Dragon Ball Z Movies and TV Specials!

The animation in the Dragon Ball/Z/GT movies and TV Specials is even richer and smoother than the normal anime's animation if you can believe it. I have seen every movie, however, one drawback to just about all of them, they have what my dad calls, " Six Steps ".

    The Six Steps

  1. Gokou meets incredibly powerful enemy they can't possibly beat because he/she has, "Incredibly overwhelming power"
  2. Gokou powers up but gets the living crap kicked out of him
  3. Gokou gets joined by friend/s and start to kick butt
  4. Main villian finds power inside him/her that is now forty times better than Gokou and his friends' power and they get more crap kicked out of them
  5. Gokou and everyone get more crap kicked out of them and things look bad
  6. Gokou has everyone give him their energy and/or he finds an incredible power inside of him that wasn't there a hour ago

Anyway, the "Six Steps" should't make ANY difference in your movie enjoyment if you're a TRUE Dragon Ball fan. If you want to get your hand on one or more of these masterpieces, simply go to your nearest Chinatown. There are many many anime stores in any Chinatown. I almost gaurantee if you find an anime store it will have Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon stuff! Now, on to the movies!

By the way, many people think, gee, I could write up summaries for these in a second. I bet you could! Good for you! You deserve a cookie! However, I on the other hand want to do what's called a G-O-O-D J-O-B. I also have another one of those things called a life. I don't just sit infront of a computer all day, and I'm not even good at typing. It's going to take a long time to complete these! I can't work on them every day, but I will try to. Thanks for understanding. By the way, this is important, I will be refering to the screen as the camera, you know like in a movie, the camera moves up and down, this makes it more dramatic, and easier for me to write so I don't have to think of new adjectives for each scene switch.

A friend of mine named Mr. Popo (not really) made some movie summaries for movies number 5 and 7. They are VERY good and the most detailed movie summaries anywhere! I will also write those movie summaries as well, but that's pretty far off from now!^_^

You are listening to Tapion's theme from DBZ Movie Number 13. He plays this song on his flute to subdue the evil monster, Hildegarn. This MIDI was created by Clint Dininger. You can mail him here.

As of now, Movies 1, 5, 7, 9 and 13 are complete.
I did not write movies 5, 7 and 9. They were written for me by other individuals.

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