The Ultimate Dragon Ball Z Information Site FAQ

Lots of people ask me if I can sell them Dragon Ball Z tapes or Sailor Moon movies and various other questions. Unfortunately, I really don't have time to answer all those questions that are all the same. Before you mail me, or if you're just wondering about something technical involving Dragon Ball Z, please read through this list before sending me mail.

Q.Where can I get my hands on some uncut, Japanese and english sub-titled episodes of DBZ and Sailor Moon?
A.Contact me to find out various ways of aquiring tapes. And if you happen to live in New York City, I can give you the addresses of several places that sell DBZ tapes.

Q.When will the DBZ Dimension be open, and when can I order from you?
A.I've had to remove the DBZ Dimension from my site, (a section in which I sold uncut DBZ and Sailor Moon episodes and movies). If you want more information on why I had to remove it, please e-mail me.

Q. What's the matter with FUNimation and Cartoon Network!? How come they're showing repeats?
A. Okay guys, time to work on your reading skills. I've recieved over 300 e-mails with the same topic. "Why did DBZ re-start?". People's stories range from pathetic pleas for help, to frothing angry letters with multiple profanities. If you guys had read what I had written, you wouldn't have been surprised. Cartoon Network has purchased a new batch of 50 episodes. The episodes will be released on video this summer, and they will air on Cartoon Network this fall. You're forewarned! I never want to receive another letter asking why DBZ has re-started.

Q. Wait a second. I thought everyone was on Nameck, how'd they get back to Earth? And who's this Turles guy?
A. Surprise! FUNimation made an extra goodie for you guys! No, you're not insane. The series didn't fall apart. What you saw was actually a Dragon Ball Z movie made for TV. They editted it, chopped it into several parts, and put in on the airwaves. Why they did it, I don't know. But you have to admit it's pretty neat. However, once again, we Americans got the short end of the stick. Not only did it boast the always ridiculous edits, but it changed the main villians name to Turles, (from the original and cool name Taurus), and finally, we never get to see it IN the movies. Dragon Ball Z was so big in Japan, that EVERY year there were two movies out on the big screen. Can you imagine 20 FOOT HIGH DBZ CHARACTERS, duking in out in SURROUND SOUND WHILE YOU'RE SURROUNDED BY DBZ FANS! I think that may be heaven.

Q.Can you tell me all about DBZ? I don't know that much and I want to know more.
A. NO! I used to do it, but then it got ridiculous. After I spent an hour writing out an e-mail giving a general idea, they'd want to know more and more. I just can't do that. Please go by my biographies. There's barely anyone there except Gokou now, but look at the detail it's written in. This stuff takes time. One day the entire story of DBZ will be on this site. Just please be patient.

Q. Wait a minute. This movie doesn't make any sense. It doesn't fit in the story-line at all! What's the deal?
A. Very true. All but a few movies can possibly fit in the DBZ storyline, (and make perfect sense that is), and they are: Movie 5, Movie 9, and Movie 13. Now, there is the exception of Movie 1 which DOES occur the DBZ story-line, but it doesn't make much sense because, then Bulma and the gang wouldn't have been surprised when they found out Gokou had a kid in the series, and Gokou would have known his son had incredible hidden power in the Raditzu fight. So in short, YES it does occur, (otherwise some extra episodes later on wouldn't make any sense), but it doesn't fit into the story-line very well. Also, Gohan's dragon from movies 3 and 4 is brought into a few episodes, but it's just a pointless discussion, because movies 3 and 4 COULD NOT have happened, so we'll leave it as is. All the the other movies, (besides numbers 5, 9, 13 and number 1), are COMPLETELY impossible and NEVER take place in the anime time-line. I give you my word on this.

Q.Who is Vegitto, Dai-Kaio-Shin, Kaiobit, Mystic Gohan, etc.?
A. I used to answer these types of questions, however, with the addition of my Complete Character Guide, you now can look up any character you want to find out more about, and they'll be there.
A. DBZ is starting to air on local stations again. The stations it will appear on are the UPN and WB networks. Check your local listings to see if you've got it. Also, don't forget that unedited DBZ airs every Sunday night on the International Channel and if you live out west you might possibly get the Spanish dubbed version of DBZ which is also uncut. Keep in mind, neither uncut version has sub-titles.

