Gomu Gomu Gatling. The impact of this move is supposedly greater than that of a battleship cannon. The kanji for 'cannon' are literally read as "Siege Cannon". This is indicative of the 'portable' nature of the attack not to mention Luffy does indeed use it for the first time during a siege. One will find this term used for medieval shoulder-mounted cannons that may be carried by troops.
Gomu Gomu no Mikata Robo
Gomu Gomu Robot Friend
A Marine
Vol.39 pg190
Twisting his arms and legs around an enemy's said appendages, Luffy moves the victim at will creating a walking shield/warrior. Kinda like a robot pal.
Mikata Robo Panchi
Robot Friend Punch
Vol.39 pg190
By controlling an opponent's movements via Gomu Gomu Robot Friend, Luffy uses his 'friend' to punch his/her own fellow warriors.
Mikata Robo Kikku
Robot Friend Kick
Vol.39 pg190
By controlling an opponent's movements via Gomu Gomu Robot Friend, Luffy uses his 'friend' to kick his/her own fellow warriors.
Gomu Gomu no Kazan
Gomu Gomu Volcano
Marines, World Government Agents
Vol.40 pg42
Definitely an attack used for striking a large group of foes. Similar to starting his Gomu Gomu Axe, Luffy launches his foot into the air and completely blows the roof off of a building. This act resembles an exploding volcano. To further the effect (and the damage) Luffy can push down the shattered wreckage of the building onto any opponents below via Gomu Gomu Gatling, in mid-air no less, where Luffy creates a rain of stone and mortar that will devastate any normal human foes below, similar to an explosion from a volcano.

^ Mentioned but not seen


This section contains spoilers regarding attacks that Luffy learns far into the story. If you do not wish to learn about them please proceed to Officially Listed Battles Fought to continue reading. The further Luffy traveled along the Grand Line, the more he came to realize that in order to protect his comrades and continue their grand adventure, he would have to come up with a drastically new form of using his Devil Fruit powers. Suffering a terrible defeat at the hands of a Marines Vice Admiral, Luffy was determined to find a, 'new way' to fight and he found it in the form of the Gears. It is not fair to make a judgement of exactly when he conceived of them as it is unclear whether or not he attempted to try using them before we (the readers) see him use them against a villain for the first time. However, it is clear he only thought of them after his defeat by the Marine Vice Admiral.

So what are the Gears exactly? They're simply Luffy using his powers beyond their obvious use. The main villain from the Arabasta arc noted that he 'honed his powers' to their greatest extent and although Luffy showed signs of doing the same shortly thereafter, the concept slowly faded away...until Chapter 387 where author Eiichiro Oda finally dropped a bomb on readers showing Luffy using what could best simply be described as a "power-up" in the form of Gear 2nd. Since that time Luffy has shown the ability to perform yet another power-up known as Gear 3rd. Whether or not he will refine these power-ups or create more remains to be seen. They are the prime example of Luffy's creative and sometimes scary grasp of biological needs/processes as related to his own body in combat. That or dumb luck.

Gear 2nd

The first of Luffy's power-up abilities in the series, this goes beyond standard 'power-ups' of the action/adventure manga genre which are gained only after weeks or years of brutal training. In this case, Luffy actually applied some comic book logic to his rubber body and further 'honed' his abilities as a Devil's Fruit user. Luffy squats and rests both hands on his knees which he proceeds to squish down to his feet and then release. Moments later Luffy's body begins to involuntarily twitch followed by steam pouring out from all parts of his body as he squats hunched over with his right hand clenched in a fist on the ground and his left hand on his knee. So what exactly is Luffy doing? First one must consider that Luffy's entire body is rubber, inside and out. When Luffy squishes his knees down and then releases them this acts as a pump shooting blood through his body. Since his heart and veins are rubber, they can take the extreme force without exploding. So what good does this do? Although much fan speculation has tried to apply logic to this, it's best described by a character who figures out the secret for himself. Luffy is performing a 'doping' of sorts, the increased blood-flow allows him to move at a tremendous speed, so fast that he seems to warp. Luffy learned this movement by watching users of the Six Forms techniques, specifically their move Soru where they kick the ground 10 times in an instant to dodge or move at impossible speeds. As Luffy has not named this particular movement, I will follow in suit by leaving it nameless specifically for him. However, Luffy's movement in Gear 2nd is actually not the main advantage of this power-up, far from it.

