A friend of mine, Sean Halloran, recently pointed out to me, some of the absurdity being spread through my guestbook. Some entries were rather vulgar, and even denounced my site. These were most likely written by poor souls who lack the funds to make a decent website, or by the maintainers of such "high-brow" sites that belong to "AnARkIES ToP 100 DbZ SiTEZ". (The name speaks for itself). I just recently became aware of this, as I haven't read my guestbook in close to a year. It's just there for traditions' sake, and although I don't mind reading "comments", (if you can't constructively critisize my site, then your opinion doesn't count anyway), I don't feel it neccessary to subject non-jealous individuals to the filth that unfortunately lies within. So as with my chat room, if you're not adult to handle enough, I just need to remove it. I could easily block the individuals as I have access to their IP addresses, however, that would simply delay future problems. No skin off my back. And once again, my thanks to Sean for letting me know of the situation.

I managed to get the IP addresses of some offending parties as well. Here's one of them. You may have fun with it. Do as you please.