Q.So what happened in the last episode of Dragon Ball GT?
A.Here's a brief synopsis of what happened in the very last episode of Dragon Ball ever. Episode #64 of Dragon Ball GT. Episode #508 of the entire series. Recap of last episode. Chibi Gokou destroyed the evil one star dragon named Ii. He was the most powerful of all villians Gokou ever faced. But, Gokou managed to buy enough time to create the biggest Genki Dama (Spirit Bomb) ever, and annihilate the evil creature. The real Shenron summoned himself. But something is wrong. Shenron actually summoned without someone saying the spell, and the sky isn't black. What's the matter? Episode title, "Farewell, Son Gokou. Until we meet again!" Gokou and the others ask the dragon why the sky isn't black. Shenron rumbles a response. He asks Gokou if he knows what just happened. Gokou relates that it (The Evil Dragon Saga) was a result of the evil energy built up in the balls over the years. The evil energy became so great, that it overcame Shenron and created the six evil dragons which Gokou and the gang had a VERY tough time beating. Now, if Gokou and Vegita had a difficult time beating Ii (while both at Super Saiya-jin level 4 AND fused might I add) Obviously no force could ever defeat the Evil Dragons if they ever arose again after Gokou and Vegita were dead. The Earth would be destroyed. Shenron wouldn't tolerate that happening and declares that no more wishes will be granted for a period of 100 years. He won't even wish back those who recently were killed by Super Hell Fighter 17 and the Evil Shenrons. Everyone is completely stunned. But Gokou looks inside himself. As you realize, Gokou is no ordinary man know what I mean! Gokou would do anything for his friends and the people of Earth. Even if it meant sacrificing himself. And that's exactly what he does. However, he doesn't explain that he's leaving to his friends and family around him. Shenron grants the wish, and everyone is revived. (People everywhere are completely confused as to why they're alive again) Shenron beckons Gokou, and Gokou tells everyone he'll be gone for a while, but not to worry about him. Gokou climbs aboard the dragon's mammoth size back. Vegita flies up demanding Gokou to give him another chance to fight him. But, suddenly it hits Vegita what Gokou is going to do. He is sacraficing himself so Shenron would grant that last wish. Gokou asks him not to tell the others and Vegita silently agrees. Then, the dragon takes off with Gokou on his back. Chi-chi yells after him, "Come back soon!" Even though Chi-chi's oblivious to the situation, Bulma knows exactly what Gokou did. He's going away with the dragon. And he won't be coming back. Bulma remembers how she first met Gokou. She recalls all the events that led up to Gokou meeting all of his friends.

