So you're a HUGE fan of DBZ, but you just really don't know what's so great about this "other" version of DBZ that aired in Japan. Or maybe you know how great the Japanese version is, but you're just not motivated to buy those Japanese episodes. Or perhaps you just want to see some of the editted stuff. Well look no further. This section is more or less an image gallery designed to show you bits and pieces of material that's "vanished" from American DBZ. Take one of my first pictures for example. What's Gohan doing in a forest? You want to find out? You'll have to buy the real stuff. It's up to you, so enjoy some of the scenes you've been missing out on. The pictures are categorized by episode to make it easier for you to see where they come from. Please enjoy. Oh yeah. These were all captured and edited by ME, (for color, not for content for crying out loud!), so if you want to take some for your site, I'm sorry, but I'm ging to have to ask you not to take them. Thank you.