While in Gear 2nd, his normally quick attacks are all leveled up in speed and supposedly in strength as well; so much so that he appears to break the sound barrier each time he unleashes an attack with a sonic boom-like effect. This speed is the heart of Gear 2nd which came at a time when the opponents he was facing were remarkably quick as a result of their intense martial arts training. So what's with the steam? Luffy's body is evidently so far into overdrive that when he perspires, the sweat instantly evaporates causing the steam effect. Although there has been some speculation as to the physiological source of the power-up, the manga has gracefully stayed away from such a topic and we may be satisfied with the fact that if author Eiichiro Oda says it is so, it is. In the manga, steam is the signature characteristic of Gear 2nd. Occassionally Oda will draw Luffy with shaded eyes in the form but this is not always so and may simply be to express Luffy's determination. The animated version of One Piece shows Gear 2nd Luffy with a shiny pink hue to his skin and a husky voice. Although it would seem preposterous that Oda was not consulted on these decisions, he has made no effort to show such characteristics in the comic either via toning, shading or altered font.

Every power-up must have its weakness because then it wouldn't be a comic book power-up. Gear 2nd currently has two disadvantages, one is that Luffy cannot 'aim' accurately in this form when attacking. For his signature Gomu Gomu Pistol attack he must use his left hand to aim for his opponent, even if they are stationary, using his hand as a cross-hair of sorts before attacking. Luckily he has not shown any need to aim yet for attacks that are kick-related or use both hands, nor has Oda made this a debilitating handicap, at least not yet. This a bit hard to swallow since we're supposed to believe he can think and process information fast and accurately enough to appear to warp, but can't follow a target. The far more troublesome side-effect of Gear 2nd is that even though Luffy's body is rubber and his veins or heart won't explode, he's still a human. His heart in overdrive for a long period of time is simply 'too tiring', as stated in the comic, and he does not yet have the stamina to hold the form for long. Speaking of which, it remains to be seen whether there is a time limit or not on the form. One might imagine if so, there are two possible outcomes, Luffy dies from cardiac arrest or his blood pressure returns to normal. This is not something we know yet but it seems Luffy has control over the form as he can shift out of it at will.

So why have I decided to go with Gear 2nd instead of Gear Second or Second Gear or Gear 2 as it is written in the comic? Well, personally I'd love to call it Gear Second but that simply doesn't get across the fantastic bold "2" that Oda blatantly wrote as the chapter title where we first saw it in use. The romanized Japanese reads as 'gia 2' where the 2 is spelled in yomigana as 'sekando'. So the fact that he intended the 2 to be read as 'second' is without question. As far as leaving in the 2 in my translation, it just seems to express the Japanese name of the attack which Oda wrote for a purpose whereas the 'nd' clearly indicates the proper reading in English. And why not reverse/correct it to "Second Gear"? Because Oda's Japanese, not stupid. If he wanted to write Second Gear, he probably would have. It's not a simple spelling error, it's an entirely different syntax so I'm not going to mess with it.

Regarding the organization of the attacks listed here, since literally all of Luffy's attacks are leveled up but don't necessarily all have different names(such as Gomu Gomu Whip, Stamp etc) just for the sake of keeping this as accurate as possible for reference purposes, all attacks performed while in Gear 2nd despite their names will be listed here.

Name of AttackTranslation Used Against Location in MangaSpecial Notes
Gomu Gomu no JET Pisutoru
Gomu Gomu JET Pistol
Vol.40 pg206-207. Vol.43 pg181. Vol.44 pg19*, 116.
Holding out his left palm Luffy uses his fingers as a target to aim at his opponent. When his target is acquired he fires off his right arm similar to his normal Gomu Gomu Pistol attack only at a tremendous speed.
Vol.40 pg208.
Luffy sends the sole of his left foot into the face of his opponent before they know what has hit them.
Gomu Gomu no JET Bazu-ka
Gomu Gomu JET Bazooka
Blueno, Lucci
Vol.40 pg212-213. Vol.43 pg186
Rushing his opponent Luffy prepares as he would for the normal Gomu Gomu Bazooka but stops short in front of his opponent and unleashes his double-handed attack in a furious near-invisible blast at point-blank range.
JET Uippu
JET Whip
Vol.43 pg184.
A blinding long-range sweeping whip-like kick that has a larger impact zone than a direct kick.
JET Buretto
JET Bullet
Vol.44 pg119.
Luffy puts all of his strength into a solid and fast punch. Different from the standard Gomu Gomu Bullet, Luffy seems to throw back his left hand before driving it home into an opponent's stomach.
Tsuin JET Pisutoru
Twin JET Pistol
Vol.44 pg120-121.
Luffy's first original attack in Gear 2nd, Luffy fires off both his fists at his opponent like twin jets breaking the sound barrier. Insane.
Gomu Gomu no JET Gatoringu
Gomu Gomu JET Gatling
Vol.44 pg160-161
Unfortunately this attack is somewhat difficult to describe as it moves at such a fantastic speed that it seems Luffy is doing little more than convulsing while the opponent in front of him is ravaged by an awesome maelstrom of blasts appearing on his/her chest. The attack is essentially the same idea as Gomu Gomu Gatling only at Gear 2nd speed meaning we see little more than Luffy's fist disappear and the impact on his target. Since Gatling is already a high speed attack this makes it all the more exciting since as described above the opponent is simply riddled relentlessly with a series of small explosions. It appears that Luffy does not need to aim while performing this attack.