Gokou flies over the planet on the dragon's back, he eventually goes over the desert where he first met Yamucha. And in the desert, fixing his car, is none other than Yamucha himself, with his little friend Puuaru. Next, the dragon flies over a wilderness territory. Suddenly, from behind a peaceful waterfall, Tenshinhan bursts out and follows the dragon's path with his three eyes along with his friend for life, Chaozu. Back on the dragon, Gokou asks for a slight detour. The dragon obliges. Gokou lands on Mutenroshi's island. Inside is Kamesennin and Kuririn. Gokou's glad to see his best childhood friend back to life. Gokou has a quick spar with Kuririn for old times sake on the beach. Kuririn manages to land a punch to Gokou's face. Gokou laughs and says he hasn't changed a bit. Kuririn boasts about how he and #18 still train, but when he looks over where Gokou was, there's nothing there. Kamesennin knows exactly what happend. (He may be a pervert, but he's very wise). Next Gokou lands in Hell. Piccolo is saving all of the ogres from a terrororizing beast. Suddenly, Piccolo sees Gokou sitting on a rock. Piccolo is ticked that Gokou is stuck in Hell again, but Gokou explains that he's here to say goodbye. The two great warriors shake hands one last time. Gokou says he won't forget all their times together. Then he dissapears. The story switches back to Pan. She thinks about her grandfather and wonders when he'll be back. Chi-chi is a bit mad because she was planning on making a feast of Mount Paozu Stew for her husband and two sons. She and Goten head back to their humble abode. Bulma leaves with Trunks. Vegita flies off by himself, but not before saying some words to Pan abut her grandfather. Pan holds some pieces of Gokou's old clothes, and a tear comes to her eye. She mournfully looks down. Even though she's just a kid, she knows what Gokou did. She cries softly to herself,"Grandpa." Meanwhile. Gokou has fallen asleep on the back of Shenron. Suddenly, the Dragon Balls start circling slowly around Gokou, then, one by one they go straight into Gokou's body. Finally, only one ball is left, the four-star ball; the ball that supposedly contains Gokou's grandfather's spirit. The ball circles, then goes straight into Gokou's forehead. The second it's absorbed, Gokou dissappears. All that's left is Shenron. He hovers, then flies straight into the screen with a white flash. When the screen returns to normal, we are now 100 years in the future at the famous Tenkaichi Budoukai. (World Martial Arts Tournament) Gokou's great-great-great-grandson, Gokou Jr., slowly enters the ring. The ring announcer reveals to the enourmous crowd that this little boy named Gokou Jr. is in fact a direct descendant of Son Gokou, former champion of the Tenkaichi Budokai, and Mr. Satan the "World Champion"! Gokou Jr's friends are really surprised by that, they had no idea he had such a blood-line. Meanwhile, Gokou Jr's only living relative watches from the stands. Her name... is Pan. She cheers on her little grandson, then, a young blue-haired lady sits next to her. This lady is filled to the brim with all sorts of high-tech stuff. She laughs and says she knows her son is going to beat Pan's great-grandson. Suddenly, the over-confident lady's son walks into the arena. The announcer reveals the contestant. It's in fact Vegita's great-great-great grandson! Back in the stands, the young lady's wrist phone rings. She has a little conversation, but Pan notices she has on a pair of earrings with the letters CC on them. Capsule Corporation! She figures out that the lady is Bulma's descendant. (Obviously, the Gokou and Vegita families went their seperate ways.) Back in the ring, the match begins. The crowd looks in amazement as the tiny little kids zip around the ring at light speed. The two little warriors are equally matched. Vegita Jr. pauses for a second and goes Super Saiya-jin. He comments, "Wow! In order to fight you I have to make my hair turn gold!" Gokou looks slightly impressed, "I can do that too!" He switches to Super Saiya-jin and the two begin to rip up the stadium. Pan looks away for a second and something catches her eye. She sees someone sitting in the bottom row of the stadium. She runs down to the figure, but by the time she gets there, it's too late. She's lost the man in the crowd. Then we see the man she was after slowly walking away with his back turned. He turns his head and looks at the screen. It's Son Gokou! After this, clips from the ENTIRE Dragon Ball/Z/GT series are shown to the Dan Dan music. And EVERY single character's voice actor EVER in Dragon Ball/Z/GT is given in the credits. Goodbye Gokou! It's been fun! You've entertained us on TV since that fateful day on February 26th, of the year nineteen hundred and eighty six. Until the day we meet again!

Q.Hi! Could you please look at my site and add me to your Links?
A.I would be more than happy to look at your site, but as of now, I will not be adding anymore Links besides to those sites which I've already promised to add. Unfortunately, there's just too many of you guys out there! Literally hundreds! If I see a site that knocks my socks off, I will add it, but please don't ask me to add you to my Links. Thank you.

Q.Can I take this image/guide/biography/list from your site?
A.Sorry, but no. I created absolutely every image/guide/biography/list on this site myself, (with the help of a scanner, Photoshop, tons of DB related books, a Japanese/English dictionary and my tutor). There are small exceptions of course. The Tapion MIDI on my movies page was created by Clint Dininger, but he gave that to me himself. And three movie summaries were written by individuals, but they wrote them specifically for use on my site, they can't be found elsewhere. Other than that, everything on this site is my work. It's taken days, weeks, months, and in one case, years to accomplish some of the areas of my site. I ask that you don't take anything from my site and use it on yours. HOWEVER this site's purpose is to educate you about DB/Z/GT. You may use my writings as a guide for your own ventures. You may even paraphrase my writings, however, please write everything yourself. That's all I ask. Thank you!

Q. Hey, what's the deal with Tenshinhan and Chaozu?
A. Tenshinhan and Chaozu are the very best of friends. And what's more, for an unknown reason, Tenshinhan serves almost as a bodyguard of sorts for Chaozu since his devotion to the little guy is that strong. So why the heck do they have such a strong connection? It's never truly revealed what exactly makes the bond between the two so strong, but they did both train together under Tsurusennin. Gokou and Kuririn both trained under Kame Sennin, and althouth they're best friends, they don't do absolutely everything together. Tenshinhan and Chaozu's origins are not explained either. Other species like Chaozu and Tenshinhan are never seen. Though it seems wierd, I'll retreat once again to the fact that Kuririn doesn't even have a nose, but he's considered a human.

