What is it that makes Dragon Ball/Z/GT such an intriguing story? Perhaps it is due to its intricate plot that would take days to explain verbally. Or maybe the it's the deep character development which allows us to laugh and cry when Gokou says his last goodbye in the last episode of Dragon Ball GT. It could also possibly be the original art-style. A more 'toony' feel than most anime, but still the 'in-your-face' anime edge.....NAH! IT'S THE FIGHTS! Sure, all of the above reasons are perfectly valid, and hold true. But let's face it. The climax of every saga isn't two characters having a panel discussion with a mediator saying how they "feel" about things. It's a bone-crushing, gut-bursting, insane, hundred-mile-an-hour battle to the end! In this section I'll do my best to detail major fights that occur in the series. THIS SECTION IS FAR FROM COMPLETE, and will likely remain that way for several years. My responsibility to you is to describe every minute of the action, as it is in it's true original Japanese format. So, shall we begin the brawl?