*Not said but unmistakenly performed.

Gear 3rd

Luffy's second 'power up' Geard 3rd, while a completely different concept from Gear 2nd, retains the same idea of expanding Luffy's abilities in an entirely new way essentially upgrading his entire arsenal of attacks. Although first alluded to in Volume 40, it was not certain that this upgrade actually existed until Volume 44. Luffy sticks his right thumb into his mouth and appears to bite down hard on his own digit, right down to the very bone. He then takes a deep breath and plugs his mouth with the same thumb while blowing with all his might. The opening in his thumb forces air into the bone of his thumb and ultimately his skeletal system. His rubber body allows him to manipulate this surge of air which he moves into his trunk. Once there Luffy appears to have an awkward oversized chest resulting from his bones literally stretching and expanding, however, Luffy can now move the air throughout his entire body creating massive appendages at will. So what is the point of all of this? This grants Luffy the ability to pull off his old moves while expanding his appendages to size of a giant. What differentiates this particular attack from something along the lines of Gomu Gomu Balloon is that rather than expanding his lungs which simply stretches his skeletal system, here Luffy is actually expanding his bones, not stretching surrounding tissue which would otherwise result in a fleshy pulp. Now something like Luffy's trademark Gomu Gomu Pistol can be turned into a gigantic flying fist of hardened death. Not wanting to disappoint, Oda showed fans in Gear 3rd's second outing that Luffy can spread the air to multiple appendages at once so, for example, two-fisted Gear 3rd attacks are quite possible.

So what of the inevitable weakness? As of this writing although we've only seen it in practice twice, Gear 3rd is not without its downsides. For one, Luffy's otherwise nimble body becomes much slower as a result of his own increased size not to mention his weight shifting dramatically as he conducts the air throughout his body from attack to attack. Luffy does reduce some of the physical strain by expanding attacking appendages only just before attacking with them. This saves him the stress of moving around a gigantic arm or leg and instead uses the weight to his advantage. Again, pretty smart move for an otherwise dim guy. The biggest drawback to Gear 3rd is the 'recoil' so to speak. At this point it does not seem that Gear 3rd is limited by time, however, when Luffy exits Gear 3rd by means of a tremendous exhale, the amount of air leaving his bones seems to be greater than that which he put in, effectively shrinking him into some kind of super-deformed Mini Luffy. I could attempt to cook up a scientific explanation for the following but let's just say it's comic book biology. Luffy cannot do much more than struggle or run while in this shrunken form. The amount of time he spends shrunken is roughly equivalent to the time he spent in Gear 3rd so technically while it isn't a time-limited power up, the longer he uses it the more dangerous it becomes if he doesn't take his opponent down. When the determined time passes, Luffy pops back into his normal self ready for action.

A few fun facts about Gear 3rd, normally Luffy is immune to bullets but they still enter his body and stretch him out before being launched involuntarily back out. However, the part of his body with the inflated bones are actually impervious to bullets as they simply stop dead upon impact.

An interesting choice by Oda is how he chose to describe the 'air' Luffy injects himself with. When first explaining the power up, Luffy says that he fills himself with 'air' written in kanji. However, the yomigana for 'air' reads as 'pawa-' or 'power'. One might read this as him saying 'air power' or that Luffy considers the air used in this way to be raw power. Either way nifty stuff.