Q. Just who exactly is the strongest character in DB/Z/GT?
A. Simple question, difficult answer. By the end of Dragon Ball, the most powerful character we get to see is most likely Son Gokou as he and Piccolo are the most powerful beings on earth at that time. You could get into semantics and say, "No, Freeza is the most powerful, he's just not seen.". But at that point in the manga, Freeza didn't even exist in Toriyama's head so it shuldn't in yours either.

The answer for Dragon Ball Z is probably impossible to answer. It is not possible to make an accurate power level chart after the Freeza saga ends. Gokou's SSJ power level is already very high, but when Trunks shows up, his is even more powerful than Gokou's was on Nameck, and when Gokou returns to Earth, his SSJ power level is even higher than Trunks'. Now factor in : Ultimate Super Saiya-jin, True Ultimate SSJ, Super Saiya-jin 2, Super Saiya-jin 3 and Full Power Super Saiya-jin 3. Not to mention Fusion power levels. It gets very convoluded. And even if someone can kick someone's butt in a hand to hand fight, (ie. Gokou VS Buu), even though someone like Gokou is weaker than Buu, (or is he), can pull off a move like Ultimate Genki Dama which is insanely powerful, even if the character using it isn't that strong. And to put the icing on the cake, this isn't even considering movies. Now, if you're still with me, I'll do something I rarely do. I'm going to state my opinion on an unanswereable question. In my personal opinion, the strongest character at the end of Dragon Ball Z is Full Power Super Saiya-jin 3 Son Gokou. Why? You'll be sorry you asked. Okay, it's a well known fact that when Gokou fought Buu for the first time as SSJ3, he was only stalling for time. He wasn't seriously fighting. After the fight, Gokou concedes that he could easily have killed Fat Buu if he really wanted to. The reason he didn't was so that Goten, Trunks and the others couls stand up for themselves and take out an opponent without his help, "After all, I won't be able to save the Earth after I'm dead". It's also a well known fact that Gokou states on Kaioushin Kai that he could defeat Kid Buu if he were to reach Full Power SSJ3. Why didn't he reach it? Because he ran out of energy. All he would've needed was a senzu bean, and he would have been able to summon the strength to accomplish Full Power. Some might say that there is no Full Power SSJ3, and the reason he reverted back to normal was because he couldn't advance beyond the level of strength he reached. Bull. I might accept that if it weren't for one thing, Vegita admits that Gokou is the most brilliant fighter in episode 185. As Vegita is the most stuck-up being in the universe, he would not give credit where it's not more than due. By him admitting this, it proves that Gokou knows what the heck he's doing when in the heat of battle. Things may not always work out because the enemy pulls a surprise out of their hat, but if things going smoothly from point A to point B, Gokou will come through on top. Gokou most certainly knew he had a Full Power SSJ3 state capable of defeating Buu once and for all. That's only half the answer. In order for that to be the most powerful state, then it must be proved that Kid Buu is the most powerful villain. Okay, here we go. Fat Buu and Old Buu are wusses in comparrison to their other forms. Fact. There's no arguing that. Super Buu is not the most powerful because he and SSJ3 Gotenks were on par more or less when they fought and later, (when he starts to win), Super Buu is taken down by Gohan. Gohan in nothing compared to Full Power SSJ3, even though Rou Kaioushin states that he's as powerful as a SSJ6, (Note: The fact that Rou Kaioushin says SSJ6 may be a mis-translation. He might be saying, "As powerful as six Super Saiya-jin".). When Super Buu absorbs Gotenks and Piccolo, he's beaten pretty badly, but not too badly. I've seen worse. After absorbing Gohan, Super Buu becomes amazingly powerful, but not by that much. Think about it. He only has the power of Piccolo, two children and Gohan. By the end of the series, Piccolo's power level is obviously nothing to gawk at, and Goten and Trunks aren't even SSJ when they're inside Buu. They're normal. Their power level must still be impressive, but still nothing that a Full Power SSJ3 couldn't handle. Then there's Gohan. Although Gohan's power is impressive, and could make Super Buu extremely powerful, I must bring up another side of Buu's absorption process. When Buu absorbs characters, he doesn't seem to gain as much power, as he does techniques and knowledge from them. Gohan only gets his butt whupped by Super Buu because Buu is faster, and uses surprising techniques that he doesn't expect. Even after getting a punch directly to the side of his face, he's more or less un-phased by it. So when Buu absorbs Gohan, it's my belief that he merely learns what Gohan knows how to do and doesn't receive much of a physical power-up. That's why I believe Kid Buu is the most powerful villain. Further physical evidence can be seen when Vegita states that Gotenks and Gohan aren't strong enough to kill Kid Buu. With that said, Vegitto is also taken out of the running since he was unable to defeat Super Buu, who was weaker than Kid Buu. Got it? Good. I don't care if you disagree, it's a matter of opinion, and maybe I'm wrong, but only one person knows for sure, and unless your name is Akira Toriyama, you can't know the answer any better than I do.

