I hate math. There are no ifs ands or buts about it. There's nothing worse than sitting in a math class all day listening to a lecture about derivatives, secants, integrals, finding the area under the curve, rotating the figure around a point on the y-axis, blah blah blah! However, there is hope in the world of eternal darkness known as math, for I present to you, Dragon Ball By Number! This is a comprehensive list of all numbers used in the Dragon Ball story. Some facts within this section were unbeknowst to even me before I started looking through the list taken straight from Dragon Ball Daizenshyu 7. This list may not suddenly teach you Calculus 3, but at least you'll have something nice to read during that lecture!

-40 Degrees Celsius: The minimum temperature in the Room of Spirit and Time.

1/10: The fraction of the Earth destroyed in the battle between Super Saiya-jin 3 Son Gokou and Majin Buu.

1/4: The air in the Room of Spirit and Time is a quarter thinner than the air on Earth.

2/3: This fraction of the face of the Earth was destroyed on the first day Goten and Trunks practiced in the Room of Spirit and Time.

80%: In one day Majin Buu wiped out this percent of the Earth's population.

1 Month: This is how long Buruma's PP Candy will work. After a month, it will wear off.

1 Month: The length of time prior to the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai that Videl discovers the Great Saiyaman's identity.

1 Month's Rations: Gokou ate this much food on Oolong's House Wagon for breakfast.

1 Hour: It took one hour for Vegita to catch up to Kuririn and Gohan to steal their Dragon Ball on Nameck.

1 Hour: This is how long the Artificial Moons that Saiya-jin create will last before fading.

1 Hour: Buu spent this long trying to absorb Gohan.

1 Hour: It took this long for a tailor to make Gokou a new gi after they were ruined during his fight with the Red Ribbon Army.

1 Hour: Piccolo asked Super Buu for one extra hour to let Goten and Trunks train a little more in the Room of Spirit and Time.

Approximately 1 Hour: After Gokou and Co. leave the 25th Tenkiachi Budoukai, about an hour later, the Battle Royale starts.

1 Week: How long it took Gokou to learn the Fusion Technique.

1 Week's Rations: This is how much food is always in stock at the Kame House.

1 Year: This is how long Future Gohan lived after his arm was ruined by Artificial Human 17 and 18 in the amusement park.

Within 1 Year of Death: During this period someone can be wished back to life with the Earth's Dragon Balls.

1 Minute: The time it takes Cell to initiate his suicidal explosion attack.

1 Minute: Gokou arrived on time, just one minute before the sign-ups closed for the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai.

1 Minute: Gokou takes this long to charge up to Super Saiya-jin 3 when he fights Majin Buu for the first time.

1 Minute: After Oolong's five minutes of transformation time are over, he needs one minute of rest before he can change again.

2 Kilometers: Distance from Milk Store to the first house on Gokou and Kuririn's delivery route.

2 months: The raining season in Namu's village is two months after the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai.

2 Months: The time it takes Vegita, while in the Room of Spirit and Time, to reach Ultimate Saiya-jin.

2 Tons: When Southern Kaiou visits Gokou to see him training, Gokou is wearing two ton weights on his extremeties in normal mode.

2 Hours: The time it takes Kuririn to get to Saichourou and back on Nameck.

2 Hours: Buruma creates Gohan's Great Saiyaman Changing Costume in two hours.

2 Hours: It takes Gohan two hours to perfect his Great Saiyaman Pose.

2 Days: Distance from Yamuchya's Desert to Mount Frypan by car.

2 Days: Time estimated by Kaiou Samma for Gokou to reach Earth from his planet. But it ends up only taking one day.

2 Days: The time that passes from when Vegita goes into hiding on Nameck, till Gokou arrives.

2x (Times): This is Gokou's stable capacity for Kaiouken In his fight against Vegita and Nappa. If he tries any levels beyond this for an extended amount of time, he is in danger of severely injuring his body.

2 Seconds: After seeing Gokou's battle stance, Mr. Satan estimates that it would take him two seconds to defeat Gokou.

2 Minutes: Two minutes after Vegita is officially defeated by Reekuumu, Gokou arrives on Planet Nameck.

More to come!!