Again, as with Gear 2nd, if any attacks pop up without name changes I will list them here regardless so long as they are performed while he is in Gear 3rd. One more little observation, Luffy seemed to switch many of his attack names that were previously in Japanese to English. I will make note of this where present. Oh, and as for the 'gigant' part of the attacks, the Japanese kanji present is read as 'kyojin' literally giant. However, his choice of 'gigant' for the furigana pronounciation, while understood in English as meaning giant, is actually of European origin (Norwegian, Danish & Romanian) but commonly used in Japanese hero or tokusatsu programs not to mention video games. Furthermore the possessive article 'no' is present in the traditional Japanese naming of the attacks which makes all them "Giant's _______ ".

Name of AttackTranslation Used Against Location in MangaSpecial Notes
Hone Fuusen
Bone Balloon
Vol.44 pg42
After biting into his thumb, Luffy inflates his bones by forcing air into them. This technique initiates Gear 3rd and by bringing it to different parts of his body, in addition to increasing his appendages in size, he can even deflect attacks.
Gomu Gomu no Giganto Pisutoru
Gomu Gomu Gigant Pistol
Vol.44 pg44 & 45
Luffy shoots his left hand behind him and then pulls it forward simultaneously enlarging it to the size of a giant's fist which he sends flying into his opponent.
Gomu Gomu no Roketto
Gomu Gomu Rocket
Vol.44 pg56
Identical to his normal Gomu Gomu Rocket except for the bony mass in his trunk. We have yet to see him use this offensively.
Gomu Gomu no Giganto Akkusu
Gomu Gomu Gigant Axe
Marines, Lucci
Vol.44 pg58 & 59
Luffy extends his left foot straight into the sky and when it reaches the desired height, Luffy fills his foot with the Bone Balloon and then brings his giant foot crashing down on his opponent(s). The kanji for axe is the same as in his normal version of the attack 'gomu gomu no ono'.
Gomu Gomu no Giganto Uippu
Gomu Gomu Gigant Whip
Vol.44 pg61
Luffy extends his right foot behind him and then fills it with Bone Balloon. He then snaps his foot forward for a sweeping whip-like attack with his gigantic foot. The kanji for whip is the same as in his normal version of the attack 'gomu gomu no muchi'.

    Officially Listed Battles Fought

  1. Luffy VS Lord of the Coast (Sea Serpent) [Chapter 1]
  2. Luffy VS Alvida [Chapter 2]
  3. Luffy VS Helmeppo [Chapter 3]
  4. Luffy & Zoro VS Morgan [Chapters 4-6]
  5. Luffy VS Mohji & Richie [Chapters 12-13]
  6. Luffy VS Buggy [Chapters 18-20]
  7. Luffy VS Captain Kuro [Chapters 36-40]
  8. Luffy VS Don Krieg [Chapters 60, 62-66]
  9. Luffy & Sanji VS Sea Cow Mohmoo [Chapter 73]
  10. Luffy VS Sea Cow Mohmoo [Chapter 82]
  11. Luffy VS Arlong [Chapters 82-94]
  12. Luffy VS Smoker [Chapter 100]
  13. Luffy VS Zoro [Chapters 111-113]
  14. Luffy VS Dorey [Chapter 118]
  15. Luffy, Usopp & Kaloo VS Mr. 3, Miss. Golden Week, Mr. 5 & Miss. Valentine [Chapters 122-126]
  16. Luffy VS Wapol [Chapter 131]
  17. Luffy & Sanji VS The Lapahn [Chapters 134-137]
  18. Luffy VS Chess, Kuromarimo & Wapol [Chapter 138]
  19. Luffy, Chopper & Sanji VS Chess, Kuromarimo & Wapol [Chapters 146-141]
  20. Luffy VS Kung Fu Dugong [Chapter 161]
  21. Luffy, Zoro & Sanji VS The Great Lizard of Sandora [Chapter 162]
  22. Luffy VS Vivi [Chapter 166]
  23. Luffy & Zoro VS Bananadile [Chapter 176]
  24. Luffy VS Crocodile [Chapters 177-179]
  25. Luffy VS Crocodile (Second) [Chapters 199-202]
  26. Luffy VS Crocodile (Final Bout) [Chapters 204-210]
  27. Luffy & Zoro VS Bellamy [Chapters 224-225]