Now for Dragon Ball GT. What are you, nuts? ^_^ GT is forty times more insane than Z. By the end, characters are getting power-ups left and right. I refuse to even venture a guess. It's up to you.

Q. Can Vegita go Super Saiya-jin 3?
A.Nope. He never achieves Super Saiya-jin 3.

Q. My friend/co-worker/mother/father/dog/mailman/teacher tells me that in Japan there's a new series of Dragon Ball starting called Dragon Ball X/2000/Next/Advanced/Super. Is this true?
A. As much as I'd like to say, "yes", the answer is no. There are currently no new Dragon Ball series in the works. Is there a chance that one could start in the future? Yes, there's always a chance, but don't count on it.

Q. What is the meaning of life?
A. Plastics

Q. Where can I find a DBZ Daizenshyu or DB manga? Oh yeah, what the hell is a Daizenshyu anyway?
A. I'm glad you asked. My DB/Z/GT knowledge is not something intangible, it stems mainly from the ten holy bibles of DB/Z known as the Daizenshyu. The Daizesnhyu, (Or, "Big Complete Collection"), are guides to the Dragon Ball Manga, and the Dragon Ball/Z anime. Each guide is devoted to a certain aspect. They are as follows:

  1. Complete Illustrations- A collection of art drawn by Akira Toriyama through the years. For those of you who wondered where I got that picture of Buruma in the bath tub, this is it, not to mention half of the pictures I use in my Main menu pictures. At the end of the book, a full-sized picture of each tankuban cover graces each page, and some even have pallete swaps. And there's also a picture of what all 42 tankuban look like when placed in order. At the very end is an interview with Akira Toriyama.

  2. Story Guide- An excellent buy for someone who is fairly familliar with the series, the Story Guide starts out with the very first Dragon Ball comic which next leads you into a summary for each tankuban. Serves as an excellent checklist of sorts to see how many you own. Throughout the book, there are also reproductions of each issue of Dragon Ball that appeared in color in Shonen Jump. It also contains various character summaries, (not very detailed though). The second half of the book is devoted mostly to fights. It contains a chart showing a chronological order of every major battle in DB/Z and later covers every major fight in-depth, not to mention a short, but efficient Attack List. After that you'll find a list of EVERY SINGLE BATTLE in the Dragon Ball manga, (all 187 of them), with a short description of each. It ends with the final installment of the Dragon Ball manga another Akira Toriyama interview.

  3. TV Animation Part 1- If you're new to the world of Dragon Ball, make this your first purchase. This is a pictorial walkthrough of Dragon Ball starting with the beginning, (duh), and ending with the defeat of the Ginyu Tokusentai. Throughout the book are various screen-shots of the show, along with some original art-work. At the end is an episode guide which lists and summarizes episodes 1-153 of Dragon Ball and 1-74 of Dragon Ball Z. Of course there's a bunch of other stuff too, but you'll have to see it yourself.

  4. World Guide- Although this has a ton of nifty stuff, I'd only advise you invest in this book when you're well versed with the series, and know how to read a little Japanese, (or at least know how each character's name is spelled). It's difficult, but hardly impossible to get through, considering some areas are written out in English, however, you won't truly get a lot of the important info without knowing what you're reading. The World Guide is exactly what the name implies, it's a guide dealing with the world of Dragon Ball. It contains racial divisions of characters, a world map with important locations, special types of attacks, and even the outcomes of every bout in the Tenkaichi Budoukai's shown in the Dragon Ball manga which is followed by my favorite section, a nifty Item List. It's not officially every item used throughout the series, but it's a lot of them and the best part is, the name of each is written in english. It ends with another Toriyama Interview.

  5. TV Animation Part 2- Identical in style to TV Animation Part 1, this guide covers the fight with Freeza, up to the Fusion of Gokou and Vegita to Vegitto. Once again, it's filled with plenty of pictures and all sorts of interesting info, (song lyrics, CG scenes, pictures from the Playdia OVA). It ends with an episode guide covering DBZ episodes 75-268. It also contains another Toriyama interview.