Yet to be Listed Conflicts

The last published One Piece data book, One Piece Yellow, covered events through Volume 45 but did not include a detailed battle list such as the one found in One Piece Blue which listed major battles through Volume 24. As such I've taken it upon myself to create a rather complex (some might say needlessly so) rubric for determining what constitutes a 'conflict'. If you read this list or the list for any crew member and think to yourself, "Hey, why didn't he include the part where ____", chances are the answer to your question is somewhere in there. My goal was not to create a list of every time two characters bumped into each other, but rather where there existed a serious conflict of sorts. So here is my rationale for what constitutes a conflict and the time-frame in which it took place.
  • Luffy VS Bellamy [Chapter 233]
  • Luffy, Zoro & Sanji VS Wiper [Chapter 237]
  • Luffy VS Captain McKinley & The White Berets [Chapter 242]
  • Luffy, Sanji & Usopp VS Satori [Chapters 246-247, 250]
  • Luffy VS Holy Guard Member [Chapter 257]
  • Luffy VS Wiper [Chapters 252, 257-259 & 261]
  • Luffy VS Ener [Chapters 279-282, 294 & 298-299]
  • Luffy & Nami VS Ener [Chapters 294-297]
  • Luffy VS Foxy [Chapters 314-318]
  • Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji & Robin VS Ao Kiji [Chapter 320]
  • Luffy VS Ao Kiji [Chapter 321]
  • Luffy, Nami, Usopp & Iceburg VS Calipha [Chapter 326]
  • Luffy, Zoro, Sanji & Chopper VS Franky Family [Chapters 329-330]
  • Luffy VS Sanji [Chapter 331]
  • Luffy VS Usopp [Chapters 331-333]
  • Luffy VS Franky [Chapter 336]
  • Luffy VS Galley-La [Chapters 336-339]
  • Luffy VS CP9 [Chapters 345]
  • Luffy & Paulie VS CP9 [Chapters 346-347]
  • Luffy & Zoro VS CP9 [Chapters 348-349]
  • Luffy, Zoro, Franky Family & Galley-La VS Aqua Laguna [Chapter 367]
  • Luffy VS Marines & World Government Agents of Sea Express [Chapters 371]
  • Luffy VS Marines & World Government Agents of Enies Lobby [Chapters 376-379 & 381-382]
  • Luffy VS Blueno [Chapters 382-385, 387-388]
  • Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Sanji, Chopper & Sogeking VS The World Government [Chapter 398]
  • Luffy VS Fukuro [Chapter 400]
  • Luffy VS Lucci [Chapters 408-410, 414 & 419-427]
  • Luffy & Franky VS Lucci [Chapters 416 & 418]
  • Crew & Franky VS Buster Call [Chapters 428 & 429]
  • Luffy VS Garp [Chapters 431-433]
  • Luffy VS Coby [Chapter 432]
  • Crew VS Garp [Chapters 438 & 439]
  • Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Robin & Franky VS Absalom [Chapter 444]
  • Luffy VS Wild Zombie 82 [Chapter 447]
  • Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Robin & Franky VS Soldier Zombies (476 & 636) [Chapter 448]
  • Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Robin & Franky VS Surprise Zombies [Chapter 450]
  • Luffy, Robin & Franky VS General Zombies [Chapter 452]
  • Luffy VS Jigoro, General Zombie 876 & General Zombies [Chapter 452]
  • Luffy, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper & Robin VS Soldier Zombies (409) & Perona[Chapter 460]
  • Luffy VS Cindry [Chapter 461]
  • Luffy VS Moria [Chapters 461, 463, 469-470]
  • Luffy VS Odz [Chapter 469]

Unlisted Conflicts

The requisites for some battles are questionable. It appears that if only one punch (or kick or whatever) is thrown, then it does not count as a battle (except in the very first bout listed). There are also different types of conflicts, (meaning other than throwing punches or kicks), which are not listed. These are my opinion and were not officially listed.
  • Luffy VS Higuma [Chapter 1]
  • Luffy VS Gaimon [Chapter 22]
  • Luffy VS Jango [Chapters 26 & 30]
  • Luffy VS Krieg [Chapters 54, 55 & 61]
  • Luffy, Zoro & Sanji VS Hachi [Chapter 83]
  • Luffy VS Laboon [Chapter 104]
  • Luffy & Zoro VS Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine [Chapter 112]
  • Luffy VS Wapol [Chapters 141 & 145]
  • Luffy, Sanji & Zoro VS Masira [Chapter 221]
  • Luffy VS Doc Q. [Chapter 223]
  • Crew VS Shoujou [Chapter 226]

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