  6. Movies and TV Specials- A guide containing everything you did and didn't want to know about almost all the DB/Z movies and TV Specials, (the 10th Anniversary is not covered that much, as it wasn't out when this book was published). Like the TV Animation guides, it's filled with pictures from each movie, accompanied by a summary. It also includes merchandise associated with each movie, and once again, it ends with another Toriyama Interview.

  7. Dragon Ball- Do you want to be a Dragon Ball Information God? Can you read Japanese? If so, then this book is the way to achieve DB deity. This book contains EVERYTHING that is Dragon Ball. This is where I got my Complete Character Guide, Attack List and Time-Line from. It also contains a complete Location and Item List. Within its massive binding also lies special times used in Dragon Ball, (for example, Oolong can only hold a transformation for five minutes), a time-line which shows the progress of DB in fields of Tankuban, Anime, Movies and Games, Merchandise, and even how it appeared in daily Japanese life. In irony, there's a part which shows Dragon Ball's popularity in the World. At the time of this book's publication, Dragon Ball had JUST begun airing in syndication in the US, (1995). The caption covering America shows Gokou with underwear drawn over his butt, it dicusses the edits that are made to it, (it just mentions the fact that its edited, not like it goes in-depth or anything), and even makes mention of, "the company in Houston", which purchased the rights to the show. You know it better as FUNimation. Anyway, that about skims the surface of what's in this book, unfortunately, it's also the most difficult to get through. Before you buy this book, make sure you know what the heck is going on in the series, or you'll be confused beyond belief, (but hey, that's sorta cool in a way!).

    *NOTE* These above seven Daizenshyu where published in hardcover format through 1995 and 1996. The TV Animation Part 2 guide was completed before the DBZ anime actually ended, and there was one last field of Dragon Ball that the guides did not cover thoroughly enough, which is why in 1998, three addendums were published. They are as follows.

  8. Cardass Perfect File Part One and Part Two- Two Daizenshyu containing pictures of every single Cardass Dragon Ball collecting card. If you're into Cardass, (and I'm not really), then these books are for you as they will cover all sorts of information regarding the cards. Both books even contain special cards not found elsewhere.

  9. TV Animation Part 3- This completes the TV Guide series and covers Vegitto VS Super Buu to the end of DBZ. For the first thirty pages, it follows typical TV Animation format, but after the DBZ anime is completed, it jumps into a animation gallery, and then completely covers the 10th Anniversary Special movie, along with some of the director's comments. The movie summary is followed by another animation gallery which then goes into a list of every single original battle only found in the anime, TV Secials and Movies. After that is an awesome interview with the main seiyu, (voice actors), of the anime. It finishes with an episode guide covering episodes 269-291.
And that's pretty much what the Daizenshyu are. I should also mention that even GT wasn't left out. There are two Dragon Ball GT Perfect File books which contain all sorts of great information about the series. They're like the Daizenshyu, just smaller and condensed. There's an interview with Masako Nozawa at the end of the second Perfect File which I'm trying to translate.

Okay, now that you know what they are, I guess it might help if you actually knew how to get them, huh? Well, unfortunately, it's not that easy. First let me say, if you ever manage to get all 42 Japanese Tankuban consider yourself lucky. They're not that difficult to find, but they will weigh heavily on your wallet. Now, if you EVER manage to obtain the 10 Daizenshyu and 2 GT Perfect Files, consider yourself the luckiest person on the face of the, well, I guess the Universe. It took me three long years to get the above, and some of it was just plain luck, being in the right place at the right time. Currently, the only place I know of that supplies Daizenshyu On-Line is The Place. They have Daizenshyu 6 and 7.
You might also want to try Rising Sun Creations. They have a nice collection of DBZ-related merchandise.
If you live in New York City, then you're in luck. There is a Japanese bookstore called Asahiya which typically has every Daizesnhyu and every tankuban. It's located at 52 Vanderbilt Ave. Their phone number is 212-883-0011. Thanks to Gogeto24 for nailing down the address!
Another place you might want to try is Anime Crash. The site won't help you a bit, except to give you store locations, (There are three. One in Boston, one in NYC and one in Rhode Island). Their prices are ridiculous, but they have Daizenshyu upon occassion. I've been to the locations in NYC and Boston and from what I've seen, I'm not impressed, but I hear all their good DBZ stuff is at the Rhode Island store. As for the DBGT Perfect Files, well, good luck. I was only to get one of them from an obscure store in China Town, and the other I bought off of a friend.

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